Kumkum Bhagya 6th July 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 6th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Harleen telling Pandit ji that RV was about to get shot, but Poorvi saw and saved him. She asks Pandit ji to check their kundalis again and tell them. Pandit ji checks the kundalis and tells that he has seen the kundalis well, and says I can challenge that whatever I am saying, everyone will say the same. He says Poorvi is RV’s protective sheild, and says RV is here because of Poorvi. Dadu smiles. Pandit ji says it is not that RV will not have any problem, but if Poorvi is with him, then she will handle all the troubles and will protect him. He says she is Savitri in real means for her husband and says now we will do the puja, and Poorvi will sit with her husband, she has to be with RV. Monisha is shocked. He begins the puja. pandit ji says he needs some stuff for the puja and says as everyone is seated for puja from the family, none of them can get up. Harman says he had sent Servants out. Harleen asks Monisha to go out and get the puja stuff. Pandit ji says till then they will do the pray to the God. Monisha goes to get the puja stuff.

In the market, Monisha sees snake charmer asking a shop keeper to give money to feed milk to snake. The shop keeper asks him not to scare him. The snake charmer asks Monisha to give money. She asks if he will give him snake for half an hour. He says this snake is very poisonous and if it bites the person then the person will die in 5 mins. Monisha says she will give him much money. He agrees. She asks him to come with her.

Harman tells Harleen that Poorvi is a good girl. Harleen says yes, but Pandit ji says kawach thing to everyone, he had said same to us also. Dadu tells that he is happy with whatever Pandit ji told today.Dadi says this is just for today and says RV loves Monisha and not Poorvi. Vaishali and Deepika feel bad for Monisha.

Snake charmer asks Monisha why did she bring him here. Monisha says leave your poisonous snake to kill a girl Poorvi. The snake charmer says Snake doesn’t hear or understand if I ask it to bite a particular person. Monisha asks him to leave his snake at a particular place so that it bite the person. Snake charmer says ok. He leaves the snake in the bathroom, as told by her. Monisha says she will send the girl here. She comes inside the house from the front door. Pandit ji gets the stuff and says he will begin the havan now. He asks Poorvi and RV to keep their hands on each other’s hands. They do the puja. Pandit ji tells them that their jodi is made by God, and that’s why they are doing this havan, they are partners for many births, and RV’s kumkum bhagya is on Poorvi’s maang. Kumkum Bhagya song plays….Poorvi and RV look at each other. Pandit ji says Poorvi’s name is written in RV’s destiny and says you are made for each other, and says yoy both shall respect and support each other. He says if husband respects wife in the house, then she gets the same respect from other family members, and tells that the house is because of Poorvi. Monisha couldn’t bear and thinks to send Poorvi to washroom. She tells Pandit ji that she will bring the ghee and makes it falls on her clothes. Harleen asks what did you do? Monisha says I didn’t do it intentionally and says sorry. Pandit ji asks Poorvi to go and clean her clothes, and says you can’t sit like this. Poorvi gets up and goes. Monisha thinks snake is waiting for you in the bathroom, and tells that only she is destined to live with RV for many births. Poorvi comes to the bathroom and cleans her saree with the tissue paper. Diya calls Poorvi. Snake comes near Poorvi and is about to bite her, when she goes out hearing Diya. She tells Diya whatever Pandit ji told about her. Diya asks her to tell everything in detail.

Deepika asks Monisha if she is worried. Monisha says yes. She says this thing have never happened with me, and I am angry at Poorvi. She asks her to get ready to cry in sometime. Deepika asks did you do something? Vikrant comes there and asks Deepika until when the puja will happen. Deepika asks him to ask his mother. Monisha says everything will end in sometime. She says she will go and see Poorvi. RV asks Monisha what happened? Monisha says nothing. She sees Poorvi coming down to sit for puja again. Diya says I will come and goes. The snake also is also comes. RV and Poorvi sit for puja. Monisha comes to the bathroom to check if the snake is inside. She thinks if it is inside then she will close the door. She comes inside holding the stick and couldn’t find it. She thinks I am safe, snake is not here. She thinks where did it go.

Precap: RV asks everyone not to panic. The snake bites on RV’s hand. Everyone gets shocked.

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