Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 29th September 2017 Written Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 29th September 2017 Written Update by MA

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 29th September 2017 Written Episode

In court, Viren asks Inspector Neeru if she got the proofs of rape and tells that Amla claimed that she was gang raped on the night of 11th April. Neeru says she didn’t get the evidence of gang rape and Amla herself said that she was about to marry someone and having affair with someone else too. Viren asks Amla to question Neeru. Amla asks do you remember my statement which I gave you. She says you asked me to reply in a yes or no, and tells that when you asked me if I was having an affair, I said yes, and when you asked if I went to meet my lover. I said yes. She asks did you know who was my lover and asks her to tell…if he was Dev or Abeer. Neeru gets tensed. Amla says it is strange that you don’t remember the name of person with whom I was having affair, and you refused to

file my case. You asked me whose mistake it was? I was quiet, you shouted aloud and asked whose mistake was mine. I said it was my mistake. Neeru says yes. Amla says you filed the case that day because the girl shall be raped if she goes to meet her lover at night. She says you wants to say that whatever happened was right. Viren tells Judge that Amla is trying to complicate the case by asking useless questions. Amla says that’s all your honour.
Mahi gets up in the captive place. While Anisha keeps the watchman busy, Dev goes inside the house and checks for Mahi. He comes out and says she is not there. We have to search in 4 more houses, Amla is fighting alone there, we have to hurry up.

Suveer tells in court that amla came to apply mehendi to Mahi for the engagement and asked me to meet her near the pond. I didn’t know what she wanted from me. Amla says you remember that I came to apply mehendi in your engagement and asks if he remembers with whom he was getting engaged too. Suveer looks on. Amla asks if he forgot with whom he was getting engaged as he recalls her offer too. Suveer says Mahi Thakur. Amla says you was about to marry her and the news made big headlines and asks why didn’t your marriage happen then. Viren objects. Judge overrules. Amla says there is a connection and will be cleared. She asks why didn’t you marry Mahi. Suveer says she was angry with me. Amla asks why?

Suveer says it was my personal matter. She said that she don’t love me. Amla asks why did she say this, and who has broken the alliance, you or she? Suveer says Mahi. Amla says if she is a shameless or you were stupid. She says if she had done mistake then you would have broken alliance. Suveer says mistake was mine. Amla says Mahi decided to marry you and saw all dreams with you, then why did she change her decision. Amla says what wrong did you do? Suveer says I loved her, but our marriage was cancelled and asks if she will hang him. Viren asks why she is troubling my client. Judge says your client is hesitant to answer and asks Amla to proceed with the questions.

Mahi shouts for help. Evan tells in court that Abeer was local in Dharmshala, we got shocked when we came to know that Abeer was with Amla, we knew him and came to know that he was with Amla. He says Abeer was helping them in engagement arrangements and then started praising Amla’s beauty asking us to see her beauty, waist etc and then we realized, he is setting Amla with us for money. Amla asks Evan when did you see me for the first time. Evan says Dharmshala. Amla asks when did you see me last? Evan says in dharmshala.

Amla says what was that, when you came to my house and you had threatened to rape me. Evan says you will not get any money. Amla asks Judge to get CCTV footage of the shop. Viren says so what, and tells that Evan must have went to meet his friend Abeer. Amla says friend..and tells that just now you said Abeer tried to set me with you, then when did you befriended him. Evan goes. Amla says she wants to ask question from Inspector Bedi. Viren says this is courtroom and not school class and objects. Judge overrules him. Amla asks Neeru to tell who was her lawyer then. Neeru points at Viren. Everyone is tensed. Amla tells that Viren was fighting her case then who called her characterless etc just now. Judge questions Viren if this is true. Abeer calls Dev and says Amla has become lonely. He asks him to search Mahi and bring her in two hours. Dev says I will do something.

Amla says she wants to question Viren Asthana. She asks Viren if this is truth, that he gave money to Mandakini. Viren says this is right and wrong too. He says she pleaded with him. Amla asks did you give money to Abeer and made his passport so that he can’t come in your way. Viren says he tried to help him. Amla asks did you keep Dev in your company. Viren says he hired him as he tried to help him as Dev was shattered after she betrayed him. Amla says you have helped Abeer, Dev and mando, you are very great person. She asks him to tell Viren to Judge that why did he try to kill her. She tells Judge that Viren’s man Bablu Singh tried to kill her.

Doctor comes to the witness box. Amla asks her to tell the truth, feeling her pain and a mother. Viren says this is court and judgement is not made on feelings. Doctor says Maliks threatened to kill me and got fake reports made. She tells that when she was coming to court then also they threatened to kill her daughter, but now she will not keep quiet and tells that it was truth that Amla was gang raped. Viren tells that witness has turned hostile and asks judge not to take her statement in account. He asks what is the proof that she was gang raped. Mando comes and says she has the proof. Everyone is shocked to see Mando in court.

Mando shows Suveer Malik’s engagement ring. Viren says anyone can make this ring and says this ring doesn’t prove that she was gang raped. He says there is no proof. Dev and Anisha bring Mahi with them and says they have proofs. The culprits are shocked.

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