Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 22nd June 2021 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 22nd June 2021 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 22nd June 2021 Written Episode

Bhim Rao promises to marry Rani and Bala but for that she has to come with them, Puranjan agreed.

Bala didn’t want to go with Ramji, he asked him to let go. Ramji blamed him for running someone home. Bala defended that loving someone wasn’t wrong. Ramji said that what he did was wrong, he slapped him. He took Bala with him Satara.

The villagers there backlashed Ramji for bringing his uncultured son back to this village. He was insult to their caste. The villagers were about to hit them, Puranjan stopped them. A women threw dirt water on Rani, said that she shouldn’t have returned. The women cursed her. Bhim Rao took Rani.

Maharaj was performing prayer, Sethji and Pandit saw Ramji and Bala. Maharaj wanted to see how Ramji makes the justice prevail in case of his son. Maharaj went to see.

Ramji threw Bala on the floor warning everyone not to come close. Sandesh came forward, Bhim Rao guarded Rani asking Sandesh to stay away. Ramji wanted Bala to apologies to Sandesh, he refused. Ramji grabbed a stick; he will be beaten if he didn’t apologies. Bala refused, he will runaway again as he loved Rani. Ramji slapped him; his slap will not make him stop loving. Rani said that she was equally involved in the matter, she agreed to runaway with Bala. Sandesh picked a stick to hit her, Anand stopped him saying that it was unethical to raise hand on a woman. Sandesh said that this woman has no shame, Rani questioned if he ever felt ashamed of beating her. Bala will not raise anyone hand on Rani. He said to Ramji that no matter how much he beats him he will runaway again. Ramji slapped him again. Mangesh asked Ramji to stop, Bala must keep quiet. He said that these men were standing here enjoy, they must stop on the matter of respect. Sethji said that he would have broken his son’s legs for such act. Bhim Rao said that it wasn’t important to know what he will do, Mangesh said that everyone knows what he did to his son. Bhim Rao asked Ramji and Bala to go inside. Bala said that he doesn’t care who much shame and insult is imparted on them for loving Rani, but he wont stop. Bala as slapped again, Ramji took him inside a room.

Bala said that even if he’s not able to walk he would run away with Rani. Ramji said that he won’t be capable to leave this house. Ramji started beating him, Rani begged to let him go. Jijabai asked her to leave as soon as she can.
Sethji thought of punishing Bala, but Ramji was doing the job for him. Maharaj ridiculed Sandesh asking him to keep himself somewhere hidden to avoid further insult. Sethji asked him to go back to his hut and wear his wife’s clothes and incase he needs some he must ask for it.

Everyone was busy knocking the door, Sandesh took Rani. He tied her with a rope willing to punish her for her sins. He tied her mouth up as well, he was about to beat her up. The police came in, Sandesh asked them not to meddle in husband wife matter. The police took Sandesh on the charges of domestic abuse. Puranjan had called the police on Bhim Rao’s advice, he knew what Sandesh intended to do. Puranjan hard Rani’ cries. He went to her, untied her. He asked her to understand that whatever was being was for the better, there’s always some fights between husband and wives but that doesn’t call for such rational decision.
Everyone begged to open the door. Ramji came outside and left. Meera asked to bring Bala outside, Bhim Rao went to bring some medicine.

Ramji hit his hand crying for hitting the child he raised. He continued hitting himself but Anand out his hand in front. Tulsa and Manjula came. Anand asked why he was doing it. Ramji said that he was wounding himself equivalent to Bala. Anand said that Bala must have done wrong, but he was right. He didn’t care for the right or wrong, but he thought good for Rani which ended up being bad for Sandesh. Tulsa said that he could have made Bala understand. Ramji said that he hasn’t beaten Bala up the society would have. They went against the society to have Rani married in the first place, this time they would have killed us for being against the society. Tulsa said that Bala was really hurt, Ramji was equally hurt for beating his son.

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