Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th September 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th September 2023 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th September 2023 Written Episode

Isha tells Ishan that though he is her blood, Savi has her morales and she always chose her principles over relationships. She says whenever he insults a girl like Savi, he will insult his mother. She leaves with Shantanu. Asmita says that is called good upbringing and hopes if she also would have given such upbringing to even her children. Kiran says if she had accepted his love and offer, she would have stayed in this house; now she has to leave the city itself. He accepts how he lied to her college people who didn’t even ask any proof from him and looked like they were in a hurry to get her out of college. Savi asks if he is not afraid. Kiran says he is not afraid of her or her sister and should cooperate with him if she wants to stay here. Savi asks what does he mean. Kiran says she should cooperate with him, he will offer her a store room and whenever he wants, she should let him inside her room; she shouldn’t bother about her sister as Harini is a big fool.

Savi asks if he thinks he will succeed in his heinous plan. She picks her mobile and says she has recorded his confession video and will show it to the whole world. Kiran tries to catch her. She runs into a room and locks herself. Kiran tries to break open the door and threatens her. Savi tries to send the video, but fails due to it’s big size. After some time, Harini returns home. Savi asks if Kiran is around. Harini says no. Savi opens the door and informs that her plan worked and shows her Kiran’s confession video. Harini cries and says she has to spend rest of her life with this monster for the sake of her baby. Savi says she will show this video to Bhavani and convince her to let her divorce Kiran. Harini says Bhavani will never understand as family’s self-respect is most important than children’s life for her. Kiran snatches mobile and deletes video.

Shantanu calls for a board meeting. Yashwant asks what is he up to now. Shantanu says he wants to show them something and calls Savi in. Savi seeks permission from them to show a video to prove her innocence. Board members agree. Savi plays Kiran’s confession video. Ishan feels guilty and asks her to stop it. Savi says she pleaded them to believe her, but they all never believed her. Board members say they shouldn’t have believed Savi’s BIL. Nishi says she shouldn’t have showed her personal video. Savi says she didn’t want to, but they forced her to play it and prove her innocence. She confronts them for their inhumane behavior and asks why a woman has to prove herself always while they didn’t question Kiran at at all. Yashwant shouts it’s enough now, they will think of giving her hostel accommodation. Savi says she doesn’t need it as she doesn’t to study in their hypocritic college and is returning back to her place, she just wanted to prove her innocence which she did now, etc. Ishan feels guilty for his cheap act.

Precap: Isan asks Shukla if you wrongly accuse a person and then realize your mistake, what would you do. Shukla says he would remove his shoes and ask that person to hit him. Ishan gives his shoes to Savi and asks her to punish him as he realized his mistake. Savi throws his shoes away.

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