Gulmohar Grand 23rd August 2015 Written Update

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Gulmohar Grand 23rd August 2015 Written Update by Amena

Gulmohar Grand 23rd August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the goon finding Annie in the room. She hides and gets tensed. He catches her. She pushes him and runs. She locks the bathroom door and calls out Neil. The man tries to open the door. Neil comes there and the man leaves. Annie hugs Neil and thanks him. She cries being tensed. He asks what happened. She says someone attacked me, the man had the door key. He says I will not leave you alone.

Its morning, Ronnie sees Neil with Annie and asks him to come for some hotel work. Annie asks Neil to go, she will manage. The goon’s assistant thanks Annie for her help, and asks her to meet her grandpa, and insists. Anirudh calls inspector and asks him to come at Gulmohar, maybe they need to arrest someone. He meets Jaitley and asks is he fine. Jaitley says yes, I m ready to play a squash with you, why are you afraid to lose. Anirudh says those are afraid who have never lost, here I don’t have wish to win, you get fine well, I need to talk to you, where is Saloni, did she hide being afraid of me. Saloni says no.

Jaitley says she is like Mayuri. Anirudh says yes, perfect Xerox, when will she make us talk to her mom Mayuri. Jaitley says yes, even I want to talk. Saloni says line was busy. Anirudh says internet calls are not busy, why don’t we try. Anirudh gets Neil’s message that Annie is missing and he is finding her.

The goon and his assistant are checking out of the hotel. The man recalls meeting Annie and using chloroform to make her unconscious. They keep her in the trunk and kidnap her. Neil looks for Annie. Saloni says its not connecting. Anirudh asks her to keep trying, they will talk to Mayuri today. Anirudh calls Neil and Neil says Annie is not here. The inspector helps the goon to load the trunk in the car. Saloni says it got connected and shows video of Mayuri. Anirudh gets shocked seeing her. He thinks how can this happen that Mayuri is alive… Jaitley gets glad seeing Mayuri.

The goons get Annie somewhere and shoot her. Her watch gets hit to the wall and the GPS starts, connecting to Neil. He gets the alert and runs to that location to find Annie. The goon asks his assistant to inform Ronnie that they did the work. Annie opens eyes and recalls Neil giving her bulletproof jacket for her safety. Annie gets up and fights with that girl. Saloni asks Anirudh is he not happy seeing Mayuri. He says he is very glad and unable to react. He talks to Mayuri, and she refers to him as Sir. He gets stunned and Saloni manages the situation.

The goons try finding Annie. Annie says where is Neil and waits for her. They catch Annie and try to kill her. Neil comes there and the goon aims fun at him. Neil kicks him and beats him. Mayuri says she will come soon, she is restless to meet her dad. She asks Jaitley to take care. Jaitley says Saloni gave me new life. He asks Anirudh to prepare for Mayuri and granddaughter’s welcome. Saloni smiles.

Meghji’s hired actress talks to Jaitley by wearing Mayuri’s face mask. Ronnie says our mask has shown great thing, and fooled Jaitley and Anirudh. They laugh. Ronnie says but Jaitley wants to meet Mayuri. Meghji says ask Saloni to get Jaitley’s signs too.

Neil asks the man for whom is he working. Annie hugs Neil and thanks him. She says you gave me that jacket on time. Her hand gets hurt. Neil cares for her. Anirudh thinks did Annie lie about Mayuri’s death, I have spoken to Mayuri today. Neil calls Anirudh and asks him to come soon, and get police along. The inspector scolds the goons and asks for whom are they working. Anirudh makes the goons call Meghji and say they have killed Annie. The girl does so and Meghji gets glad. He asks Ronnie to tell Saloni about making papers soon.

The inspector tells Anirudh that he can’t help without any solid proof, and asks him to be careful. He asks Annie to take care. Neil says you can’t go home. Annie says what will I do now. Anirudh says I know one place. He brings Annie to Shreya’s home and thanks her. Shreya says she will make tea for them. Anirudh asks her for a favor, and asks can Annie leave with you for few days. Shreya says sure. Anirudh says no one should know this, thanks. Saloni meets Ronnie in the café. He says Meghji gave these papers, its written that Jaitley is naming Gulmohar to Saloni’s name. She says how can I take sign so soon, he will doubt on me, and asks about the secret about Mayuri.

Ronnie says I feel Anirudh is hiding something, I need to find in his cabin. Neil says what, Mayuri is alive, but Annie said her mom is dead. Anirudh says I have spoke to Mayuri face to face on video call, even Jaitley spoke to her, maybe Annie is lying to us. Ronnie and Saloni check Jaitley’s room. Anirudh says maybe Annie is making us fools. Ronnie gets Mayuri’s letters. Anirudh says maybe kidnapping is also fake. Neil says I don’t think Annie is fooling us. Anirudh says we should think about it. Neil sees Annie and asks her to take rest.

Ronnie says I m sure this letter is the one Neil was talking about. Neil says you started doubting Annie when you met Mayuri. Neil says I listen my heart more than eyes and ears, I feel she is not lying, why did you get her here. Anirudh says its just a doubt. Neil says I will keep an eye on her for your satisfaction. Annie recalls what all happened with her and wakes up scared. Neil looks at her and asks is she fine. She says I m okay. Anirudh gets to know about Meghji’s number and asks the man to continue investigation.

He calls Ronnie and asks him to meet in security room. Ronnie says Saloni, we have to go, lets move. Salono sees the safe open and keeps it back. She says Anirudh will not know if anyone came in his cabin. They leave. Anirudh comes to his cabin. Annie gets a message that her dad is unwell, he is undergoing surgery. She gets worried and tells Neil. Anirudh asks Ronnie to show CCTV footage. Ronnie asks which. Anirudh asks why is he tensed. Ronnie asks the reason. Anirudh says there is someone who is a termite for Gulmohar, it would be good if we catch him right. Ronnie says ofcourse, and shows the footage.

Annie calls Anirudh and he does not get network. She says Anirudh is not taking call, I can’t wait, I m sorry. Anirudh says I have to know who is that person who is supporting Meghji and cheating Gulmohar, Saloni or Annie Ronnu says this disc does not have anything. Anirudh asks him to play another disc. He thinks he will know Meghji has sent whom. Ronnie thinks does Anirudh doubt on me, and finding who is supporting Meghji. Neil messages Anirudh that its very urgent. Anirudh asks Ronnie to play disc, he will come. Neil tells Anirudh that Annie was calling him, she is leaving for London, her dad is serious. Anirudh is shocked.

Jaitley waits for Mayuri in the party. Annie says Mayuri is dead. He looks on shocked.

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