Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 6th February 2020 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 6th February 2020 Written Update by Pooja

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 6th February 2020 Written Episode

Bala heads to his classroom. Ram ji greets Bheema’s Guru ji. He is hurt so I brought him here. Guru ji tells him to make him sit in the corner. Ram ji thanks him. Anand lays a sack and Ram ji lowers Bheema on it. Dhruv keeps looking at Bheema. Ram ji tells Bheema to give exam. I will wait outside. all the kids keep looking at Bheema. Guru ji asks Bheema if he will be able to give exam. Bheema nods. Guru ji says you are badly hurt. Bheema says it will pain but I wont pay heed to it. Ram ji smiles hearing his answer. Guru thinks Bheema seriously has a fire inside him. Forget about Ambedkar Guru ji any teacher would begin to love him. He distributes exam papers to the kids.

Anand tells Bheema to guide him too. You will feel bad if I fail. Guru ji tells all the kids to write their own papers. Dhruv and his friend try to copy but neither of them knows the answer. Bheema is in pain but he keeps writing. Ram ji waits outside patiently. He thinks of Bheema’s last night’s struggle and of his wife’s words. Narayan happens to pass from there and stops to watch Ram ji. Ram ji meets Principal. Do you know who pushed Bheema? Principal denies. Narayan wonders if Ram ji brought his wounded son to give test. He might win if it is true. Principal tells Ram ji he is a very caring father. Ram ji says all I have is my kids. Please let me know if you find out who pushed Bheema. Principal assures him about it. That person must be punished for his misdeed! He goes. Narayan steps in front of Ram ji. He intentionally makes a face and asks Ram ji to step back a little. Did you get to know who pushed Bheema? Ram ji denies. I was asking Principal the same question. Narayan asks about Bheema. He must be resting at home. Ram ji shares that he is giving exam inside. Narayan says he is a strong boy. He fell from such a height yet he came to give exam! It is good. What will you do even if you find out who has pushed Bheema? Do you have the guts to do anything? Ram ji says I may be anything but as a father, I am big enough. I can do anything for my kids! Narayan tells him to go ahead. He leaves.

Shopkeeper asks Puranjan about Ram ji. How will it work if he wont show up? Tell him not to come here again. Puranjan agrees. He is unlucky so he has no option. Shopkeeper calls him lazy. Puranjan denies. He tells him of Ram ji’s struggles. His kids will change his destiny. Shopkeeper asks him if Ram ji’s wife stays ill always. He still takes care of his kids and they are brilliant in studies? Puranjan nods. Shopkeeper says my wife spoils my kids badly. They don’t even listen to me. How to take care of them? Puranjan suggests him to ask Ram ji when he comes. He will be able to guide you.

The time is up. Guru ji collects everyone’s answer sheets. He gives extra time to Bheema as he is hurt but Bheema denies. Baba says we must not show our talent by taking anyone’s pity. Keep my paper. Guru ji nods. Bell rings. All the kids leave one by one. Bheema tells Anand it is paining. He goes to call Baba. Bheema stops Dhruv. What did you actually gain here? I still gave exam. My wounds wont make you come first. Dhruv says I wont like it if you will come first. Bheema says I saw you pushing me from that cliff. Anand overhears their convo from the door. He glares at Dhruv. Bheema says I dint tell anyone and neither will I. You are neither my friend nor enemy. We study in the same class though. There should be a reason to study together. Dhruv calls it impossible but Bheema reasons that even thorns and flowers have a relation. We are students after all. Can you ignore it? Dhruv says it will be an insult to our community. He walks out of the classroom.

Anand tells Bheema Baba is coming. Why dint you tell Baba about it? Baba and Principal Sir would have taught him a lesson. I feel like teaching him a lesson. Bheema requests him not to tell his name to anyone. He may or may not be punished for it but Baba will be upset.

Narayan beats Dhruv for not doing the task properly. Dhruv shouts in pain but Narayan is relentless. You can neither study nor hurt someone properly! I saw Bheema giving exam with my own eyes. What will happen if he comes first? Dhruv says I made a mistake by telling that Bheema shouldn’t come first. He is neither my friend nor my enemy. Why did I push him in the first place? You should have taught me this instead of telling me to push him. Narayan asks him who said this. Dhruv takes Bheema’s name. He even saw me pushing him but he dint disclose my name to anyone. He asked me why I pushed him even when we are neither friends nor enemy. This angers Narayan all the more. You are questioning me because of him? Come inside. I will teach you a lesson!

Mangesh and villagers are furious to see another blanket with the lady. They question her but she keeps mum. They question her husband who refuses. The lady says no one from your community has a heart to understand my pain and share it. Villagers agree. Who is giving you this blanket though? Go and ask him. They mock her. God will keep giving her blanket and we will keep throwing water on her. Mangesh goes to bring water but she runs inside Sakpal house. Villagers shout at her to come out as they cannot step inside. She touches Sakpal family members one by one shocking everyone. She tells them that she is now no more a part of your community. I have touched them now. I don’t want to become pure again. I want to be like them, away from all of you! Villagers get angry. Her husband also complains to her. She says you have already ousted me. How does it matter what I do now? They warn her not to come near them. She asks them to leave. Don’t come to check on me ever again. You (her husband) dint let me live with you. Now let me live without you!

Mangesh throws a stone at her. Blood starts oozing from her head. Sakpal family rushes to her side. Mangesh instigates others as well but Ram ji warns everyone to stop. I will call police captain here if you throw another stone. I am retired Subedar. I will get each of you punished. They refuse to be afraid of him but Ram ji stays firm. Villagers refuse to spare the lady. Her husband says she has committed a sin by entering inside your house. She will be punished for it. Villagers leave. Mangesh says we must teach Ram ji a lesson. Things are getting out of hand here. Ram ji asks his wife and sister to take the lady inside and take care of her wound.

Bheema asks his Baba why villagers can’t leave Kaki alone when she has been ousted from the society already. Why are they troubling her? Ram ji says it is to create fear amongst others. Their community is very strong and is ruled by them only. Bheema asks him why they are doing this. Ram ji says a handful of people want to rule the society. They keep weaving a bad circle. Bheema asks him who these people are. Ram ji says you will find out this on your own as you grow up.

Precap: Bala shouts Bheema’s name. You dint pass the exam! The lady’s husband scolds his wife for staying in the house of someone whose mere encounter is considered inauspicious. Villagers tell him to step inside and drag her out of there. They are holding knives behind their backs.

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