Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 6th September 2019 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 6th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 6th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhe as the groom’s father says so she is Gudiya, she is so good. Pappu as the groom’s brother asks why her marriage haven’t happened yet. Bua as the groom tells that she wants to talk to Gudiya. Sarla asks the groom’s father and brother to come and see the lawn. Radhe and Pappu go with her. Bua asks Gudiya what is her name? Gudiya says my parents called just now and asks if she didn’t hear. Bua asks about her school name. Gudiya says she has forgotten and asks about her name. Rajkumari bua says Rajkumar. Gudiya says then I will keep my name as Gudda. Bua asks if she knows cooking. Gudiya says yes. Bua asks what you knows to make? Gudiya says she will know when she cooks and says until then I will say that I know. Bua asks her to walk. Gudiya says

just now I came walking only. Bua asks again. Gudiya walks and then asks her to walk. Radhe asks what is this childishness? Nanhe lal sits beside Sarla and supports the play. He calls her Sarla. She calls him Gudiya’s babu ji. Radhe is shocked. Nanhe lal is also shocked and holds hand on his chest. He asks Radhe if he has the heart attack. Radhe says heart is at the left side.
Bua shouts and says this girl has broken my head. Everyone rushes there and asks what happened. Gudiya says she asked me to sing, when I sang, she kept hand on her ears. She then asked me if I know something. She says I told that I know gadha maar, picked my ball and hit her. She says Rajkumar ji couldn’t protect herself and says sorry. Bua says I told angrily and you hit the ball. She says which girl play gadha maar game with the groom. She says who will marry her? Gudiya calls her Rajkumar ji and says she was enjoying and question now.. Rajkumari bua says the play ended and scolds her for giving wrong answers. Gudiya says I am not scissor, but your Gudiya. She asks why everyone is looking at her with love and says today I came to know that Bua wants to play the game. Bua takes her to kitchen and asks her to roll rotis. Gudiya says I can make many birds, mountain etc. Bua says if I had talked to Amma like this, then she would have pushed me with chimta. Gudiya says you must be like me before. Bua recalls her mother punishing her and melts down. She keeps the roti made by Gudiya and asks her mother not to burn Gudiya’s hand.

Gudiya talks to Bua ji and tells her that everyone was scared of you and was fighting with each other, calling you joker etc. Bua looks on. Sarla apologizes to Bua on Gudiya’s behalf. Bua says I came to know about the truth from Gudiya. Sarla says I respect you a lot and says Gudiya says anything without thinking. Gudiya asks her not to lie? Sarla says I love and respect you a lot. Gudiya says Amma is right as after your death, Amma will get everything. Bua says you are waiting for my death. Sarla is about to faint. Gudiya asks her not to faint and tells Bua that Sarla does such things when her lie is caught. Bua says she acts too. Gudiya says so that she don’t have to face the other person. Sarla looks angrily at her. Bua is about to go, when Sarla confesses to be greedy to get her wealth, but not waiting for you to go. Gudiya says train will not come now. Bua says she is talking about my death. Gudiya holds her bags and runs. Bua asks her to stop. Gudiya asks her to see the sky and stars. Bua says she is feeling light and unburden today. Gudiya asks her to unburden herself and says everyone is scared of you, but I don’t as I love you very much. Bua says I punished you badly and says you love me. Gudiya says you did all that and that’s why I love you so much. Bua ji says my Amma used to be strict with me and used to beat me for my doings and that’s why I am bitter. She apologizes to her Amma. Gudiya says even her amma used to beat her a lot, but she loves her a lot. Bua asks if my mum had loved me so much? Gudiya says yes. Bua says she is feeling good today. Gudiya calls her Rajkumari and says you made issue of this small thing. Bua asks her to call her rajkumari from now on and I will call you Guddi. She says we are friends now.

Pappu comes to his room and tells Sweety that Bua sent him to the room. Sweety says we will dance on a new song. Sarla tells Radhe that she has a headache. Radhe massages her head. Sarla tells Radhe that once she had told Gudiya about getting Bua’s wealth after her health when she was angry. Radhe says you told that infront of Gudiya. Pappu and Sweety dance. Sarla says cinema started.

In the morning, Sarla tells Sweety that Bua is making food and that means she is angry. Sweety says who does this when angry. Sarla says old people used to do this, and are not like today’s people. Sweety asks if she is taunting her. Sarla looks at her. Bua ji is making food. Sweety says how to convince Bua. Sarla says don’t know. Radhe and pappu also see Bua making food. Gudiya comes and hugs Bua. Sarla scolds her. Gudiya is about to go, but Bua asks her to stay with her and tells Sarla that Gudiya is very honest and kind hearted. Bua says she made food with love and not with anger and asks them to have the food.

Precap will be added later.

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