Kumkum Bhagya 5th July 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th July 2024 Written Update by H Hassan

Kumkum Bhagya 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with RV getting ready for the puja. Poorvi comes out of the bathroom. RV looks at her. Poorvi walks past him, pushes him with her shoulder and he falls looking surprised. Poorvi smiles. Song plays…..Poorvi dries her hair. RV says you are showing your charm to me, and says you was doing what heroines do in films. Poorvi says I was just drying my hair. RV shows how she acted. Poorvi laughs. He also laughs. She says all your hair is messed up. Rv says it is good. Poorvi says she will go for puja as it is late. He says she is looking good in his choice of saree and thinks his choice is the best as he is the best.

Poorvi comes downstairs. Harleen asks her to sit. Monisha brings coconut and flower plate. Harleen asks her to give it to Pandit ji. Monisha tries to give the plate and it falls down. Harleen asks why she can’t be careful. Monisha says she is not a Servant. Harleen asks why she is not understanding and tells that if such things happens then puja will be ruined. Monisha says I am understanding what you are saying. Deepika says Monisha likes puja a lot and do all the things carefully, but don’t know what happened today. She asks Monisha to rest and says she will make prasad. Poorvi goes to make prasad. Harleen sees RV and asks him to come and sit. RV asks why you are worried, and says everything is fine. Harleen says so much happened and asks him to support her. He hugs her.

Harleen asks him to sit with full devotion and believe. Vaishali says everyone will be scolded today by Harleen. Beeji says one family member shall be there like Harleen. Poorvi makes prasad. Monisha looks at Poorvi and recalls Harleen’s words and feels humiliated. Poorvi asks what happened, what do you want? Monisha says you can’t give me anything. Poorvi says my mother tells that the food shall be made by positivity and with good intention, and there shall be no negativity. Poorvi searches for the cashew nut. Monisha takes the garlic bowl and is about to keep it there. Poorvi says don’t keep it please, and asks her not to do it, else prasad needs to be made again. Monisha then tells that she will add some salt.

Poorvi stops her and asks her not to do such things. Monisha says she likes to trouble her. Poorvi says snake looks nice, but that doesn’t mean that you will wear it on your neck. She says I have to talk to you this way, as you was not listening. She goes. Monisha thinks she is RV’s Monisha. Everyone comes and sits for Puja. Pandit ji asks for Poorvi’s kundali and asks Deepika to bring water. Vaishali asks you have her kundali. Harleen says it was taken to match before marriage. All the men joke. Jaswant asks what we need to do. Harman says we need to do important thing, we shall concentrate. Dadu says I will also come. Dadi asks him to sit. Harleen brings kundali and gives to Pandit ji. Harman says nobody shall say anything. Pandit ji asks them to be silent and let him check the kundalis.

Monisha tells Deepika that she is going home, and says Harleen is giving her one work after the another and treating her as a Servant. She says you are bahu, but I am feeling like outsider. Deepika says Poorvi is making you mad and asks her not to go and come for puja, and smile.

They come and sit for puja. Pandit ji asks who has brought Poorvi’s alliance for RV. Dadi asks what happened, if trouble is coming on RV because of Poorvi. Pandit ji says no, Poorvi is RV’s protective sheild and says I am surprised where did you find such a beautiful match. Monisha says she is not a beautiful match and says since she came in his life, troubles came in his life. She says RV saved her when she was wearing bomb jacket. She asks Harleen to say. Harleen says Monisha is right, but Bau ji is also right and says Poorvi went inside to save RV. She asks him to check the kundali again to find whose grahs are heavy. Pandit ji says he will check again.

Precap: Pandit ji tells that he can challenge that other will say the same and says RV is here because of Poorvi. He says Poorvi is his protective sheild. Monisha takes snake from snake charmer to kill Poorvi.

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