Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 5th September 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 5th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 5th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mayura asking Rivaaj what happened, why is he not talking to her. She thinks why Ram is behaving strange and thinks to check on Rivaaj and give him something to eat. She thinks may be Ram is stressed due to whatever happened in the Police station and thinks not to disturb him. Premlatha comes to Rivaaj’s room and asks shall I take off the bad sight from you. Premraj says you are asking tiger in his cave if he will eat you or not. He says Bhanje ji had beaten me up. Rivaaj asks her to do. She takes off the evil sight and asks can I tie the thread to your hand. Rivaaj asks her to tie. Premlatha says not this hand, but others. Rivaaj says this is the part of the same body and refuses to get the thread tied.

Kesha is in Roop’s room and says I saw them walking

inside the house happily. Roop says they fought in the night. Tashi comes. Kesha hides. Tashi asks him to take Snoopy for a walk. Roop says he is feeling unwell and body is paining, so he was resting. Tashi says she will ask someone else to take him out. Kesha threatens Roop asking him to give every info and go out secretly. Mayura prepares food for Rivaaj, but actually for Ram. She slips and falls down. Everyone comes running to her. Tashi asks how did you fall? Rivaaj comes and asks are you fine? Premraj says life is not less than khatron ke khiladi. Premlatha asks where was you going while taking food and looks at the secret room. She asks her to tell the room secret and says today I will know it anyhow. Rivaaj panics and says you care for the door and don’t worry for bahu. Premlatha says you are there to worry for her and says she will look the room. Tashi says your foot is bleeding. Rivaaj asks Tashi to take Mayura to room and get her bandage done. Tashi takes Mayura. Rivaaj asks Premlatha to call Servant to get the floor cleaned. Mayura thinks how did I fell down? Rivaaj smirks looking at the food and picks the plastic thread from the floor. He recalls keeping eye on her and tying plastic thread to make her fall, thinks Mayura got saved. He eyes the secret door and goes inside.
Ram is tied inside there and is wearing Rivaaj’s clothes. Rivaaj says the tables are turned now. He says I did a good acting and shall get an award. He says you gave me a good chance and made things easy for me. He recalls Kesha giving him info that Ram left home angrily and then reaching Ram and getting him arrested by Police and getting him brutally beaten and tortured, by bribing the corrupt police officers. He recalls Inspector signing constables and they make injured Ram sit in the other car, while Rivaaj comes and sits in Mayura’s car. He says now you will realize that it is not easy to snatch my independence. He sits on the chair and it is shown that Ram is not captive there and it is just the projector image. He says now it is time to settle scores with Mayura and rubs the flower, smirks and gets angry.

Mayura thinks it is strange to stay in Ruku di’s room, she never thought this. She thinks why Ram is looking strange. Kesha aims gun at her from outside the room. Mayura tells Snoopy that Ram and her marriage is fake and it doesn’t mean anything, recalls Ram announcing marriage due to Kesha’s questions. She asks Snoopy if it is listening what she said. She says we both know about our relation, but seems it is strange. Rivaaj comes to Kesha and snatches gun from her hand. Kesha says this gun is fake, I tried to make Mayura faint. She says she shall not understand that you are Rivaaj. Rivaaj checks the gun. Kesha thinks I can’t let her come near you. Rivaaj asks her to move back and breaks the gun. Mayura hears the sound. Rivaaj takes Kesha from there and says you are forgetting that it is my work to plan and you all shall follow. He says don’t I understand that how much tensed you are and says you are jealous. He asks her not to ruin his plan. He then asks her to go and wait for his order being a good PR. Kesha says your motive to marry Mayura is to punish her and to know her truth. Rivaaj thinks he remembers his aim and revenge.

Precap: Rivaaj tries to get close to Mayura to know her truth. Mayura thinks he is not Ram, but surely Rivaaj.

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