Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 13th November 2012 Written Update

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Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 13th November 2012 Written Update by hinz

Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 13th November 2012 Written Episode

Episode begins with Krish pacifying Satya and making him see the differene between good and bad…he tells Satya that he should return the kid to the parents and he himself should go to him mum(Yashoda) who has yearned for him for 23 years…Satya ponders over the situation and finally makes up his mind…In the morning as he’s about to take the kidnappd child back to his parents, Baa stops him and asks who has mislead him…Satya tells her that he is no good to her anymore as he will not kill or kidnap anyone anymore…Baa gets furious and aims her anger at Rajni…Krish tries to tell Baa that Satya should return to his real parents…Satya says he’s always done what aayi has said but not anymore…he takes his gun out and points it towards himself and ask aayi to shoot him if she can’t let him go…Aayi says since he’s of no use to her anymore she’d rather let him go…She asks Krish to hand Satya over to his real parents and return soon with Rajni…

At Vaishnav mansion Yashoda is eagerly waitng for Krijni’s retun from their honeymoon…Surbhi/Namita say that Krish has promised a surprise for Yashoda…Krish walks in with Rajni with a sad look…He hugs Yashoda and Namita teases him for his ‘bhai’ look…Krish asks about Baa and Surbhi says Baa will return from some wedding next week…Satya walks in after a while and yashoda asks Krish about him…Krish asks Yashoda if she gave birth to him…Yashoda is shocked and denies that she hasn;t given birth to Krish…Krish says Yashoda hadn;t given birth to Krishna bhagwan but he always considered her his real mum…Yashoda starts crying and is in denial…Vraj asks what the matter is and Krish drags Satya upto them…

Precap: Krish tells Yashoda that a mum can always sense her children’s existence and Yashoda looks at Satya tearfully…

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