Maati Se Bandhi Dor 5th July 2024 Written Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 5th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranvijay going to Jaya’s room. He gets the glass. He says you had drank Jaya’s medicines, so you fell asleep, idiot. Vaiju says it means I didn’t give medicines to Jaya. He says I will do it, sit down. He goes. Jaikant says you tell me where is my mum’s jewellery. Sulekha says I want an answer, where did you keep the jewellery. Vaiju goes to the kitchen. She shows them the jewellery kept safe inside a gourd. She gives the jewellery to Sulekha. Sulekha checks. Vaiju says even I thieves came, then they would have not found the jewellery. Sulekha says everything is there. Vaiju says you left the jewellery open, I thought to keep this safe, you aren’t happy, why are you standing sad. The police comes.

Vasundara and everyone rush. Inspector says we got a complaint against Vaiju. Jaikant recalls calling the police. Inspector asks for Vaiju’s details. Vaiju cries hearing this. Ranvijay says its not any robbery, there is a misunderstanding, Vaiju isn’t a maid. Inspector asks who is she, family member? Ranvijay says thanks for coming on short notice, sorry for the trouble. Inspector leaves.

Vasundara says we made a big mistake, Vaiju might be hurt, we should apologize to her. Vaiju angrily washes the clothes. They go to her. Vasundara says I trust you. Vaiju says I got blamed for the theft, do you think I will steal in this house, who has given a shelter to me and Jaya, I m a farmer but not a thief. Sulekha says we felt anyone can steal the jewellery. Vasundara says Ranvijay also took your side. Vaiju gets surprised. Vasundara apologizes to her.

She convinces Vaiju and hugs her. Vaiju goes to Ranvijay. She says thanks for finding me and trusting me. He says I did that for me and Jaya, I don’t want police to come here and know that… you didn’t steal and run away, luck favored me, I would never defend you, you are worse, you don’t use your mind, you drank Jaya’s medicines, you would have died by overdose and I would have got blamed. She says it happened by mistake. He says I feel you do it intentionally to get my attention, come to my life and impress my family, you think you can take an advantage of the situation, if you think you will tell the truth to Vasundara and all, then the family won’t believe you, they will believe me.

She says I will keep the promise made to you, don’t think I m here for you, I m here for Jaya, you have your family, I lost everything, I m already ruined. She goes to the fields. She helps a man. He says you did amazing thing. She says I used to do this in my farm. He asks did you leave farming now. She says no, I lost my farm, I had to sell it, my life got tangled.

Ranvijay says its Jaya’s birthday, our special guest is also coming. He sees his family drunk and kicks out Vaiju. Jaya gets fine and stops Vaiju.

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