Faltu 6th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 6th February 2023 Written Update by Amena

Faltu 6th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Charan and family facing accusations from the villagers. Faltu gets angry and sends them inside the house. She asks the villagers to talk to her. Angoori says you come inside, how dare you say that. Faltu says let me talk to them first. She argues with the villagers. She asks what’s wrong if a girl wants to fulfil her dad’s dream and pay off his loans, what’s wrong to become his support, I m not roaming around like your useless sons. She taunts Pappi and Ratan. Ratan asks her to stop it. She says I m glad that I m not a son, Charan is lucky to get daughters, I will make him proud. She scolds Pappi. She says don’t forget that you are out on bail. She asks what’s the problem if I want to become a cricketer, I want to make dad, village and country proud, I m a girl, isn’t a girl a human, I request you not to do this sin, if you don’t want this, then ban cricket, swear that you will not take cricket’s name from today.

The villagers start supporting Faltu. Pappu talks to his man. He says if we have to teach her a lesson, then we have to send her back to Mumbai, as Sid had told. Tanisha says Sid, you said we should get Faltu here, how can you backout now. Sid says I didn’t know that she will go back, what will we answer Janardhan. She says I will convince her, ask Pappi to get Faltu here. He says fine, if she doubts then… She says I don’t know, Ayaan got the news of Faltu’s dad, I saw the pain in his eyes for that girl, I don’t like that.

Faltu argues with Ratan and Angoori. Pratap gets glad. Faltu says I will do work and earn money to help my dad. Angoori asks who will give you a job. Faltu says you don’t worry for it, if you see my house, then you will need to go to the court.

Faltu scolds Angoori and says Mumbai people taught me the difference between strangers and relatives, strangers paid 20 lakhs for my operation and you are cheating us and snatching our house. Ratan says you have to return here at last. A man comes from JM mart and says Tanisha and Sid have sent me, they learnt about your dad, they are offering you a job in the mart, they don’t care that you are not educated. She asks why do they want to help me. He says I don’t know, it’s a good offer. Angoori asks what’s the matter. Ratan says something is wrong, she did something that they are offering the money without her asking. Faltu thinks how will I pay Tanisha’s favor, if she knows that Ayaan applied sindoor to me, then I can’t show my face, I can’t go in front of Ayaan for her sake. The man asks her to say yes. She says no, thank Tanisha and Sid from my side, but I can’t do this work. Sid says you said you can see Ayaan’s care for Faltu, he has helped Faltu. Tanisha says it will be a big problem if he is helping her, how shall we find out who is helping her. Faltu says I will leave for Mumbai tomorrow and find a job there to earn money, I will get money for Charan’s operation. Ratan and Angoori angrily leave. Faltu apologizes to Charan that she didn’t take the job. He says I trust you, you didn’t do wrong. She says I will not break your trust.

Faltu says I won’t keep your favor, I will return the money to you and your wife. Ayaan asks how will you repay. She says I will do anything, I will become a maid and work to earn money.

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