Bigg Boss 14 27th November 2020 Written Update

Bigg Boss 14 27th November 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 14 27th November 2020 Written Episode

Day 55
4:15 PM
Abhi tells Aly that we didn’t give you pillows so you won’t give us food? Aly says I asked Rubina if they won’t give us pillows then we will retaliate too. We have still given them food. Kavita says it was not enough food. Aly says we have given them essential food items. Rubina says they are totally guilty, it’s a necessity, not an essential. Aly says so sleeping is important too. Rubina says I have slept in the garden for 7 days. Aly says it was your mistake. Jasmin says Rubina is disgusting. Rubina tells Aly that I have not eaten because of self-respect. Aly says you people were not even allowing Nikki to go to the washroom. Abhi says the issue is that they are not giving us enough foods. Aly says we can trade things with us, it’s a task. Rubina says you people are fake.
Jasmin tells Kavita that food is a necessity. Jasmin says I have given them tea and food, you can ask Pavitra and Eijaz. Rubina says she is changing her words. Jasmin says I am not changing my words, what you saw till now was fake? You are showing another avatar, thank you for showing me a real face. Rubina says then why are you justifying yourself? Jasmin says I am not, you were trying to be smart with me, you use words to put others down. Rubina says so it was in your mind? Jasmin says I don’t want to talk to you. Rubina says talk to me on my face, not behind my back. Jasmin says I have seen your face a lot now. Kavita tells Jasmin that they are making an issue about the parathas. Jasmin says what I did was right, it’s not my problem what they think. Kavita asks Rubina if she ate the parathas? Jasmin says I have given them 2 extra parathas also. Abhi was saying that Rubina ate 2 parathas. Rubina calls Abhi and says Jasmin is saying that I ate two parathas? She is saying you said that I ate parathas. Jasmin asks Abhi if he didn’t say it? Abhi says I am very put off, this is isn’t what I have expected. Aly says what you have been doing since yesterday? Jasmin is a fool. Jasmin leaves from there. Abhi says people are just making a mess. Nikki says Abhi is just a useless person. Abhi says get lost.

Jasmin tells Aly that I didn’t expect this from Rubina and Abhi, they are being cheap.
Rubina tells Abhi that Jasmin said I have eaten two parathas that’s why I have energy, she has no shame. Pavitra says wow.

4:45 PM
Kavita asks Pavitra to eat something. Pavitra says I don’t want to eat right now, she leaves.
Pavitra comes to Eijaz and says why you told Kavita that I don’t want to eat and told her the reason also? Eijaz says I care for you, I am sorry. Pavitra says I am not eating because it’s affecting my mental health. He hugs her and says have some juice at least. She says I will later on.

5 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the next case will be for the bathroom.

Jasmin tells Aly that we will talk about bathroom hygiene. Rahul cleans it without asking anyone but Eijaz used to cry over it a lot. Aly says also I have divided women and men bathroom which stopped the washroom issue. I found the solution and we still follow that. They didn’t do their duty but Rahul cleaned the bathroom as it was his duty. He always takes the responsibility.

Abhi asks Rubina if she is clear for the case? She says yes.

