Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th July 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th July 2024 Written Episode

Gungun is driving the car in the night when something falls away after hitting their car, Gungun gets out to check what is it when she is stunned to see the body on the side of the road, the person coming blames Gungun for killing her and says she drove the car over her, Gungun replies it was very dense and she could not see anything, the person asks what will she do, Gungun suggests they would take her to the hospital and so requests the person to help her put the women in the car but the person replies that she has died so he instructs her to leave and not stop blaming that Gungun has killed and if she takes her to the hospital then would face a police case while she will be put in the jail, Gungun is crying when the person asks her to run but Gungun says it her mistake and she might be alive, Gungun tries to remove the cloth seeing which the person stops her advising she should run away, Sargam starts screaming due to the pain when the person says he would take care of the women while she must leave and then asks if Gungun has some money, so Gungun takes out the cash which she hands to the person who advises her to run away before someone else sees them, Gungun quickly sits in the driving seat of the car before driving away. The person smiles after kissing the money, he kneels beside the body revealing it to be a a fake doll, he thinks he made a fool of the girl, he then taking out the phone calls the person informing the work has been complete and the girl will think she has killed someone.

Radhika stops the car praying that Sargam would be fine now so she runs to their house only to find that it is locked, she wonders where are Gungun and Sargam so she calls to them both but they donot reply, Radhika prays if they are safe and she wonders if they have gone to her house asking for help.

Gungun is looking into the room while the doctor is checking Sargam, she keeps thinking about how the lady got hit by her car and then she fell away, she is very tensed about it and how the person said that she killed the lady. The ward boy comes asking if there is someone else with her, he then asks Gungun to fill the form while not forgetting to write the time of admission, Gungun starts to fill the form when the ward boy comes back asking if she filled it, Gungun is still looking in the room. Mohan is very worried in the car and is constantly checking the time.

Radhika entering the house asks Punam if Sargam and Gungun came here, Punam asks the reason when Radhika informs Mr Trivedi said that Sargam is not well which is why she came back quickly but they both are not here so where could have they gone alone, Radhika notices Punam is tensed and asks if she is fine but Punam replies Radhika told about Sargam and Gungun so she got worried about him, Punam wonders if she should tell Radhika that Maa has ran the house after fearing Yug however exclaims that she does not have any idea what will Yug to do her if he finds out the truth.

Yug is enjoying himself while the auto driver is going ahead and then he suddenly gets off from it while dancing on the road, Radhika in the house where did the two girls go and so she decides to call them both, Radhika hears the horn of the car and goes out to check, Mohan rushing out of the taxi pays the person. Radhika is stunned to see Mohan jee, he asks if it would be fine to bring cash but he also gets worried why is the door locked. Radhika runs to Mr Trivedi so Mohan asks if Gungun and Sargam are in her house, Radhika replies they both are no where in the society, Radhika then calls the guard asking if he knows where is Gungun, the guard replies that Gungun took Sargam in the car hearing which Radhika gets worried saying she is under age and does not even have a license, Mohan asks her to not be worried and then he tries calling Gungun who is very worried seeing his call, she thinks how would she say she caused the accident and then thinks she has to tell him the truth, the doctor comes out when Gungun asks if Sargam is fine so the doctor reveals she is fine as she got food poisoning due to eating something wrong, Gungun praise the doctor who walks away. Gungun is glad that Sargam is out of danger, she then thinks of telling the truth to papa. Mohan says Gungun is not answering the call when he asks where is she, Gungun says she is in the sector number six, Mohan mentions he is coming to the hospital so Gungun asks him to hurry up.

Radhika asks about them when Mohan informs they are in the hospital so Radhika says she also has to accompany them, Radhika gets a call from Yug and is shocked hearing it, Mohan asks if she is fine and then Radhika says that Mohan can go and be with Gungun and Sargam while Yug has to talk about something important to her, Mohan leaves.

Ketki and Ajeet are with Sargam and after a while they both leave the room, Mohan also reaches the hospital where he sees Ketki and Ajeet so asks about Sargam, Ketki replies the doctor was saying she suffered food poisoning, Ajeet suggests that Sargam and Gungun would have ordered something but he is glad that Sargam is fine. Mohan looks at Sargam who is resting on the bed and he asks about Gungun, ketki says she was here and then he sees her standing in the corner so Mohan goes to her, Mohan hugs her saying he is very proud as she handled the situation very well but it is wrong to drive while being under age and it is a crime, Mohan says but in this situation if Gungun had not brought Sargam at the right time then who knows what would have happened. Gungun says she has put the life of someone else at risk, Mohan asks what does she mean, Gungun informs when she was bringing Sargam to the hospital then she got in an accident and hit someone, Mohan is stunned, Gungun reveals that a lady got in the accident but she did not do it on purpose.

Radhika wonders how can it happen as she met Dadi in the morning and how can Dadi vanish from the house, Yug says even he is shocked as he has been trying to find Dadi since the evening but even her own phone is switched off, Punam thinks about how Yug hit Maa on the head and she thinks he is lying when she is sure Yug has done something wrong so she prays that her mother remain safe.

Mohan asks Gungun to stop crying while he asks her to come on the accident spot, otherwise it would cause a very big problem, Mohan asks Ketki and Ajeet to take care of Sargam while he will come in a moment, Ketki asks where is he going so late at night so Mohan mentions Gungun is scared because of Sargam so he thought about taking her outside and he leaves with her. Mohan stops the car at the accident site when Gungun says the accident happened here but why is no one here, Mohan starts looking around when he sees the burning pile so walks away telling Gungun there is no on here so it is a nice thing, this means the accident was not serious and someone took the lady to the hospital, Gungun wishes if this is the case so Mohan suggests they have to go to the police station but Gungun replies they found out then she will be arrested so she refuses to go there, Mohan is shocked.

Precap: Radha says to the inspector that nothing can happen to Dadi. Mohan asks the Inspector if it is true Dadi is no more. Inspector says yes she was hit by a car. Mohan says to Gungun that the person who got hit by your car was Pari Dadi now we have to go and inform the police about everything.

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