Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 4th February 2020 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 4th February 2020 Written Update by Pooja

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 4th February 2020 Written Episode

Dhruv reaches home. Narayan asks him if he has implemented their plan. Dhruv nods. I pushed him off a height. Narayan asks him if Bheema saw his face. Dhruv denies. I pushed him stealthily. Narayan advises him to bathe with Gangajal first. I will treat you then. Dhruv smiles happily.

Bala tries to wake up Bheema but in vain. His family members reach there just then. They take Bheema home. The owner of the field rues that he will have to make this area pure again.

Narayan pours water over Dhruv. On the other hand, villagers do a small puja near the area where Bheema had fallen.

Sakpal family and Ambedkar ji take Bheema to Vaid ji. Ambedkar ji tells Vaid ji to check Bheema. He has fallen from a great height. Vaid ji stops Sakpal family from taking Bheema inside his house’s premises. Ambedkar ji reasons that this isn’t the time for all this. He is bleeding profusely. Vaid ji agrees to check him. He only glances at him from above. He has fallen from a height. There might be internal injuries. They remove Bheema’s shirt to cross-check.

Sakpal family brings Bheema home. Bhimbai tells Anand to bring ingredients to make herbal paste. Mangesh and his friends look on curiously. He must have done something again! Bheema winces in pain. Meera and Bhimbai tell him to bear it for some time. You will be fine once we apply the medicinal paste. Ganga asks him what he was doing near the post box. Bheema looks at his mother. She tells him to answer his sister. Bheema says I was roaming for no reason. Someone pushed me out of nowhere. Ambedkar ji counters his lie. He went to drop a letter. Bhimbai asks about the letter. Ambedkar ji says it was addressed to his BIL. Bheema finally admits that he did that so they could speak to him about Ganga Didi. Ganga runs inside. Ambedkar ji warns him not to get up. Come to school only when you are completely fine. Bheema is concerned about the exam but Ambedkar ji tells him to focus on his health first. He leaves. Bheema tells his mother about the exam and its benefits. Bhimbai lightly reprimands him for thinking about all that. You must recover first.

A villager asks Ambedkar ji why he dint step inside their house if he is so concerned about them. You feel a lot for them. You wont even mind drinking water from their home if we wont object! It is because of people like you that we lose our respect! Mangesh asks him what should think about his behaviour. Are you with us or with them? Stay with us or step out of our community. There should be no in-between! Ambedkar ji says you are more in number. I managed to reach their threshold using all my strength but I still couldn’t cross it. You are free to think what you want! He walks away. Another villager says there will be a lot of problems when this line between societies will be cleared out. Mangesh says who would do that. Stay quiet.

Ram ji reaches home and panics seeing Bheema’s condition. Bheema relates everything to him. Bala tells his Baba to register a complaint to police captain to find out the truth. Bhimbai seconds him. Someone pushed him today. What if someone tries to kill him tomorrow? Meera says we have to stay amongst these people only. Bhimbai wonders what enmity they have with her son. Ram ji says they have enmity with our existence, our voice, our family, our happiness! This will never stop. They only like our silence and all we have to do is to learn to speak in front of them. Bhimbai argues that their kids aren’t the only ones who will do it. Bheema screams in pain. He requests his Baba to make him fine. Meera says do you think he is magician. Ram ji tells Bheema to forget about the exam. Such exams will keep coming. You must rest. Bheema tries to argue but Ram ji advises him to stay quiet and rest.

Manjula and Tulsa are trying to keep Bheema entertained. Ganga sends them outside to play and helps Bheema sit down. She feeds him with her own hands and gets emotional. Bheema says I don’t like seeing my sister cry. She tells him to eat quietly. Do you know how young you are to me? My kids are your age but you seem like my elder brother because of the things you do / say! How do you think so much? Bheema says it might be because I see my elder sister sad. I will tell the same thing to Jija ji when he will come. Please don’t cry. She says I will as you are making me cry. He tells her that everyone threw water on Kaki’s blanket. Give her another one please. She must be feeling cold. Ganga says from where will we get a new one every day if the society will do it. Bheema says I don’t know but please give her today. He convinces her somehow. He asks for her book but she tells him to rest. His persistence makes her give in to his request again. She opens a page for him. He tries to write using his left hand but only ends up scribbling. It pains when he tries using his right hand. How will I give exam tomorrow?

The lady speaks to the blanket. You should have dried up by evening. You couldn’t support a helpless woman! Now I will spend the night in cold. Ganga gives her new blanket. The lady asks about Bheema. Ganga shares that someone pushed him from a height. He is badly hurt and can barely walk. The lady feels bad for Bheema. Ganga excuses herself.

Ram ji pats at Bheema’s head. Bheema says you say that we can do anything. Can I still not take part in the exam tomorrow even though I want to? What should I think of your words? Ram ji says situations become difficult sometimes. It is to balance nature. I feel bad but it is true that you wont be able to take part in tomorrow’s exam. Bheema’s eyes well up. Ram ji goes.

Precap: Kids and villagers tease Bheema. Ambedkar ji says I thought you are different after seeing your note but I was wrong. He tears Bheema’s note and throws the pieces in air. Bheema says there must be a way how I can take part in tomorrow’s exam. I don’t want to lose. Ram ji lifts Bheema in his arms and reaches school with his sons. Dhruv gets upset.

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