5:15 PM
The case starts, Kavita says who wants to start? Rubina says there has to be discipline in the washroom. When I used to clean the bathroom with Jasmin, we cleaned it so nicely with brushes. It’s important for hygiene, Eijaz was organized in the bathroom area, he used to sanitize the toilet seat also. When Nikki went today in the luggage room, she broke things there. Kavita says it’s not the bathroom area. Rubina says then why we where stopped from going there? Jasmin says Rubina thinks Nikki broke the discipline but it was Abhi and Rubina, they took up so much space there so other people don’t have space left. Rahul has been cleaning the bathroom even after his hand fracture, he cleans it very well. When Eijaz used to do it, he used to do it early morning so who saw him? No one. Then there was an issue about the pee on toilet, Nikki is a witness that Eijaz left pee on the toilet. Aly came here and gave a separate toilet to the women, it solved such a big issue. Eijaz says Rahul does the washroom cleaning because he can’t mop in the house. Rahul says I have cleaned the living room before. Eijaz says Rahul always have a choice and he always chooses bathroom himself. Also about my hygiene, are we trusting Nikki’s words? Eijaz says I have not done a mistake like this in the house. Nikki says he is lying. Eijaz says I have an OCD, I sanitize the toilet after using so it’s her thinking, she is lying. I didn’t leave the sprinkle there, she didn’t see me. Rahul says he is lying. Nikki says they are just going crazy. Aly says Eijaz said that he won’t clean the washroom because of hairs there. Rubina says they started talking about the luggage room so I will talk about that. Jasmin says if I talk about the washroom then personal things will come up on TV. Rubina says if you want to go in the personal space then stoop that low, just for the game, do it. Nikki says this is emotional blackmail. Aly asks Jasmin to not go there. Rubina says I haven’t gone in the personal space. She tells Kavita that Nikki’s items are all over the place in the luggage room. Nikki says so what? Rubina says they are not letting me speak. Kavita asks Rubina to talk. Rubina says we are not hogging space in the luggage room. Rahul can’t cook, he can’t clean the living room so he took the washroom as a choice. Jasmin went to the washroom and didn’t take a bath because there were hairs there so she is taunting Eijaz for not cleaning hair? They are talking about hygiene, Jasmin destroyed the wash-basin because of Jasmin’s hair-color. She can’t talk about hygiene, she doesn’t have any point. Jasmin says my hair-color is stain-free. Ït was not my hair-color. Aly made sure that washroom is clean all the time. Yes, someone shaved in the bathroom so I didn’t take a bath. The buzzer plays and the case ends. Rubina says she just keeps giving explanations. Kavita says when Eijaz was cleaning, he used to curse a lot. Rahul is not rude, he cleans well. Aly’s rule has worked. Rahul makes sure that the washroom is clean so I have decided that Jasmin’s team will get the bathroom area. Jasmin thanks her. Aly and Rahul thank her. Rubina says they are buttering Kavita now.

6:15 PM
Rubina tells Abhi that things will change now. Abhi says I knew as soon as I heard the task. Rubina says their reality is coming out. Abhi says Aly’s problem from day one is that nobody gave attention. He just says big things and can’t do much. Rubina says when it’s time to take an action, he gets confused.

6:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the ‘division’ task has ended. He asks Kavita to bring a certificate. She does. Bigg Boss asks Kavita that the team who has got more areas in the house should get this and they have won the task. Kavita says Jasmin’s family has won the task so they will get the property. She signs the certificate. Jasmin’s team get happy. Bigg Boss says we congratulate Jasmin’s team.

7:30 PM
Abhi tells Kavita that you said I am being judgemental with you because of Aly and your fight. I just want to talk about the nominations in which you said that I don’t talk to you and you saved Eijaz. Kavita says you said only Jasmin is your friend. Abhi says you judged that we are not friends, you didn’t talk to me also. Our styles are different. Kavita says but you were not subtle in my captaincy task. Abhi says you didn’t give a reason before taking Aly’s shoes. Kavita says it was a punishment. Abhi says it’s all said and done. I am a subtle guy, I am put-off with what happened yesterday and today. People passed comments behind backs. Kavita says I have heard this all alone for days.

8 PM
Kavita tells Nikki that Rubina and Jasmin were best friends and now they fought this much? They were fighting over food? Jasmin has used the words for her that she used for me in a day. Bigg Boss has opened their cards. It showed how real their friendship is. You were calling Abhi a nalla but Jasmin was laughing, they didn’t care if you were insulting Abhi and Rubina.

9 PM
Eijaz tells Pavitra that you are not going. Pavitra says I am attached to one person only in this house.
Kavita tells Nikki that Pavitra and Eijaz are close again? Nikki says they are confused. Kavita says they must be talking only, you used to this with Jaan also. You used to fight with him and then go behind him all the time. Nikki cries and says I got a cramp in my leg. Kavita says drink water from Jaan’s bottle. Nikki laughs.

