Parineetii 6th June 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 6th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 6th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gurinder tells Neeti how Pami wants to stop their wedding. She says I won’t let that happen. you will marry Sanju only. If Pari dies they will get Sanju married to you. Neeti calls Daljit adn says we have to kill PAri. If she married Sanju you won’t never get anything. If she dies Sanju will be in depression everything will be yours. He says I am coming. Neeti tells to Gurinder send the location to him.

Pami says I feel like my kids are in trouble. Pandit Ji says just pray for your kids here. Bebe says to Neeti that Pari is very clever. She ruined the whole plan. Neeti says nothing will happen. sanju says to Pari it feels so good. You taught me how love is. love is when you care about the other person so much. Everything feels positive. I feel so happy around you. Her dupatta falls on Sanju. Gurinder says keep smiling, you will only cry after that when Pari dries. Neeti and I will be there for you. Neeti says Pari has to die today. sanju makes Pari wear her dupatta. Pari says I will never go away from you. I promise you that. Sanju hugs her. Gurinder comes there. Gurinder says when will the car be fixed? Sanju says it’s working now.

Scene 2
Rakesh comes there. He says we will win elections this time. Sheru says you will only focus on elections if you stop thinking about Pari. Rakesh hits him and says don’t you dare to take your bhabhi’s name. Shera tells Rakesh Neeti is planning to kill Pari. He says stop her.

Pandit Ji says just pray for your kids here. Everything will be good. Gurinder says to Paari I didn’t tell anyone otherwise things would have gone wrong. Pari says you’re right. Neeti would have harmed someone. Sanju and Pari sit and eat together. Gurinder gets Neeti’s call. She goes out and sees Neetii in the car. Pari sees Daljit. He calls someone and says where are you? She says I am in the parking. Grinder realizes Pari saw Daljit. Sanju says what is he doing here? Gurinder says Pami might have invited him. Sanju says she can never do that. Daljit comes to Neeti’s car. She gives him the gun. Salojna says to take it with you. He says we don’t need this. She will fall from the cliff and die. Neeti sees Sanju coming towards Daljit. She hides. Sanju meets Daljit. He says I came here to meet a friend. Neeti hides in the cafe.

Rakesh stops Neeti. Neeti says go from here. I need to go somewhere. he takes her car keys. she says give me my keys. Rakesh says I need to talk to you first. Neeti takes out her gun and says give me my gun or I will shoot you. He takes the gun and says I am the expert here. Answer me what I want. He asks do you plan on killing Pari? He says call Daljit and ask him he can’t do that.

Episode ends

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