2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aage 31st August 2015 Written Update

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2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aage 31st August 2015 Written Update by H_Hasan

2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aage 31st August 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with year 2025 in which Inder is being forced by his father and son to get married again. Inder asks his dad why don’t he remarry as he is also a widower. Father says nobody is forcing him, so he is not remarrying. His daughter Ayesha comes with bride and says he should get married before pandit’s online appointment finishes. He says girl looks very young. She says she is older than daadu and has done plastic surgery to her face. Girl says yes. Nyesha then shows plastic surgery demo how old granny is changed to young woman. Pandit starts havan fire via online. Inder wakes up from sleep and thanks god that he was just dreaming. He looks at TV screen which turns into his wife Ganga’s pic and says his children want to remarry, but how can he think of anyone else.
He then goes to kitchen and opens fridge to pick water bottle. Automated computer voice asks him to say A if he is walking in dream, B if he wants to drink water, C if he is going to bathroom. He panics and says C. He then goes to washroom and touches mirrow which again turns into Ganga’s pics. He says she left him in 2011 and even today he cannot forget her, then how can he remarry on his children’s insistence. Automated computer voice then starts again that he is in washroom for a long time without using it and asks to say A if he fine, B if not fine, C if he wants to leave washroom. He says C and gets out of washroom.

His son touches his feet with artificial hand and pai lagu with tisra haath. He says it is his company’s new product and has many uses, old people can scratch their back, touch anyone, pick things without bending, etc. He asks him to keep his inventions in his company itself. Nysha, Rithika, daughter-in-law, and grandson then touch his feet. He praises them and says someone at least touches his feet really.

Inder then starts breakfast with his family. His maid sends video SMS from her car that she is stuck in traffic and asks them to sort wet and dry utensils untils he comes. Geeta says this maid is worst than mother-in-law. They watch CID news and says it is running since 27 years. They then watch bollywood gossip that SRK and Kajol’s film brain wale dulhaniya is relasing, salman khan’s bhajrangi bhaijan 5 will release soon in which he will drop chinese mother to her home, he will not marry till 5 years, etc. He says salman does not want to marry even now, but his children are forcing him to remarry. He does not find Nysha and asks where is she. rithika says she is in her room. He says he will break her door and walks near it. He hears Nysha talking to a woman and saying her dad will definitely select her. He opens door and nysha says she was talking over phone and this time he will definitley like her choice. He resists and says Ganga will get angry if she hears their plan.

Rithika and Geetu while preparing food talk about mother-in-law (MIL). Geetu says thank god her MIL is not alive, else she would have tortured her. Rithika gets sad and says her MIL threw her out after 2 months of marriage. Geetu consoles her and then looks into mirror. She gets afraid seeing Ganga and runs into her room and tells her husband that she saw mom. He says why did her mom come here again. She says she is talking about his mom. He asks how can she come here. Ganga comes there and he also gets afraid and runs towards kitchen. Rithika looks at Ganga’s pic and smiles. She sees Ganga in front of her and gets afraid. Ganga says she remembered her, so she came. Garland falls on Rithika. She panics, runs out of her room and tells Geetu and brother that she saw mamma. Ganga comes there and says they wanted maa, so she came. They panic more and reminisce Inder’s words if they trouble him, Ganga will get angry.

Precap: Inder’s children panic seeing Ganga and apologize Inder for trying to get him remarried. Ganga comes even there and Inder gets surprised seeing her. .

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