10 PM
Nikki tells Rahul that I don’t think Pavitra and Eijaz will meet outside. Jasmin says I don’t think they are right for each other. Rahul says they will never meet outside. Jasmin is massaging Aly’s head. Rahul says everyone will become normal by tomorrow. Jasmin says I was talking to Kavita in the task only but I don’t talk to her normally. Rahul says what about Abhi and Rubina? Aly says give it time. She will understand. Jasmin says I don’t want to comment that, it’s fresh right now.

Day 56
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song hum hain rahi pyar ke. Rubina hugs Abhi. They all dance.

8:45 AM
Abhi asks Kavita if she wants tea? I have made it. Kavita says I don’t drink this tea anymore, I will make my own tea. Rubina says it’s bad to be nice these days. Kavita says it was a joke. It was Abhi’s duty to make tea. Rubina says no it was out of courtesy. Kavita says you just use big words. Rubina says they make my words small. Kavita says don’t have such a small heart. Rubina says keep it to yourself. Kavita says karma hit you. Rubina says you are making a joke out of yourself. Kavita says you didn’t make food for anyone and then crying next day for food? You are a joke. You just wait for a day. Rubina says stop over-acting. Kavita says at least I am doing something. It’s early in the morning so leave me alone. Pavitra laughs. Rubina asks Kavita to not talk, you look small. Kavita says your small heart came out yesterday. Nikki says she is small minded too. Rubina says her side-kick is blabbering too. Kavita says I can talk about your side-kick too (Abhi), Rahul is right about him (calling Abhi a useless person). Nikki says they were right to call her husband a luggage. Pavitra laughs at Nikki. Nikki asks her to talk with a ghost, don’t laugh too much. Pavitra says this is your manners? Don’t make fun of my illness. Nikki says you talk to ghosts so talk to them. Pavitra says I will not spare you.
Aly says Nikki has to enter every fight.
Nikki asks Pavitra to make tea for her. Pavitra says I don’t even want to curse you.

9:15 AM
Kavita tells Nikki that Abhi was not like this, he was very strong and had a personality but Rubina has made him crazy. Rahul is so right about Rubina, she is the most controlling and manipulative person. Then she calls him baby which is so fake. Nikki says I just wish Abhi leaves the house so I will irritate Rubina so much. She is so irritating.

10 AM
Nikki sees Eijaz sitting alone in the garden. Kavita says he talks to himself. Nikki says it’s tough to be with them. Kavita says Eijaz and Pavitra are so extreme.
Pavitra touches Eijaz’s shoulder. Eijaz says my shoulder hurt so much but you never touched it. She touches his shoulder again and says think if we will meet outside or not? Eijaz says you know how much I had to fight to come here, I am not scared of anything. I am attracted to challenges, I want to break them. Pavitra says you want to break my walls? I am shielded.

12:30 PM
Rubina tells Abhi that this is the same Jasmin who made halwa for everyone? She couldn’t give us food yesterday? Then why talk so big about herself? Abhi says it’s viciciousness. Rubina says Jasmin was endearing before, very sweet but now she is influenced by Aly.

3 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Kavita’s captaincy has ended. It’s time to choose a new captain. Jasmin, Aly, Rahul and Nikki have become contenders for the captaincy. Aly was punished because of his actions so he won’t be part of this race. So the contenders are Jasmin, Rahul and Nikki. He says Jasmin’s team will talk to Kavita and mutually decide who should be the next captain. you 5 people mutually take a decision. Eijaz laughs and says it will never happen.

