Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 4th July 2024 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 4th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 4th July 2024 Written Episode

Jokhu and Phuliya walk back into the Chawl and go straight to the students calling them so both the men and women stand up to listen to them.

Bhim says Rama taught them the Varnmala so she should ask about it tomorrow and then teach them something new, he advises her to not work for the house hold chores as he will do them all so no one should think she does not have any interest in the house hold chores but Rama replies she will get up early and do it, Bhim replies what is the shame in doing it but Rama still argues when Bhim replies he also said he would do it.

Jokhu takes out the money revealing they are a lot of money and they all should take it from him while leave the Chawl, the students look at Jokhu who asks what would they get with education while assuring they would be able to do everything with the money for which they should not think and leave, Phuliya also offers them money explaining they only have the desire which is strong but they all should take it and live their life peacefully and take the money to walk away in the night, Bhim assures he would surely do something for them so they can pass the examination easily, Bhim explains he will do all the work of the house and cannot understand what is wrong with doing the work of their own house, Rama agrees to his request saying he should sleep for now, Bhim gives the books to Rama who places them and then prepares to sleep in the room.

Jokhu advises they should think what they would do with this much money and it is up to them, Phuliya also advises them to not think but take the money but the ladies keep staring at her, even the men turn to look at themselves first, Jokhu is smiling. Bhim and Rama are peacefully sleeping in the room.

In the morning Karuna comes out but she does not see any of the students in their tents so she gets worried and then starts looking around, she starts smiling so asks everyone to listen and come quickly, they all come to the main area and then Karuna says they should see how the students have run away, Jija Bai along with the other enemies start laughing a lot, Rama also comes asking what happened, Phuliya replies all the students ran away in the night hearing which Bhim is shocked. Manohar says they had forced the students to come and stay in tents, Jija Bai asks Phuliya if she has done something when Phuliya replies Meghnath and the officers have given the money to the students who left after taking it, Manohar says they have even given some money for them which they would distribute amongst themselves, Shoba tells Bhim she does not feel they would win this time and so must accept defeat while end the struggle. Bhim signals Rama who starts to look in the tents, Bhim starts searching when Ramji asks if they would be defeated, Bala replies both the husband and wife have gone in the tent and after looking will come out to tell them that they will surely win, Bhim says if they had to leave then would not leave their belongings, Rama agrees saying they should believe that all the students would have left for some important work, Jokhu gets furious wondering what have they all done now.

The students walking to the house of Meghnath start calling him, Meghnath walks out to the front asking why are they yelling, the students reply they got his money when Meghnath asks why are they yelling the lady questions if they would not get more money. Shishupal asks what sort of money, the student says Meghnath has given them money to run away from the support of Bhim, Shamla tries to argue but Meghnath says everything is fair in war and then he says the students should go back to their house while he would give them money after the examination date, Shishupal asks if they all would leave everything they have worked for due to money, one of them says now he is going to tell what they would do of the money. He laces them on the feet of Meghnath followed by all the remaining students either men or women. Meghnath asks what is this drama, Shishupal replies this is how their arrogance would be brought down, the students say they would take the money but throw it in the same manner. Meghnath warns them to never show their face while promises that when they will fail in the examination then he is going to cover their face with black dirt, Bhim coming tells Meghnath now no one can stop them, Rama says the biggest problem is money and if they refuse it in this manner then their struggle would prove to have positive results, Bhim asks the students to come and study, they all hold the hands of each other with utmost determination before leaving with Bhim. Meghnath says Jokhu and Phuliya would have to return his money because they were not able to do anything.

Jokhu says they are thinking wrong without any reason as it is possible they got the money and so did not desire to return which is why left their belonging. Deepak says that Bhim has arrived, Jija Bai along with the other enemies are shocked to see the students coming with Bhim and Rama who comes to stand in front of Jokhu and Phuliya, Jija Bai says Bhim is very weird as he ruins their plans every time, Ramji says he got tensed thinking what would happen of their fight if they ran away but one of them says that they are not going to run away as they have sent their own children away so should start studying, Shamla asks Jokhu to return the money otherwise Baba will take all the money, Jokhu warns Shamla to not blame him without any reason but Meghnath furiously entering demands the money which they all have taken, Jokhu is worried so Shoba asks him to return it, saying he wanted to make fun of them all with the help of Meghnath but now the students have humiliated him in front of everyone, Puran says this is why people say that neither the friendship nor rivalry of the elite is suitable, Meghnath says they are not like Bhim which is why were not able to convince the students to leave, Jokhu agrees to hand it, he slowly places the money in front of Meghnath followed by all those who have taken their share. Meghnath kneels to pick them up asking Bhim Rao to see how they all belong to his own class and he should see their greedy nature, Bhim must first change these greedy people, Bhim is furious.

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