Main Hoon Saath Tere 6th July 2024 Written Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere 6th July 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Main Hoon Saath Tere 6th July 2024 Written Episode

Prince fabricating a pretext to force him to drink the medication. Kian believes Prince’s lies and consumes the entire medication bottle. Kian feels dizzy and loses consciousness on the bus. Prince believes the bus will proceed to the Garage and no one will locate Kian because he is sleeping and will not be able to attend school for a few days, and that as a result, Kian will be demoted from hero to zero. Prince leaves from there.

Krish’s biological mother requests that the Bundela family hand over his son to her. The guests inquire about Brij Bhushan’s baby. Brij Bhushan tells Krish’s biological mother that Ujwala brought this baby here solely to offer him a gift for the infant. Brij Bhushan takes Krish’s real mother away and instructs Suhasini to bring Ujwala and the infant here.

Suhasini delivers Ujwala and the infant to Krish’s biological mother. Janvi informs Krish’s true mother that Ujwala adopted Krish after she left him in an institution. Krish’s original mother tells Janvi that she was worried about how she would raise this kid because she is alone and extremely poor, but after leaving the baby, she felt like she had lost a part of her body, so she decided she would raise this baby even if she had to go hungry. Krish’s biological mother begs Ujwala to return her kid to her.

Suyesh advises Ujwala to give the baby to her true mother, saying that it is the appropriate thing to do. Janvi also makes a comment on it. Ujwala gives the baby to Krish’s real mother. She grabs the baby and leaves. Ujwala collapses on the spot. Aryaman and Suhasini take Ujwala out from there. Janvi attempts to pursue Ujwala, but Suyesh stops her.

Suyesh advises Janvi to keep away from Ujwala and informs her that because of her recommendation, Ujwala adopted this kid and is now experiencing trauma as a result of Janvi’s actions. Suyesh tells Janvi that she will know how much anguish Ujwala is in if she loses her child and comments on it. A reporter is observed videotaping Suyesh and Janvi’s talk. At the last stop, the bus conductor asks a child where Kian is. The kid claims Kian has not boarded the bus.

Prince is shown bribing the youngster with his latest video game as an enticement to lie to the bus conductor that Kian is not on the bus. The driver and bus conductor park the bus in the garage and fail to notice Kian, who is asleep inside. Aryaman attempts to calm down Ujwala. Suhasini believes that losing the baby was a blessing in disguise. Aryaman responds to Suhasini. Ujwala loses consciousness. Janvi offers water. Suyesh advises Janvi to keep away from Ujwala. Suyesh takes Ujwala out from there since she is traumatized. The reporter tells the other reporters that he has a big scoop on the Bundela family.

Shobha sees Janvi in the hotel and tells her that Kian has not returned home today. The reporters videotape Janvi and Shobha’s talk. Janvi cares about Kian and attends his school. The school’s security checks the CCTV footage and discovers that it is not working. Janvi complains to the teacher that her son Kian is gone. The instructor says she saw Kian get on the school bus and asks Janvi to speak with the conductor. Janvi wonders where she can find the bus conductor now. Aryaman transports the conductor to Janvi.

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