3:30 PM
Rahul tells his team that Jasmin was already a captain. Aly says I want you to be the captain. Jasmin says I deserve to be the captain again. Nikki says I want the captaincy because I don’t have a permanent equation with anyone so I want the immunity. I want to save myself. Jasmin says I don’t want you to be captain as you can’t be trusted with the responsibility. Rahul says I am discplined with house duties. Nikki says you just wash the bathroom, I have done many duties. Rahul says I wash dishes for you so don’t be a small person. Kavita says the strong point for Nikki is that she understands the house and participates in everything, she doesn’t hurt anyone harshly.
Pavitra tells Rubina that I am not agreeing to Nikki to be the captain.
Kavita says we should give a chance to Nikki. Jasmin says we can’t take a risk, she is not mature. Rahul says I don’t have an issue with Nikki but she is very stubborn. Kavita says I want to see Nikki as a captain, I want to see how she take the responsibility. Rahul says you are being biased. I have expectations from you. Jasmin says if Nikki was not your friend then you wouldn’t be saying all this. Kavita says your team won yesterday because I was not biased. Jasmin says you are favoring Nikki. Rahul says you are giving her too many points. Nikki says she is saying all this because she knows me. Rahul says she has an opinion about everyone. Jasmin says if all have issues with me then I am okay with Rahul being the captain. Nikki says I agree with Rahul’s name too. He is sensible but I am active in the house, he doesn’t participate in the house. I even cut fruits for him. Rahul says don’t brag about it, I am your friend so you do it out of friendship. Kavita, Jasmin and Aly leave. Nikki tells Rahul that you can give a chance to me. Rahul says you are not getting a chance. Nikki says I am like this and I will remain like this. I am not changing my personality because of you. I will not agree to your name. I don’t give a damn.
Jasmin tells Rahul that talk to her and tell her that you will save her from the nomination. Rahul says should I cheat her? Jasmin says talk to Aly.
Nikki tells Kavita to not agree on Rahul’s name. Kavita says I will not.
Rahul tells Aly that Jasmin asked me to tell Nikki that you will save her. Aly says don’t say that, he can’t lie to Nikki. He will look like a villain. Jasmin says he can save Nikki. Aly says immunity should remain between us three only. Rahul says if I promise her then I will not lie to her. Aly says I am shocked why Jasmin gave this decision.

4:30 PM
Rahul tells Kavita that Nikki is very stubborn. She doesn’t want to talk. He asks Nikki to talk to him and not to the camera. Nikki says it’s my way of talking. Rahul says I can’t talk to you like this. Nikki says I won’t agree to his name as he is lying. Jasmin asks Rahul to talk to her nicely. Rahul says I tried but she is not listening. Jasmin says you will need to be patient with her.

4:45 PM
Nikki tells Kavita that if I say that I want Jasmin to become the captain then they all will agree. Kavita says I don’t think Rahul will agree. Nikki says he will agree on Jasmin’s name.

Rahul says I want to rest also.

Nikki asks Jasmin if Rahul will be okay with her becoming the captain? Jasmin says let me talk to him. Nikki tells Kavita that this will be fun.

5 PM
Jasmin asks Rahul if he will agree to make her the captain as Nikki is okay with me. Where is she? Jasmin comes to Nikki and says why did you ask me? Nikki says I want to know if Rahul will vote for you. Jasmin asks Rahul. Rahul says no because you were the captain before, she is just starting a fire. She is playing a game. Jasmin says she just wanted to know, she will not agree on your name but she agrees on my name then you will vote for me? Rahul says if she promises you then I will think, she is playing a game. Nikki says so Rahul won’t even give captaincy to Jasmin? You people can’t understand my game, she leaves. Jasmin says to Rahul that if I convince her then? Rahul says I want you to vote for me. Jasmin says but if Nikki votes for me and not for you then you will vote for me? Rahul says I will vote for you if she doesn’t agree. Jasmin says okay.

Jasmin comes and asks Nikki why she asked her? Rahul agreed to vote for me. Nikki says let me talk to her later.
Rahul tells Aly that Nikki was playing a game. Aly says she is trying to start a fight, I told Jasmin that I will vote for her. Aly asks Jasmin to not listen to Nikki. Jasmin says she can’t do much.

Nikki says this is their passion to become a captain? Rahul can’t even take his stand.

5:15 PM
Nikki tells Rahul that you can’t take a stand for yourself, I would have voted for you easily but you can’t even take a stand for yourself. I tested you. Rahul says you are no one to test. Nikki says they call me predictable but he doesn’t care about captaincy himself? He couldn’t take a stand for himself then why ask me for a vote? Rahul tells Nikki that I told Jasmin that I will give her the vote if Nikki votes for her too. Nikki says I never promised my vote to Jasmin, I just wanted to see if you would take a stand for yourself. You want to be the captain but you gave it up so easily?

