Ghulaam 24th August 2017 Written Update

Ghulaam 24th August 2017 Written Update by MA

Ghulaam 24th August 2017 Written Episode

After Rangeela and Shivani’s wedding, Shivani prays shivji’s idol that she married a man whom she loved. Rashmi tells them that they are married and should go to their room now. Rangeela gets Balam’s call who informs that Manju’s labor pains have started and he is nervous. Rangeela asks him not to worry, he will come there. Balam says today is his marriage and he should not come. Rangeela says he will inform Shivani and come. Shivani insists to accompany him. They both leave.

Veer shouts in front of Shamsher that his own puppets betrayed him. Shamsher shouts that he wanted to bury his daughter Shivani alive, but Bhima made her his bahu instead, Veer can only win if he kills his father and suggests to go to his parent’s room in lieu of touching his mother’s feet and behead his

Maldawali tries to shoot herself. Jageer stops her. She says he supported Rangeela and Shivani’s marriage and let her defeat, so he should shoot her. Jageer expresses his love for her and says she should spend 7 days with her and she will start loving him, if she does not, he will shoot her. She emotionally hugs him.

Shamsher goes home inebriated and yells at his wife Sanyukta. Sanyukta throws red chilli powder on him and ties him to a chair. She says she will throw him in a garbage as he is so cruel to think of killing his daughter. He pleads that he is her husband and did 7 pheras with her. She says she got her kidnapped and prays god that he does not meet her in next life and be born as girl to know the pain of woman.

Rangeela tells Balam that Manju’s BP is normal and she can deliver baby normally. Shivani comes and says Manju is resting now. Balam says he and Manju wants them to name their baby. They both at once say Roshni.

Maldawali comes to Rangeela’s room and sees Veer and Shera there instead. Veer tells Maldawali that Shera will rape and kill her. Maldawali is shocked and says she helped him so much, but he thinks so low for his bhabhi. Veer says he will blame Rangeela for her rape and murder and Shera will give evidence, then as sarpanch he will hang Rangeela. Maldawali picks bomb and warns to stay away. He snatches bomb and throws away and leaves ordering shera. Shera tries to rape Maldawali, pleading that he is Ghulam and has to obey his maalik. Jageer enters and rescues her and punishes Shera. He says they will expose Veer on time.

Precap: Veer holds Balam’s child and says he will bury this child. Gulguli and Shanti point gun at him. Veer says Gulguli that he knows she cannot shoot him and asks to try shooting his chest. She shoots his hand.

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