Bhagya Lakshmi 6th July 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Neelam blaming Lakshmi and says you are playing games even now, and says nothing shall happen to Paro. Rishi says nothing will happen and asks Ayush why they didn’t come. The disaster management team comes there. The media reports the news. The disaster management team member asks the media to understand and go from there. He asks everyone to cooperate as they are beginning the operation to rescue Paro. Lakshmi says Paro is not saying anything. Rishi satys save my daughter. Rano says she is a little girl. The team member calls Paro and asks everyone to let them do their work. He says there might be two reasons why she is not responding, one is she must be unconscious, and other….we don’t want to talk about. He says right now, we are putting the camera inside and asks them to see the screen kept there. They see the camera footage, but couldn’t see anything. Karishma prays for Paro’s life. Ayush thinks Mom never prays for anyone, not even herself.

Rishi asks why you are taking back the camera. The guy says the camera cable is short, so we are taking it back. Lakshmi blames herself and says it is my mistake, and says I try to do something right and end up doing wrong. Rishi says Lakshmi….you haven’t done anything wrong, and says Paro is my daughter, and I used to feel this, when I met her and tells that he will save her and then will accept her. He says nothing will happen to our daughter.

Malishka calls her Mom and says why she is not picking the call. Anushka comes there and asks did you ever saw that I have failed as a mother, and that I didn’t do my duty. Anushka says no. Malishka says why Rishi said as if I don’t exist. Anushka says Rishi Bhai said that he will save and accept Paro. Malishka says if Lakshmi will let Paro stay with us, no, she will come with Paro and asks if you are understanding or not. Anushka says Neelam Mami will not let Lakshmi come in this house.Malishka says this is more worse and tells that if Neelam Mom doesn’t let Lakshmi come then Rishi will leave house again for his daughter. She says last time he left home for Lakshmi and this time for his daughter.

The disaster management team put more longer cable camera inside the borewell. Karishma asks Aanchal to make Bhabhi understand and asks her to let Paro go with Lakshmi. Aanchal says this can’t happen, for Neelam di, her blood, family and house is very important for her, and asks her not to think all this. Everyone is waiting to see Paro on the screen. They all see Paro in unconscious state. Rano says thankfully Paro is fine. Dadi says she is seen. Lakshmi cries. Rishi looks at the screen worried for her. Neelam hears the men talking that the girl might be dead, as she has fallen down from such a height. Neelam asks what did you say about Paro, and says you are not doing your work and saying wrong things. The guy says we are just assuming.

Neelam says you will not talk any inauspicious things. She says yesterday I came to know that she is my grand daughter and earlier I used to scold her and get angry on her, I am cursing myself thinking about this. She says she is Rishi’s daughter and family’s Ansh, and says nothing shall happen to her. She says I want my grand daughter else I will shake up all your dept. Lakshmi looks on. Rishi takes Neelam inside the house and says they might be discussing. Neelam says she can’t bear if anyone says anything against my grand daughter. Rishi says they are experienced guys. Aanchal tells Rishi that Lakshmi is not a good mother. Karishma says Ranjeet had kidnapped Paro and then the goons kidnapped her, when she had eloped. Rishi tells that Paro didn’t run due to Lakshmi, she just don’t want to go to village and wanted to stay with us. Aanchal asks him to think what would have happen. Rano hears them.

Lakshmi asks the guy to go inside and bring Paro. The guy says it is very narrow borewell, your daughter slipped as she is small, but we can’t go inside. Lakshmi asks him to dig the borewell. He says if we widened the borewell then the mud will fall on Paro. Lakshmi asks them to do as they think right and save Paro. Rano comes there and tells Lakshmi that she was right about Rishi, and tells whatever he was telling his family, and says he is not trustworthy. Ayush and Lakshmi hears her.

Precap: Shalu asks Neelam if they had trusted Lakshmi if she had told that Paro is their daughter. Lakshmi says she will never let her daughter’s trust break.

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