Udne Ki Aasha 5th July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 5th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udne Ki Aasha 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Akash and Juhi getting the garlands. Renu says Shakku, Akash and Juhi got married, I got cheated. She gets dizzy and says Akash’s life got ruined. She asks Paresh to look at them. Shakku says varmala is in their hands, not neck, don’t worry. Paresh asks what happened, did you get drunk. Renu scolds Akash. She sends Juhi away. Akash goes after Juhi. Pandit asks them to call the groom and bride to the mandap. Akash says go and get Shubha, I will help you at the stall. Renu asks Akash to go. Vidya says you didn’t need to tell anything to Tejas. Roshni says I told him everything, now its his decision. Juhi calls Sayali. Sayali says I will get Roshni once she is ready.

She knocks the door. Renu and Shakku come. Renu scolds Sayali and asks her to stay away. Sayali says its my duty to take the new bahu to the mandap. She goes crying. Shakku says poor Sayali. Renu says you get quiet, we have to show them their place. She asks Roshni to open the door. Vidya says we have to open the door. Paresh asks Sayali to be with Roshni. Sayali says Renu said she will get her. Paresh says you are the first bahu, its your right to get Roshni to the mandap. Sayali says thanks, but Renu will bring Roshni, she will be happy to see Roshni decked up as the bride. He says you think of everyone’s happiness.

Renu asks what’s all this, why didn’t you wear the bridal dress. Roshni says I got busy on friends’ calls. Renu asks her to get ready soon, Tejas will come to the mandap soon. Renu and Shakku leave. Vidya asks Roshni to get ready. Sachin thinks who is that girl, and why is he threatening her. Dinesh asks Sachin to drive faster. Sachin says no, its rainy weather, car might go in the pit. Dinesh says I will show you a pic, you will also want this girl to come to your room. Sachin gets angry and says I don’t want this nonsense, you don’t insult her. Dinesh says fine, many men will see her now.

Supriya calls Sayali and asks about the marriage. Sayali says Roshni didn’t get ready till now, she isn’t opening the door, I feel something is wrong. Supriya says its normal thing. Sayali says you didn’t come. Supriya says I wanted to come, but my daughter asked me not to go anywhere, Krish has school, you be with the bride, I heard someone saying that girl’s family isn’t coming. Sayali says yes, her mum is no more and her dad didn’t come till now. Supriya cries. She says I wish her mum could attend her marriage, send me family pic after marriage. Sayali says sure. Tejas is lost. Akash asks what happened. Tejas says nothing, go, I will come. Roshni prays.

Roshni sees Tejas. He goes to her and says I m angry. She says I had no option, I didn’t want to hide anything so I told you, tell me what to do, shall I stay or leave. Tejas asks where will you go, we will get married and go home. Roshni says you mean you have no problem to marry me. He says we decided to marry, don’t scare me. She says I have told you everything on call. He says sorry, I couldn’t hear it, Paresh came and asked me to get ready. He asks Roshni to say the matter now.

Roshni says I had to tell you that…. Aaji comes to call them to the mandap. Shubha comes and compliments Roshni. Aaji and Shubha ask Roshni about her dad. Roshni says I don’t know if he is coming or not. Sayali and Akash come. Vidya says don’t know if he got stuck in some work. Shubha says you can show marriage to him on phone. Aaji says yes, Tejas, didn’t you talk to her dad. Shubha says take his blessings on call. Roshni cries. Tejas says don’t cry.

Renu and Shakku come. Roshni says I want to be happy but everyone is asking me about my dad, he said he will come, he want me to marry a rich guy, but I refused and decided to marry Tejas, so he is angry, if he doesn’t want to come then its not my mistake, I will leave from here if this marriage has to happen with his family. Renu says no, Tejas, who asked her about her dad. Tejas says they did. Renu scolds Shubha.

Shubha cries and says I didn’t mean that. Aaji defends Shubha. Renu says its our family matter, we will manage it. She insults Shubha. Aaji asks Renu to mind her tongue. She says I will see Renu once this marriage happens. Renu sends Tejas and Roshni. Renu says Sayali, your mum won’t talk to Roshni. Shakku takes Renu. Vidya says this marriage will happen. Renu says you mean I shouldn’t tell anything to Tejas. Vidya says let the marriage happen, PA won’t come. Roshni says if he comes…. Don’t let him come, tell the people that he is misbehaving with you. Vidya says okay, I will handle it, focus on marriage. Tejas comes and helps Roshni. Renu teases them.

Sachin stops Tejas and Roshni’s marriage. Renu says its bad omen to stop the marriage. Sachin says I m doing right, its imp to bring the truth out.

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