Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 7th February 2020 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 7th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 7th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhe and Pappu coming to Sarla and tell that they are hungry. Pappu says he will have just 5 paratha. Radhe says I will have 5 only. Gudiya says I am eating 7th paratha now, will you be done with 5 paratha. Sweety praises the paratha made by Sarla and tells that her stomach is full, but not heart. Sarla brings parathas, sits and eats it. Radhe checks in kitchen and asks Sarla where is his food? Sarla asks him to go and have good food in ballu’s house. Pappu asks for me? Sarla asks him to go. Pappu says think about me. Sarla asks did you think about me when you had good food. She asks him to go and not to see her plate. Radhe tells that he can’t bear any more misbehavior and takes Pappu with him for the party. Gudiya says they had good food and now they will party. Sarla asks her to keep her mouth shut. Gudiya says how I will eat then? Radhe and Pappu come home. Radhe is drunk. Nanhe lal comes with them. Radhe says Sarla must have slept and don’t care about me. Pappu says even Sweety doesn’t care about me. Radhe says he is thinking to divorce Sarla and get mukti. Pappu says even I am thinking the same. Nanhe lal asks him not to think of leaving Sweety. Pappu goes to sleep. Radhe tells that Sarla is piercing in his heart like a knife. Nanhe lal asks him if he will really divorce Sarla. Radhe says yes. Nanhe lal provokes Radhe to divorce Sarla and says you can’t do this. Radhe asks him to call a lawyer and get his divorce done at the earliest. Nanhe lal provokes him further and says your hairs have turned white so soon. He calls lawyer and asks him to get the divorce done. He then tells Radhe that lawyer will bring the divorce papers in the morning. Radhe says I will tell Sarla and calls her name. He says divorce will be done. Nanhe lal smiles.

Radhe tells Pappu that he don’t recall whatever happened last night. Pappu asks him not to drink much. The lawyer comes there and tells that your divorce papers are ready. He asks him to sign and get divorce. Radhe says I don’t want divorce. Lawyer tells that he has left his client, spent double money and got the papers ready. He says Nanhe lal called him and asked him to bring papers urgently. Pappu tells Radhe that may be Papa ji took his words seriously. Lawyer demands 3000 Rs for the papers. Radhe tells that he don’t have money. Pappu says even he don’t have money, just now he gave money to someone. Sarla, Sweety and Gudiya come there. Pappu tells that he is Babu ji’s friend. Radhe asks why you are trapping me? Pappu tells that he will get money from Amma’s treasure. He makes him sit and asks Sarla to make tea. He then sends Sweety to change her nail polish. He signs Radhe to go to room and get money from Sarla’s cupboard. Sarla makes tea and gives to the lawyer. Gudiya asks Radhe what is he doing in the room. Radhe gets tensed. Sarla asks what is he doing? Radhe says my shirt button broke so taking another shirt. Sarla says that almari is mine, your clothes is here. She is about to open her almari, when Pappu calls her and tells that sugar is less in the tea. Sarla goes.

Radhe tries to send Gudiya, but she is sitting there still. Sarla brings sugar. Lawyer says the tea is already sweet. Sarla asks what work you do? He says I am a lawyer. Sarla asks what work you do? He says divorce. Pappu coughs and goes from there. He distracts everyone. He tells that the frog is beautiful, have lipstick and have 500 Rs note on it. All the ladies of the house go upstairs and come down when they don’t see frog. Radhe takes the money and is about to give to Lawyer, when Gudiya asks why is he giving him money. Radhe says he is not giving, but taking him. Lawyer says this divorce is not your cup of tea. Pappu says babu don’t die. Lawyer takes the money and leaves, leaving the file on the bed. Radhe and Pappu take a sigh of relief and go. Gudiya takes the file and thinks to make aeroplane out of it.

Precap: Radhe and pappu try to get papers from Gudiya. She runs and gives papers to Sarla. Sarla sees the papers.

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