Gupta Brothers 19th October 2020 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 19th October 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 19th October 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Veeru telling Alok that he will hit his head if he collides again. Alok asks him to break it and says that girl broke 50 percent of his head. Rajat asks what shall I break now? Their mother scolds Shiv for the happenings. Shiv asks what did I do? Veeru asks if he is missing Maa. Shiv thinks I can’t tell them that I talk to maa, else they will know that they are my step brothers, Mridula thinks they have gone mad by the fake papers and tells that this happens, She starts changing her clothes infront of them. They keep hands on their eyes. She pretends to go. They open their eyes and see her standing wearing jeans and shirt. She sits on sofa and takes out wine. Rajat asks if this is wine. She says yes, but not good for you. He says he will get its info now. Mridula asks for fish. Alok says we are vegetarian.

Shiv tells Mridula that they will let her make fish. Mridula says I have 50 percent of this house and calls builder. She says she has a property and a shop, which she wants to sell, says she has 50 percent share. She then pretends to end the call. Shiv agrees to her. Jaya’s mother serves burnt bottlegourd to her husband. He thinks he will die today and just then he gets fish smell. Shiv makes fish and serves to Mridula. Jaya’s husband comes there and tells that he smell something. Mridula asks him to taste and asks Veeru to bring more fish. Jaya’s mother calls him and he goes. Mridula tastes the fish and sees Annapurna in Shiv. She thinks if she had not come for revenge then she would have married Shiv and settled down here. Alok asks what did you do bhaiyya? You have ruined your religion. Shiv tells that it is not fish, but not banana. Mridula says it is very tasty and asks him what he will make inplace of chicken tomorrow. She plays song and enjoys.

Later Shiv imagines Mridula throwing them out of the house and taking over their shop. He gets up from sleep and is shocked. His mother asks what happened? He says you didn’t let babu ji say? He thinks he must have written somewhere of partnership and searches in the papers, but nothing is found.

Later they come to the shop. Tea seller asks him to take tea and offers 50 percent discount. Shiv tells that Mridula is playing game with them. Mridula comes there and tells that even she will do work here. Veeru says they need Servant. She says she will do her own business of chitfund. They get surprised.

Precap: Mridula asks the men to invest their money and gives guarantee of house and shop. Later everyone comes to the house to invested their money.

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