Dev 11th November 2017 Written Update

Dev 11th November 2017 Written Update by Amena

Dev 11th November 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dev getting conscious and seeing Yagnesh. Dev argues with him. Dev asks the man to show mirror to Yagnesh. He says Narvekar would have reached to arrest you. Narvekar announces that they have come to seal the ashram, they have come to do their duty. Guard asks him to leave. Yagnesh laughs. He asks Dev to stay in limits. Mahek shoots at Yagnesh. Guards shoot at her. She gets caught. Mahek says I was close to revenge. Dev says I don’t want you to become a criminal. Yagnesh jokes on their love story.

Meera runs. Narvekar and police force shoot at the guards. Yagnesh says Narvekar can’t do anything, you just have ten mins, then your life is over. Yagnesh threatens Mahek. Dev says you can’t kill her. Yagnesh says you will kill her now, she cheated me and even you,

maybe I will spare your life. The guards stop police. Nilesh gets caught and brought to Yagnesh. Narvekar drops the gun and asks how much blood will we shed, how many innocent people have to die for these fake Lords, your families are ruined, your identity is snatched just to save the fake babas. Nilesh sees Tara. The man says sorry Swami jii, they are my family, Lord is testing them, I m ready to repent for their mistake. Yagnesh gives the gun and says kill him. The man kills Nilesh. Dev gets angry and points at Yagnesh. Yagnesh asks him to kill Mahek.
Narvekar asks them to stop it and think of humanity, they all love family and want to meet them, who is waiting for them even today. The men cry and break down. Yagnesh asks Dev to start the game fast, he has no time. Dev aims at Mahek and recalls their moments. Mahek holds her heart. He asks her to wait for his signal. He shoots at Yagnesh. Narvekar arrives there and sees Yagnesh dead. Narvekar asks what did you do, if devotees know this, you are under arrest. He arrests Mahek and Dev. Mahek says Dev is innocent. Dev says you should arrest me, Mahek is we run, your innocence won’t be proved, I m ready to surrender, we have to arrest Munim ji, if he leaves, we can’t catch him, trust me. Narvekar refuses. Dev says you would have not come if I didn’t call you, trust me once.

They go to find Munim ji and don’t find him. They start arguing. Narvekar asks do you think its a game. Dev says its really a game played by greedy babas on the name of Dharm and devotion. They free the kids. Dev thinks of Munim ji. The people get arrested. Meera asks Mahek where is Dev. Mahek says he is fine, he took my revenge also. Narvekar and Dev come out. Dev tells Meera that he is alive. Commissioner asks Narvekar what is he doing. Dev says I know you are worried, we have to catch the organization head. Commissioner arrests Dev. Dev says trust me. Mahek says he is innocent, he saved many lives. Narvekar says we should hear him. Commissioner says Godbole will handle this case now.

Godbole beats up Dev and asks about the murders. Mahek also gets beaten up and interrogated. Meera asks Narvekar to stop them. Narvekar says don’t know what will happen with Dev, he is in danger. Meera says we are one family, family doesn’t leave support, I respect your feelings, please help my family. He asks her to come along. Zohra and Avi see the news. Narvekar and Meera come home. Meera hugs Avi. Narvekar says this house is safe for them. Meera thanks her. Dev asks Godbole to arrest Munim ji. Meera says I killed Sahay to save Dev. Zohra says Dev can’t kill anyone. Narvekar says I caught him red handed. Zohra says there will be big reason behind this, he can’t do anything wrong, help him. Forensic doctors pick the samples from crime scene. Narvekar sees Dev beaten up. He goes to commissioner and says I agree Dev is guilty, I m not his big fan, I wanted to prove him wrong, but today he is close, we should help him than punishing him, I request you, give him last chance. Commissioner scolds him. Narvekar goes to Dev and asks him to come fast. Dev asks did you also come to beat me. Narvekar throws clothes and says I m giving you 24 hours, find Munim ji and break this chakravyuh, else none can save you. Dev says thanks, but I can’t leave Mahek alone here. He frees Mahek too. Meera says we will go soon when Dev comes. She asks Zohra to save food.

