Devanshi 29th September 2017 Written Update

Devanshi 29th September 2017 Written Update by Amena

Devanshi 29th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying I will do Maiyya aarti once, before getting arrested. Devanshi does the aarti. Everyone starts coughing by smoke. Kalki says I m here. Devanshi looks for Kalki. She reaches her childhood. She jumps in the well. Everyone thinks Devanshi has lost to her life and jumped in well. Mohan says no, she has jumped in to save Kalki. Devanshi hugs Kalki and brings her out. Kalki says Kusum has locked me there. Devanshi asks inspector not to leave Kusum this time. Kusum asks everyone to move back. She takes the gun and points at them.

Gopi asks Kusum to leave the gun. Everyone gets worried. Devanshi goes to stop Kusum. Kusum drags Kalki and takes her. She points gun at Kalki and threatens to kill her. Devanshi takes a trishul and hits her. Kusum falls down and tries to get the gun. Devanshi gets angry and recalls the tortures by Kusum. She stops from killing her and asks her to come. She drags Kusum with her. She asks inspector to arrest Kusum. She shuts the temple door.

Devanshi tells everyone that truth has won, we have to get saved from evil. Gopi says good time is knocking the door, evil and bad has ended, tomorrow’s morning will bring a good time for Jwalapuri, we will start the day by doing remaining rasams of Devanshi and Pavan. Devanshi and Pavan dance on Nachdenge saare,…… Everyone dances with them. Devanshi and Pavan get haldi applied. Mohan apologises to them. He wishes them all the best and blesses them. Devanshi dresses as bride and comes. She sits in mandap with Pavan. Kalki does their ghatbandhan. pandit asks them to stand for rounds.

Pavan and Devanshi take wedding rounds. He makes her wear mangalsutra and fills indoor in her maang. pandit asks them to take elders blessings. Devanshi greets Maiyya. Devanshi and Pavan smile seeing each other.

The show ends on a happy ending.

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