Dream Girl 31st August 2015 Written Update

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Dream Girl 31st August 2015 Written Update by Amena

Dream Girl 31st August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with police catching Samar for breaking rules. Ayesha passes by and sees Samar’s car. Ayesha asks what happened. The inspector says he is drunk, and maybe he has taken drugs. Ayesha asks Samar to sit, she will drive. She says he is unwell, he does not take drugs, maybe his medicines are making him drowsy, we will follow rules and pay the fine. The inspector asks her for a selfie. She stands with them and they take the pic. She goes to Samar and asks is he fine. He says he took painkillers. She gets the drugs bottle there and gets shocked. Ayesha brings Samar home. Samar says I know Laxmi is alive and will come back. She thinks he said right. She gets thinking in her room and Manav comes to her.

He asks is she fine, really sorry, he was harsh on her. She says no need to say this, I know you worry for me. He says always. She tries hiding the tablets and he asks why is she needing this antidepressant pics. She says I don’t need this, Samar is taking this pills. He asks what, I don’t think so. She says maybe we got busy and did not focus on him. Laxmi is no one for me, but Laxmi was Samar’s life, we did not think so, we did mistake. He says no, I spoke to him, I did not see any change, he is not in pain. She tells him what happened on the way.

She says he knows to hide pain, he is in pain since long. She says he had a motive that time, now he is motiveless, he just waits for Laxmi, we should give him a motive, I have solution, Samar is talented, he did script writing course, why don’t we make him write along Naina. He says Naina looks like Laxmi, he can get more depressed. She says no, I spoke to psychiatrist, he will see reality. Abhimanyu comes to meet them.

He says Ayesha asked me to talk to Karan, there is no new lead, its few days for court hearing, I was asking if you have any doubt on others. The servant tells about Ayesha’s medicines. Manav asks why medicines. Abhimanyu asks did her migraine problem not go. Manav asks how does he know. Abhimanyu says she had migraine in lockup. She says she has no doubts on anyone. Abhimanyu says I want to solve this case. He says you alleged that I killed Laxmi, you helped us a lot, but I can handle this myself, thanks. She goes. Abhimanyu thinks Ayesha is overconfident or thought something new again.

Samar gets restless. Manav comes to talk to him. He makes Samar laugh and apologizes to him for not realizing his pain. Manav says whats that life which fail to situation, you should fight back, we feel you should work on script with Naina. Samar laughs and says she already feels I m after her, now she will beat me with her stick. Manav says she also needs an assistant. Samar says fine.

Laxmi tells Karan that she can’t do this, she can’t be a stranger infront of Samar every day. Karan says you can’t move back. She says this is tough. He asks how did Samar agree to this. Karan says Ayesha would have convinced him, if you refuse, her doubt will be sure, when you talk to Samar, see and talk to him as Naina. He asks her to prepare for tomorrow. She gets worried.

Its morning, Laxmi comes to Navrang and asks someone to take her to writer’s room. Ayesha says I m there to help you, did you not get your food basket, hold my hand, I will take you to your destination, pest control is going on in writer’s room, so I got you to garden today. She says Samar Sareen will be joining you from today to help you, and smiles.

Laxmi asks Samar to read few scenes. Ayesha smiles. Ayesha tells Samar that Atul is using Naina, as she is blind. Samar gets angry seeing Atul holding Naina.

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