Bhagya Lakshmi 5th July 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Karishma asking Lakshmi, why did you hide such a big thing from us, and says you surprise me everytime. Dadi says the matter is not about right or duty, but it is about the happiness which we got knowing that Paro is Rishi’s daughter, so why not start again and connect the broken relation again, and give it a lovely foundation. Malishka asks what about me, how can you forget me always. Ayush asks her not to interfere when elders are talking. Malishka says your home is not breaking, but my house is breaking, and tells that for him, she is only Malishka and you call Bhabhi to Lakshmi even now. She says it is not about your life, so let me say. She says I don’t expect anything from you, this is my family and I have right on them. Avinash says Malishka. Karishma says don’t interfere and let Malishka say, this is her family. Lakshmi says she agrees with Malishka and asks her to be with her family and make everyone one. Karishma says Malishka doesn’t need your advice and we don’t need certification from you that we are good.

Neelam asks why did you lie? Lakshmi says I have many reasons and the big reason is Rishi. She says I don’t think that he is suitable for father’s duty and he can be a good father and I don’t think that he don’t know what a good father does. Rishi asks Lakshmi what is she saying, anything. He says you have seen, how well I have brought up Rohan, and says I am a good father and Paro calls me Dad, and I have earned it. He asks her not to say anything to hide her mistake. Lakshmi says I have suffered and tells that I thought you as my saathi and saarthi, but you are an illusion. Rishi asks her to stop and says don’t say anything wrong which makes you repent later. Lakshmi says I will do, whatever is right for my daughter, and says not once, I will lie 1000 times. Neelam says she is not just your daughter. Lakshmi says you used to get angry on her often, and when you came to know that she is my daughter then you scolded her more. She says I have given her birth, she is my Ansh and you hate my reflection. She says I don’t trust you all. Neelam says for her, her blood and family is everything, and says she loves her grand daughter a lot, and now she will stay here.

Krish collides with some men and tells that Paro fell in the borewell and he is going to inform Rohan’s dad. Neelam says Paro will stay with us now. Rano says Paro is a child and not halwa which will be distributed between everyone. She says Paro is a child and will stay with her mother. She tells Lakshmi that she had told her that something big has happened. She says they didn’t give us smile, and now invited us and gave us respect and love. Aanchal asks her to be Chachi and not to be mother. Shalu asks who are you? Aanchal says she is Maasi. Rano says don’t try to become mother. Karishma argues with Rano and asks her to shut up. Rano says she is like Lakshmi’s mother. Aanchal says shut up. Lakshmi says enough, and tells that she will not bear her family’s insult. Neelam says even I will not bear. Lakshmi says you love Rishi so much and don’t let him go far from your sight. Neelam says and now Paro….Lakshmi says she is my daughter and I can go to any extent for her. She says we will not stay here and calls Paro.

Rohan shouts Paro and says I will also come down. The men comes there and stop Rohan. Rohan says my sister is alone there, let me go. They hold him. Karishma asks Rano to keep her volume low and says Paro will not go anywhere. Dadi says stop it, and says you people are fighting. She says this is a family and if Paro is our something then Lakshmi is also our family. Neelam says Lakshmi is not our everything. Rano says how can you think of separating a child from her mother and people call me bad. She asks the guests to see how this lady is conspiring. Neelam says I can do anything to make Paro as our daughter, and she will stay with us. Lakshmi says that day will never come, I will not let that day come. Krish comes there and says Paro fell in the pit. Rishi says borewell and runs. Everyone runs towards there. Lakshmi stands shocked.

Rishi shouts looking inside the borewell and shouts Paro. Rohan asks him to save his sister. Rishi assures him that nothing will happen to her. Neelam asks Ayush to call Disaster management. Lakshmi asks if anyone has rope. Karishma says it is in the storeroom. Lakshmi goes to bring it. Media comes there and questions them. Dadi asks them to go from there. Aanchal asks what is happening here, we met Paro just now. Neelam says we will meet her again. Rano says how did Paro fall in the borewell.

Rohan blames himself and says Paro saved him when he fell, but he couldn’t save her when she fell down. Malishka asks him not to blame himself and she puts all blame on Lakshmi for sending Paro out to play. She says if they had played inside, then this wouldn’t have happen. Ayush asks what? Shalu asks if you had gone mad and says kids were playing here. Rano asks if kids will not play here then where they will play, and asks them from where this borewell came. Dadi says when we bought this land to make house, this borewell was already there. Lakshmi takes rope from storeroom. Rishi comes there. Lakshmi goes from there without talking to him. She puts rope inside and asks Paro to hold it and climb up. Shalu says borewell is very deep, it can’t reach down.

Rishi calls someone to come and save his daughter and he will give any amount. Lakshmi calls Paro and says she is not answering. Neelam looks down the borewell using torch light, but she can’t see Paro. She goes to Lakshmi and blames her, asking why she is crying and says my Paro fell down due to you. Rano says what are you saying. Neelam asks her not to interfere. Rano says our family member is involved. Neelam says Lakshmi sent her to play. She says little Paro, don’t know how is she? Rano says nobody shall blame her Lakshmi. Lakshmi says leave it, she is having Dadi’s love. Neelam says you are still talking sweet talks, and says nothing shall happen to my Paro.

Precap: Karishma says oh god, make Paro fine. Lakshmi regrets to bring Paro there. Rishi promises Lakshmi that nothing will happen to their daughter and says he will save her and will accept her. Malishka tells Anushka that Rishi loves his daughter a lot and says he will leave her for his daughter.

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