5:30 PM
Rahul talks to Nikki and says I told Jasmin I will vote for her if you vote for her. Will you vote for me now? Nikki says no because I don’t see passion. Nikki looks at Pavitra and says ghosts are here. Rahul laughs. Eijaz says don’t support her Rahul.
Kavita asks Nikki to talk to Rahul, don’t play on ego. Nikki says I will not vote for him. Jasmin says I was a good captain so vote for me. Nikki says but what’s my benefit? You will save Aly and Rahul. Jasmin says if I get more options then I will save you. Nikki says Kavita won’t agree on your name. Aly asks Jasmin to finish this.

6 PM
Bigg Boss asks the inmates if they decided who should be the captain? Jasmin says there is no mutual decision. Kavita says they can’t decide on a single name. Bigg Boss says you people couldn’t take a mutual decision so this task has been rejected and there will be no captain this week. Pavitra laughs.

7 PM
Nikki says I have made tea and I want food. Pavitra says we are cooking so leave this place. Rubina asks her to leave as there is no space near the stove.

7:15 PM
Nikki is eating alone. Pavitra tells Rubina that I will not spare her life if I stay here. If I am going out tomorrow then she will clap, she is that cheap. Nikki says I see reality of everyone, take out ghost from you. Pavitra says I will take out your ghost soon. Nikki says do it right now. Pavitra says I don’t say rubbish like you. Nikki says you just want attention from me. Pavitra says you use people and throw them away, you are a loser. I am regretting that I knew you from before and even then I tried to be your friend here. Nikki says go and get treated Pavitra. Rubina asks Nikki to have her medicine, I am worried about you. Nikki says I will bring cow-dung for you. Rubina says she is dirty. Nikki asks Pavitra if she is seeing a ghost now?

Jasmin tells Rahul that Nikki is living in a fantasy, she just wants to be the captain.

Rubina says I pity Nikki. Pavitra says she deserves it. Nikki says you got what you deserved, you wanted PR. She says see the ghost is running. Pavitra says I will make your life hell. Nikki says when will you do it? I am waiting for it. Rubina asks her to eat her medicine so she can calm down. Nikki says you are crazy, you were crying for food and now not letting me make food? Rubina says I pity you. Nikki says go and dominate your husband. Kavita asks Nikki to calm down. Nikki says she was not allowing me to make a roti.

9:30 PM
Rubina reads that audience like their written songs so there is a task where you will make jingles, Nikki will be the judge and you will entertain her. There will be two teams, Team A will have Rahul, Aly, Jasmin and Kavita. Team B will be Rubina, Abhi, Eijaz and Pavitra. Both teams will make their jingles and Nikki will decide which team performed better.

10 PM
Rahul is making jingle for his team. Kavita helps him. Aly says Rubina’s socket is loose. Jasmin says I don’t thinks so.
Abhi is trying to rehearse but Eijaz is busy hugging Pavitra. Abhi says what is this. Pavitra laughs.

11 PM
The task starts. Rahul’s team start singing their jingle. Nikki dances with them too. They take a dig at Pavitra, Rubina and Nikki. All laugh. Eijaz bows to them. Nikki says it was superb.
Rubina’s team start their jingle. Pavitra jokes about Eijaz slipping for her too. They all laugh and ask Eijaz to control himself. Nikki claps for them. Nikki says Team A was very entertaining so they won the task. The run and grab the gifts. They all dance to the song.

Rubina comes to Kavita and says you told Jasmin that I said Jasmin is ill-mannered and arrogant? When did I tell you that? Kavita says Pavitra thought so too. Pavitra says I never called her arrogant. Rubina tells Jasmin that you listened to Kavita without clarifying with me? Jasmin says I cried and I was hurt because of Abhi, I always liked Abhi more, I always nice to you because of Abhi only.
Salman says Rubina and Jasmin don’t like each other and it’s seen clearly. Rubina says she doesn’t respect friendship. Jasmin says I don’t want to talk to her about friendship, she doesn’t deserve it. Rubina shouts that this girl doesn’t deserve my friendship.

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