Channa Mereya 9th November 2022 Written Update

Channa Mereya 9th November 2022 Written Update by Atiba

Channa Mereya 9th November 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Adi sits alone and recalls his moments with Ginni. Otherside Ginni is trying to sleep in her room but keeps missing Adi. Ginni takes out his shirt and hugs it. She comes to the porch and lies on the sofa. Adi comes there and says what are you doing? Ginni says I can only sleep in one place here but I can’t so I will sleep here. Adi says you want to create an issue by sleeping outside? Ginni says just leave me alone. Adi goes to his room while Ginni sits in the porch and hugs his shirt. Adi is worried about her and says she went to sleep after giving tension to others. He goes to sleep as well. Ginni is sleeping and sees the dream of someone attacking Darji. She wakes up and goes to check on him.

A person is going to Darji’s room but Ginni comes there so the person hides. Ginni goes to Darji’s room.
Sharja is walking around in the house. Manveen comes there and says you are still up? Sharja says I was just walking around.

In the morning, Gulabo is working in the kitchen and fights with Sharja. They both bicker constantly. Ginni comes there and says I will solve your issue. She brings a wood stove for Gulabo and says you can cook on this. Gurleen comes there and tells Supreet that Adi hasn’t eaten anything. Supreet says I will make parathas for him.

Supreet brings breakfast for Adi, he says I am not hungry. Supreet says please eat for Darji at least. Ginni hides and sees that. Adi starts eating so Ginni is elated and leaves. Adi thanks Supreet. Adi tells her that I have a meeting with an investor. Supreet says they might cancel the deal as Darji is there to meet them. Adi says I will meet the investor Soniya but she wants to meet Darji.

Adi comes out of his room and goes to Ginni. He says I want to talk to you, Ginni asks him to stay on his side first. Adi says our investor is coming so we have to convince her that we are all together and there is no issues between us. Ginni says I will think about it. Adi angrily leaves.

Goldie is eating when he hears Adi leaving the house. Goldie says we are your partners so you should tell us where you are going for the meeting. Adi says you have no sense of business. Goldie says I used to run the dhaba. Adi says I am going to do a deal for 100 crores. Sharja says they might not have even seen it in his dreams. Adi says I am getting late. Gulabo says Goldie is capable so he can handle it. Goldie says I will sit in the deal with him. Sharja says you think you can go in this get up for a finance meeting? Adi says I am not taking him. Ginni says why can’t he come? He has 50% shares. Supreet asks Adi to just take him. Adi leaves. Goldie thanks her. Ginni tells Goldie that I am still not on your side, I am doing this for our father. Goldie wears his glasses and leaves. Sharja thinks he doens’t know that Soniya is coming here. Supreet tells Ginni to behave like a family person in front of Sonia.

PRECAP – Sharja tells Supreet that Ginni and her family doesn’t care about the business but we have to handle Sonia, they want to tarnish our image.

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