Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 22nd September 2017 Written Update

  • Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 22nd September 2017 Written Update by MA

    Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 22nd September 2017 Written Episode

    Sindhoora tells Ranveer that her breathe was stuck. Ranveer tells that he don’t want anyone to have problem because of him and that’s why decided to leave the house with Suman and Veer. Dadi says how can this happen. Ranveer touches her feet, hugs Nupur, touches Sindhoora’s feet. Suman also touches her feet. Ranveer asks Suman to come. Sindhoora holds his hand stopping him, saying you are going away from your maa for forever and that too with my bahu. She says nobody will go from here. She says she never valued her family or see it, because of her ego, but today she realized that relations are not because of blood, but because of bonding. She says she wants her son, bahu and grand son Veer. Suman and Ranveer gets happy. Sindhoora folds her hands and apologizes to Suman cryingly. Suman

    forgives and hugs her. Everyone is happy. Sindhoora kisses Suman and asks Ranveer if he will not forgive his mom. Ranveer asks her not to cry. He says he was going, but one voice was coming from his heart that his mom shall stop him. He says how can I be happy without you. Sindhoora hugs him.
    Sindhoora asks Bade Papa about Kalavati. Bade Baba says she is shocked and went to haridhwar. I asked her to come back to Mittal Sadan. Sindhoora says she wants Kalavati to stay here with us. Dadi asks them to give a grand daughter like Suman and asks Manan and Sahil to give grand children too. She says then she can die peacefully. Badi Maa asks why she is saying this. Dadi says her life will increased with the grand children.

    Sahil goes to room. Sanjana follows him. Sahil says I asked you to sign on the divorce papers after taking the cheque. Sanjana tears the cheque and gives pieces in his hand. She says whatever you said was right, I trapped you and married you as you are Sahil Mittal. I want to rule in this house, after marriage you troubled me a lot and never accepted me as your wife. I am mad and never knew when did I start loving you, and I have realized love yesterday when you gave me cheque and asked me to go. She says she don’t want to go away from him, don’t want any money, cars or luxuries, but just want him. She hugs him and says I know I am not suitable for you and you don’t love me, we have no match. She sits down and signs on the divorce papers. Sahil recalls their moments. Sanjana gives divorce papers in his hand and is going. Sahil calls her daku Sultana and tears the divorce papers asking where is she going? H says he will trouble her more and opens his arms wide for a hug. Sanjana hugs him. Sahil hugs her too.

    Sanjana comes to Suman’s room. Suman asks what happened? Sanjana hugs her and cries. Suman gets worried. Sanjana says sorry on Ravi’s behalf and asks why did you suffer when he tortured you. Suman asks her to stop crying and says this doesn’t suit you, you looks good while doing mischief. Sanjana apologizes to her for misunderstanding her and troubling her a lot. She says you have always taken care of me like an elder sister, wishes she could have become like her. Suman says you are more good than me. Sanjana says she always thought about money and wants to become malkin of the house. She says Sahil kept 5 crores cheque in her hand and asks her to go away from his life. She realized the importance of family and says what I will do with that money when he is not with me. She says real wealthy person is the one who is wealthy with relations. She says house keys shall be with you as you deserves it and asks her to make her dutiful wife and bahu. Suman says but. Sanjana says she wants to become like her. Suman says you are badmash baccha of mine and hugs her.

    Later Suman comes to room and sees it decorated. Ranveer closes the room and gives her rose. Dhoop se nikal ke song plays. He gives her another rose. Suman smiles. Ranveer kisses on her forehead. Rang de tu mohe gerua song plays. Suman is about to go. He pulls her towards him. He lifts her and takes her to bed. He takes off her jewellery. Suman hugs him. They consummate their marriage.

    After few months, Dadi asks where is our bahus? Badi Maa says our sons is missing as well. Dadi asks them to call them. Nupur calls them. Sahil brings pregnant Sanjana holding her hand. Manan brings pregnant Antara, while Ranveer brings pregnant Suman and Veer. They sit with Dadi. Ek vivah aisa bhi plays….Dadi asks photographer to click a nice pic. Photographer clicks their family pic.

    The show ended on a happy note.

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