Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 16th March 2020 Written Update

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 16th March 2020 Written Update by MA

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 16th March 2020 Written Episode

Kajal with family returns home. Shravan asks Kajal what happened between her and Manu Bhargav. Kajal asks her to relax as its Manu Bhargav’s ill fate and not hers, she will get her water first and then inform what she spoke to Manu Bhargav. Rashmi says Anshuman panicked when his idol Manu Bhargav left venue without meeting him. At Anshuman’s house, Bua asks Tanya what must have gone wrong that Manu Bhargav left, he last spoke to Kajal. Anshuman walks in and says he heard their conversation. Back at Kajal’s home, Rashmi continues panicking and asks how will Anshuman react when he hears who is Manu Bhargav to Kajal, Manu Bhargav is a bad man and his reentry will ruin kajal’s life. Kajal consoles her and says Manu Bhargav cannot do anything and if Anshuman objects, its better she breaks their engagement. Rashmi asks not to say that.

Anshuman says Kajal did wrong and he will confront her. Bua stops him and says he should speak to her calmly, else she will not reveal the real issue. Anshuman meets Kajal and after a romantic chats asks her why did Manu Bhargav leave the venue and what Sonia tell him. Kajal says its her and she didn’t want Manu Bhargav to meet her would be husband during the auspicious event as he is not a good man. Anshuman asks how can she judge Manu Bhargav without meeting him before. Kajal says Manu Bhargav is her father and she is his daughter. Anshuman returns home and informs Bua who says it must be true as she has seen hatred for Manu Bhargav in kajal’s eyes and such anger can only be for family member;it is a boon for Anshuman that Kajal came in his life and Manu Bhargav is dance competition’s judge, he can use this aspect in his favor.

Kajal on terrace fumes reminiscing her meeting with Manu Bhargav and writes it down on paper and throws it away. Rochak walks on terrace and reading notes asks her to vent out her anger on her father. She shouts and feels relaxed. He calms her down with his soothing words. They both joke next.

Precap: Bua gives protein shake to Anshuman and milk shake to Kajal before their dance rehearsal. Anshuman asks what did she mix in Kajal’s drink. Bua says medicine to speed up Kajal’s blindness.

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