Gupta Brothers 20th October 2020 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 20th October 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 20th October 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Alok asking Mridula, what kind of business is this? Mridula says why will I teach you? She says her scheme is final, just needs to show to people. She shows the pamphlet. Shiv asks do you think that people are stupid to believe you. The people standing there, tell that they are ready to give their money. She sits in their shop. Shukla Chai Wala and Chappal wala come there. Shiv tells that though she is sitting in his shop, but he is not giving any surety. She asks if they trust Shiv. They say 100 percent. Mridula asks them to trust her little and tells that if she escapes tomorrow then also she has 50 percent of house and shop worth 1.5 crores. They say they trust her. Mridula smiles.

The men push them out. Alok tells Shiv that this girl is a thief and duping them. Shiv says I know. He says if she doubles the money then 1 Rs will be doubled 16000 Rs in 15 days. Veeru says he earns this much in cricket. Alok tells that it will become crores in 30 days. Veeru asks how much? Alok says leave it. Shiv looks at Mridula taking the money from the men. The men stand in queue. Mridula sees John sitting there as a beggar and signs him. She recalls making plan with John to dupe people and get money, and then escape, so that Shiv has to sell the house and shop to pay the people. Jaya’s mother make pakodas and tells her that Shiv shall think that she made Pakodas. She asks her to make Shiv have it and tell him that she is sarvagunn sampan. She brings Pakodas and gives to Shiv. Shiv says he will eat it later and asks Kaka if Mridula can sell the property. Kaka says good news is that she can sell only 50 percent of the house and says other half is yours. Jaya says how she will sell the house and asks him to have pakodas. Shiv refuses. He asks Kaka if she can really sell the house. Kaka says market is down, nobody will come forward to buy. Shiv says many people’s eyes are on my property. Kaka says good news is that mridula is your partner and you are with her. He says how can we lose this chance. Kaki comes and tells that even we have invested in the scheme and tells that your Kaka checked the papers. Kaka asks her to show the new company papers of Shiv. Shiv asks whose company. Kaki brings the papers and shows it. Shiv reads it shocking that if she doesn’t pay then Shiv has to pay being her partner. He takes the papers from there.

Rajat, Shiv, Alok and Veer talk about Mridula’s fraud. Rajat says he is checking how to escape with the money out of the country. Shiv says why we will go to jail. The men come there and ask Shiv to open the door. Shiv asks Rajat to open the door. Rajat opens the door and finds the people entering there happily showing the money. Veeru says where are the lathis? Kaki praises Mridula for giving them double money in half day. Mridula comes there. People says Jai..Rajat says how did she make the money doubled? Mridula smiles. People push Shiv and go to Mridula. They tell Mridula Roy ki Jai. Shiv comes to Mridula. Mridula asks what happened Shiv ji, do you have doubt on me? Shiv says yes and tells that she has doubled the money and it is wrong. She says truth is orphaned without the proofs. Shiv asks her to tell…Jaya says you have to say. Mridula tells that she runs society service organization and tells that she got a big order for which she needed money. She tells that she has bought the ingredients and completed the order. She tells that she paid them profit. They all cheer for her. She tells that she did all this for their happiness. Shiv laughs and says I came to know how to make money. She says I am giving you another chance to get jealous and shows order off 15 lakhs. She thinks she has thrown some thousands to make his losses of lakhs.

Precap: While Mridula plans big to destroy Shiv, the latter makes plan with his brothers to defeat her.

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