Jhanak 4th July 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 4th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 4th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi scolding Jhanak for trying to kill Arshi. Jhanak asks will anyone believe me if I clarify. Choton says truth will win over lies some day. Dadi asks him to shut up, Shrishti has seen it herself, Jhanak isn’t sent to the police. Bablu says if the blames are false, then police will leave her. Anjana asks Dadi not to believe anything. Dadi says Shrishti has seen it. Anjana says it might be an accident. Dadi says no, Shrishti said she has seen Jhanak pushing the diya towards Arshi, she was the bride, and now she is in the hospital. Anirudh worries for Arshi. Tanuja says Shrishti, don’t feel hurt, we can complete the marriage later, I m a mum, I have two daughters, Arshi is also like my daughter. Lal says we all are with you. They all blame Jhanak. Shrishti says Jhanak should be hanged to death, she tried to burn my daughter. Vinayak asks how will you prove it, you should worry for Arshi now. Doctor comes and meets Shubh. He says we have to hospitalize Arshi. Shrishti asks why, can she walk. He says I can’t say anything right now, we have to check her, we may need to do the plastic surgery, damage is serious but its not life threatening. Shrishti asks can she walk and stand on her feet. He says its hard to say that.

Dadi argues with Bablu and Anjana. She says you want to save Jhanak at any cost, but Jhanak is not Laxmi, since she came here, something bad is happening. Bablu asks what bad happened with us, tell me. Anjana asks why are you saying that. Dadi says she is creating a hurdle in Arshi and Anirudh’s marriage. Bablu says maybe God doesn’t want this marriage to happen. Dadi says no, it can’t happen. Anjana agrees. Shrishti says Arshi’s dance and career will spoil, save her. Shubh asks doctor to make Arshi fine. Doctor says don’t worry, I will try my best, let the treatment happen first and then complete the marriage rituals, can you do it if she dies by some infection, just think of saving her. Shubh and Vinayak asks him to save Arshi. Bipasha says please save her, she doesn’t deserve this. Doctor says give her time to recover, at least 10-15 days, its not my commitment, it may take more time. Vinayak says try your best. Doctor goes.

Bablu asks Jhanak to go upstairs, she already heard a lot. Jhanak says maybe this is my fate. Dadi says it’s the result of your deeds. Choton says truth will come out, someone else has seen the person who was trying to burn Jhanak. Dadi asks who saw it. Choton says wait for the right time, you will know everything. Vinayak says doctor said they will do the operation. Shrishti asks can Arshi dance again. He says yes, why not. She says Jhanak tried to burn Arshi’s feet so that Arshi doesn’t take the wedding rounds, now I will chain Jhanak’s feet, Jhanak wants to dance, I will see how she dances. Vinayak says I don’t want to argue, Arshi is in hospital, I don’t want to hear anything wrong about someone’s daughter. Shrishti says you are defending Jhanak, you are talking like Arshi isn’t your daughter, but Jhanak is your daughter. He asks what are you saying. She asks what are you saying, what wrong did I say. He says you know it. She says everyone has seen it, I have witness. He says we have video recording also, we will check it. She says you mean Jhanak isn’t wrong. She asks whose mistake was it. He says you are overthinking, let Arshi get fine. She says you tell me, whose mistake was it. He says it was just an accident, how can anyone try to burn someone in public view, media and photographers were there. She asks did I see wrong. He says you are in stress, you are overthinking, I m trying to calm you, don’t take a decision that her life gets ruined, there isn’t anyone except us.

She says I will not let Jhanak live, I will break her legs. She thinks I won’t leave Anirudh, he wants to marry Arshi for name and richness, and love someone else. Dadi asks Choton not to say any nonsense. Choton says you have raised me, I don’t lie. Bablu says someone might have wanted to kill Jhanak, no one wanted to kill Arshi, it will be proved. Anjana says Jhanak said she had to move away to get saved from fire, then the fire caught Arshi. Choton says the diya didn’t come to Jhanak just like that. Dadi asks whose story is this. Choton says you will trust that person, it’s the truth, it will come out. Dadi says fine, tell me that person’s name. Choton says you will know it when time comes. Bablu asks Jhanak to go upstairs. Shubh says I want to talk to you about Jhanak, I think we should file police complaint and get Jhanak punished. Shrishti nods. Tanuja and Bipasha ask Shrishti to decide. Vinayak says you are thinking wrong about Jhanak, she said she didn’t do anything, her upbringing is good. Shubh says I respect you, you are a good person and big scientist, I m a lawyer, I know such girls, they are clever, Jhanak will sink all of us one day. Dadi says I called Tanuja to know about Arshi, Arshi got much burnt, surgery needs to be done, Shrishti said she will not leave Jhanak, she will file police complaint against her.

She says you have to pay a price for this. Jhanak says its wrong, I had no intention to break their marriage, I wanted their marriage to happen, if you get peace by getting me arrested then fine, send me with police, if the crime gets proved then I accept the punishment. Choton says don’t talk madly, I told you, nothing will be proved against you. Dadi asks him to stop saying that.

Vinayak says you are mistaken. Shrishti asks him to stop it. She says what I have seen, everyone has seen it. Vinayak says no one noticed it, else this would have not happened, I was also there, I feel its an accident, if Jhanak did this, then what’s her motive. She says motive is clear, she wants to trap Anirudh forever. Tanuja says please file a formal complaint against Jhanak. Shubh says let me start the legal work, Arshi is my daughter, whoever did this, I will not spare the culprit. Vinayak says no, don’t involve me in your dirty game. Shrishti says if I was wrong then why would they all support me, its not a game. She asks where is Anirudh. Shubh says he is sitting outside the burn ward, he wants to meet Arshi, doctors aren’t allowing him, because Arshi can catch an infection, we can’t meet her even after surgery. Lal says wrong happened with them. Shrishti says I want to meet Anirudh once. Vinayak asks are you sure. She says yes, I will not leave Jhanak. Vinayak worries and prays for Arshi.

Jhanak goes to Anirudh’s room. He asks why did you come. She asks how is Arshi. He says if anyone sees you here then it will be a big scene, its hard to believe that you have hurt Arshi, everyone doubts you, Shrishti has informed the police, she won’t let you go.

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