Durga Aur Charu 8th February 2023 Written Update

Durga Aur Charu 8th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Aur Charu 8th February 2023 Written Episode

Anirban claps. He says they are both talking great but you have not decided who will take the case. So give them chance to get a stay order. Whoever brings it first will get the case. He says Durga you are pretty and smart. He says to Charu you look smart. Durga says this case is important for my career. I will win. Charu says this case is important for my life, I will win. She says I am Durga. Charu is shocked. She says I am Charu. Durga is shocked too. Durga says, Charu. Charu says I teach tution to professor’s kids. He gave me this case. Charu asks who are you? Anirban says I am a government officer. Durga asks are you Devdas? He says are you, Paro? Charu says why do you talk too much. He says why is your focus on me and not the case.

Anirban’s dad’s man tells him they got two lawyers. He asks what were you doing there? He says what could I do. His stepmom steps on his hand and says sorry. Did it hurt? Sarpanj asks Durga why did you say you’re my niece? She says I had to win the trust of the villagers. Charu says I can’t tell anyone I am from jail otherwise they won’t give me this case. Anirban puts his hand under Durga’s food. He says your feet would get dirty. Durga leaves. Anirban says I need to hide their fails. None of them would get a stay order. He comes inside Charu’s room. Charu says what are you doing here? He says why are you hiding here? she says I don’t need to tell you anything. Anirban says Durga is winning hearts outside. You should also go out. Charu sorts her papers and leaves.

Scene 2
There’s a wedding in the Basti. They ask Durga and Charu to do the pooja as their guests. Durga and Charu do the pooja together. The cuts he ropes to the bell and it falls on Durga and Charu, Anirban saves them. Anitban gets bruises. Charu applies for medicine on his leg. Anirban says to Durga your face gives me peace. She says you saved my life like a hero. She distracts him while Charu applies to medicine. They hear a fight outside.

A man says this bell from the temple fell, your daughter is cursed. She can’t marry my son. Charu says your thoughts are cursed. Don’t blame a girl for your small thought. Don’t blame the girl but the person who cut it. The man says why would anyone do it here? We’re all like family. Charu says our own people deceive us. I will tell them his name in front of the police. Sarpanj says okay let’s call the police. Durga asks Charu you don’t have proof. How will you get him caught? Charu says how do you know I don’t have proof? Durga says I can read the faces of my friends. I know you don’t consider me a friend. She says I also had a friend who would read my heart. Charu says I wish I could read hearts too. I won’t get decided. Charu says I will figure something out.

Episode ends

Precap: Durga and Charu dance on Dola re Dola. Anirban sees them and slowly goes picks both files from table.

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