Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 5th July 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 5th July 2024 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 5th July 2024 Written Episode

Isha tells Savi that she will find a boy for her who would be knowing about her condition beforehand and would love her immensely. Savi asks her to stop pressurising her for marriage and walks to her room. Isha thinks Savi is angry and hence speaking like this, but she will fulfill Ishaan’s wish and get Savi married to a boy who would be 100 times better than Rajat Thakkar. Rajat also refuses to marry and asks Bhagyashree to stop pestering him for marriage. Next day, Savi washes her car in watchman’s absence while speaking to Harini over phone. She expresses her concern for Sai and says she doesn’t know how she stays with an arrogant father like Rajat, above that Isha is forcing her to marry and created such a confusion yesterday. Harini says Isha’s concern is not wrong, though her way was wrong; she is worried for her daughter. Savi says she can’t see someone insulting her parents. She says she will talk to her later as she is getting late for school.

Rajat passes by ready for office. Savi spills water on him by mistake. Their argument starts and they cuss each other. Rajat gets a call and leaves in his car. Sai runs behind his car. Savi notices her and calls her. Bhagyashree walks in and takes Sai back home. Sai notices Tara and her baby and runs to her. Bhagyashree picks Tara’s baby and pampers her. Tara says her daughter is also here. Bhagyashree says grandchildren are more dearer than children. Sai plays with baby next. Bhagyashree pampers Tara next and asks maid Rani to prepare tea for Tara. Tara says she kicked Rani out of job as she was badmouthing about Rajat over phone with someone. Bhagyashree asks why who will manage such a big house. Tara asks her not to worry as she already called house help agency and will get a better maid than Rani. Bhagyashree says Rani was the best who used to handle everything alone. Tara says when she can search for Rajat’s alliance online, why can’t she find a maid via agency. Bhagyashree asks if she wants to say something. Tara says they shall find a girl for Rajat among their relatives.

Latha speaks to Isha over phone and asks her to scold Mrinmoy if she does mistakes. Isha says Mrinmoy is still a kid. Latha then informs her that she found an alliance for Savi, her cousin sister’s son Shashank who knows everything about Savi, stay in Mumbai, works in a big event management company, and wants to meet her tonight itself. Isha feels excited and says she wants to get her Sai married as soon as possible. Tara tells Bhagyashree that her in-laws are thinking about her SIL Mamta’s alliance and she would be a perfect match for Rajat, she has mamta/motherly love in her name and would love Sai a lot. Bhagyashree gets happy hearing that. Isha asks maid Latha to clean the house very well as guests are coming. Latha says she will shine it like a mirror. Isha then tells Shantanu that she will prepare special dishes for dinner today. Shantanu asks who is coming. Isha says Shashank is coming to meet Savi, he knows everything about Savi, and hopes Shashank and Savi’s alliance is fixed.

Bhagyashree tries to prepare dinner with great difficulty. Rajat calls her and asks her to prepare authentic Gujrati food as his clients are coming home for dinner. Bhagyashree panics. She then notices Isha’s Kavita and invites her home. Kavita asks her to hurry up as Isha madam is waiting. Bhagyashree asks how much Isha pays her. Latha says 10000 rs. Bhagyashree says she will pay her 20000 rs with leaves and 3 meals. Latha agrees to work for her from today. Savi returns home and sees Shantanu, Isha, and Mrinmoy busy at work. She asks Isha what is happening, if there is a party at home. Isha signals Shantanu. Shantanu reveals that a boy is coming to meet Savi. Rajat returns home and asks Bhagyashree if the dinner is ready. Bhagyashree says everything is ready. Rajat says perfect and seeing Latha asks who is she and where is Rani. Sai walks to him. Bhagyashree asks him to spend time with Sai. Rajat smiling hugs Sai, but seeing her lip mole gets upset and asks Riddhi to take her away. He gets Aman’s call and says what rubbish.

Savi refuses to meet Shashank. Shantu requests her to meet Shashank for Isha’s sake as Isha looks excited and thinks Savi will like Shashank. Savi says they are emotionally blackmailing her. Shantanu says he is blackmailing her for the first time and pleads. Savi agrees. Isha asks Mrinmoy to get Savi ready. Door bell rings. Isha thinks Sashank came. Milind walks in with sweet boxes. Savi asks if he knew about it. Milind says he couldn’t reject Isha’s order, even Harini is coming after picking Vansh from school. Isha asks him to taste puranpoli, He tastes puranpoli and jokes with Shantanu. He then apologises them on his mother’s behalf. Isha asks him to forget it and asks Savi to get ready soon.

Rajat gets a call from Aman that his guest is waiting, but watchman is refusing to let their car parked in guest parking lot. He speaks to watchman who informs that his neighbours booked whole guest parking. He then rings Bhosale’s door bell and asks Isha to let his guests park the car in guest parking lot. Isha says she booked parking as per society rule and her guest will park his car today. Rajat says her cheap behaviour will not work in a high society. Savi hears that and warns him to mind his language. She accuses his family of stealing their maid. Bhagyashree interferes and says their maid willing left the job and joined her. She tells Rajat that they are ruthless people who were paying only 10000 rs and giving only 3 leaves, she will give 4 leaves and 20000 rs. Isha interferes and argues with her.

Rajat asks them to stop it and calls Savi and Isha as greedy, shameless, and opportunistic. Savi says they were peacefully sitting at their house, Rajat visited them and started fighting; he should dare not misbehave with her mother; he was having a misunderstanding that she and her mother are conspiring to marry him; she hasn’t got such a bad days that she will marry an arrogant and greedy man, he shall look at his face first, she doesn’t like to breathe in a space where he stands, any girl in the world wouldn’t like to marry him, unfortunately she talks to him because of his daughter. Rajat warns her not to drag his daughter between them. Savi says she doesn’t want to, but can’t see a poor kid staying with such a pathetic father and family; she surely knows why his wife left him. Rajat raises his hand to slap her.

Shashank holds his hand and says he is doing legally and morally wrong, any dignified man would never hit a woman. Rajat says one who scratches other’s wounds is not a human. He walks away from there. Isha apologises Shashank and says her neighbours are mannerless and takes him home. Rajat shouts that his client left because of Sai and Isha, recalling Savi’s bitter words. Aman says client got some work and left. He says he shouldn’t have raised a hand on a woman.

Precap: Bhagyashree wakes up intoxicated Rajat and asks if Savi took away Sai.

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