Narvekar gets Dev and Mahek to them. They all get glad. Meera signs to thank Narvekar. She asks Dev how is he. Dev says I m fine. Zohra says thank God you are fine, what’s this marks. Dev says its love of Narvekar’s Sasural. She hugs him and cries. Dev asks her to stop drama, they have work. He asks her to make Avi sleep. He asks Meera to call Abdul. He gets the box and asks them to check the items well, if they get any hint, they can find Munim ji. Narvekar gets the call. He says I have to go to police station, they didn’t know anything, don’t worry, Dev I m putting myself in big risk by trusting you, my career is on stake, don’t go anywhere. Dev says you helped me a lot, trust me. Narvekar goes. Meera says not bad. Dev asks her to work. Abdul comes. Dev asks him to do work fast. Narvekar asks the man. The man tells about the big scam. Narvekar says it means Dev was right, maybe Munim ji is after this. The man says I need time to find out, its commissioner’s order that I shouldn’t give you info. Narvekar says fine, then I didn’t hear any info.

Meera says the photos are scratched. Dev says mum used to spoil pics by her fear, I don’t have her pic, I forgot her face too. Meera shows something. Dev magnifies the pic and sees the ring. He asks Abdul to get data of his mum’s college batch. Abdul gives the data. Mahek tells them about the batch members they know. Dev gets the info about a batchmate Ashwin. Abdul gets the man’s address. Dev asks Meera to call Narvekar. Meera calls him and makes Dev talk. Dev says we have to meet someone who can know Munim ji. Narvekar comes. Dev leaves with him.

Mahek makes tea. Meera says we are in complicated situation, you don’t have any tension, how do you manage stress. Mahek says I m habitual to this, I have seen worse days, I m trained, I had one motive, revenge, it got completed, I m getting happiness, Dev fulfilled my revenge. Meera says its good, you can start a new life with Dev. Mahek says I didn’t think of this, I feel I don’t deserve Dev, I feel I should get my sister from asylum and start a new life with her. Meera asks Zohra to take care of Avi, she has an imp work. She leaves. Mahek gets tea and asks where did Meera go. Zohra says she had some work. Dev and Narvekar meet Ashwin. Meera asks nurse about Mahek’s sister. Nurse says she is no more. Meera gets shocked. The lady says Ashwin met with an accident 20 years ago and since then he is on the bed, I m taking care of him. Dev says he can move his finger. Meera asks how did she die. Nurse says she killed herself. Meera asks where is her body. Nurse says its in morgue.

Dev asks Ashwin about his mum Shreya. Ashwin taps finger. Meera sees Mahek’s sister in morgue. She turns to go. Mahek’s sister holds her hand. Meera gets shocked. She gets possessed by Mahek’s sister. She says Dev’s life is in risk, I have to tell him everything. Dev asks Ashwin does he know the man wearing ring. Ashwin signs. Dev asks him who is he. Ashwin communicates using Morse code. Narvekar asks can you understand him. Dev explains him about Morse code. Dev notes down the letters. He gets the name Arjun Munshi. Meera is on the way. She calls Dev. Dev thanks Ashwin. Dev says Arjun Munshi means Munim ji. She tells the lady that Ashwin can talk, if he gets a chance, he will come back and show the way to talk to him. They leave.

Meera calls Narvekar as well. She can’t connect. Someone follows her. The man informs Narvekar about a DNA match got from ashram. He gets shocked. Goons kidnap Meera. She writes a note and throws out. Dev asks Narvekar what happened. Narvekar holds his collar and asks what game are you playing, Munim ji’s DNA matched with yours, it means you are Munim ji. Dev gets shocked.

Meera and Narvekar die in a bomb blast. Dev accepts he is Munim ji. Dev and Mahek come to confront Munim ji. Mahek points gun at Dev.

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