Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th September 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mayura working in the kitchen. The maidservant shouts seeing the insect/cockroach in the kitchen, says some gutter must be open. Snoopy barks. Mayura goes outside and asks Snoopy what happened? Snoopy barks looking at the drainage lid. Mayura sees many cockroaches and recalls maidservant telling about it. She is about to go, but Snoopy holds her pallu in his mouth and barks again. Mayura sees light peeping out from the lid and moves the lid a bit. She thinks to go inside and jumps inside. She finds a tunnel and walks inside, finds the cartoons kept on the way, she moves in and finds the secret door and Rivaaj sitting. She comes to him and asks who is he? She then realizes it is just an image and sees the projector screen there. She recalls the happening, seeing

Rivaaj in the market, Ram saving her in the mandap from the pillar, etc. She thinks it was Rivaaj’s plan and the man in the house is not Ram, but Rivaaj. She thinks when did this happen, before or after marriage. She thinks she got married to Rivaaj and faints.
Snoopy is still there and barks seeing Rivaaj. Rivaaj thinks why it is barking, I didn’t leave any proofs. Mayura gains consciousness hearing Snoopy barking. She thinks if Rivaaj is harming Snoopy. Rivaaj asks Snoopy to run from there. Mayura keeps the cartoons/boxes back and is about to push the lid, when Rivaaj lifts it but keeps it back hearing Premlatha calling and coming there. Premlatha tells him that Tashi messaged that she left home with Roop. He asks why did she do this? Premlatha says Roop took Tashi with him as you have thrown Kesha out. She asks him to call Kesha back. Rivaaj says no and tells that she went with her wish and tells that he will not call them back. He says Tashi’s useless husband will do some work now. He eyes at the tunnel and goes from there. Premlatha goes behind him. Mayura hears him and thinks he is surely Rivaaj and not Ram. She thinks of Ram and thinks she will find him. She comes out and appreciates Snoopy for help.

Kesha thinks from where Mayura came and what is the connection between Rivaaj and her. Doorbell rings. She opens the door and finds Tashi and Roop? She thinks they came to take her and hugs Tashi. Tashi tells that they left home and says we will not stay there where you have no respect. Kesha twists Roops’s hand and scolds him. Tashi turns towards them and tells that she is very happy to come to her husband’s house. Roop says you will not get the comfort of your brother’s house. Tashi says husband’s house is hers.

Premlatha scolds Premraj for resting on Tashi’s bed. She tells that don’t know what magic did Mayura did with her and tells that she won’t accept defeat and will show very soon what magic she can do with her hands.

Mayura thinks I can’t marry Rivaaj and thinks when did this swapping happen? She recalls coming to the hall with Ram, taking rounds, pillar falling on Ram. Then Ram making her wear sindoor and mangalsutra and Pandit ji telling that their marriage is genuine. She recalls their fight and Ram getting beaten by the Police. She realizes she got married to Ram and thanks Mata rani. She says she has to show him that God is with her and she will defeat Rivaaj’s ego.

Precap: Mayura asks someone to trace Ram and gives his last location. Premlatha sees Mayura giving money to someone and saying something. She thinks to inform Rivaaj.

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