Durga Aur Charu 18th February 2023 Written Update

Durga Aur Charu 18th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Aur Charu 18th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Charu says is this haveli yours? Durga says I wish. Charu says it’s better that it’s not. People living in these big houses are very shallow. She says I came to thank you for giving me this chance. I got the stay order. Durga hugs her and says we got the stay order. I am so happy. Charu asks whether you are okay. She says yes. Charu says this is just the start and we can fight this case together. We can prepare in the next 15 days. Durga agrees. She recalls her promise to Sampurna. Durga says I can’t help you. Chcaru says why?

Sampurna is looking for Durga. Durga says my dad works in this haveli. Let me go and talk to him. Charu says I know Roy Chaudhary’s very well. Be careful of them. They know how to attack you in the back. Charu leaves. Sampurna asks Charu to come inside.

Scene 2
The doctor cheks Abhirup. Dadi asks Latika to ask Savitri for him. Anirban asks how baba is. Latika says no if he sees you he will get even angrier. They attacked your dad while you saved those girls. He says Shanti was going to kill those girls. Latika says those villagers have hit your dad today. He’s ashamed. His son isn’t standing with him. I wish Mihir were here. He would fight for his dad. What about a son who can see his blood bleeding? Anirban says they’ve to pay for what they’ve done to my dad. He leaves in anger.

Durga wonders what to do. Chumki says we’re so happy. Durga will get married. Bholi says let him say yes first. Binoy comes there and says we’ve to give Durga time. Sampurna says you have taken many wrong decisions so far. Hope you will make the right one today.
Anirban says to Abhirup they’ve got to pay for what they’ve don’t o you. He says so you can do anything for your dad? Anirban says yes. He drags Anirban to the temple and says to win this fight you have to trap that Durga. She’s Roy Chaudhary’s daughter. Their land is even bigger than ours. You’ve to marry her so we make the biggest factory here. He says but.. Abhirup says you have to do this if you love me. Anirban says. He says it’s time to prove your claims. Win Durga’s heart. You’ve to decide. He says swear on your mom’s dress on killing me. Anirban says don’t say that. He says make me proud once. Anirban says I will do it. I will get their land, just for you. Latika hears. She says if he does this their hate would die down.

Scene 3
Dura says I really want to work with Charu and this wedding. Anirban comes there. He says you can share what you feel with me. SHe says you could call me. Anirban says I couldn’t see your pretty face on phone. He asks what were you thinking? SHe says about Charu. She asked me to work with her. Anirban says with her or under her? SHe will tell everyoen she deafted you. Durga says don’t say a word about her. I want her to take this case. He says you wanna be a lawyer right? tell your family you don’t wanna marry.

Episode ends

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