Gupta Brothers 27th October 2020 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 27th October 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 27th October 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shiv telling Ganga that it is children’s prayers that are answered for you. He says God wants you to fulfill your responsibility towards those children. Ganga asks so did you do this for them. Shiv says yes else those children had become orphans again. Ganga tells that she will never forget his favor and tells that nobody talked like this. Shiv says he will never do anything for free and tells that she has to promise to make her deeds pure like her name. He says there will be many hardships in your truthful way, but there will be one surety that those children will never be orphan and asks her to promise for them. Ganga holds his hand…Aaja Piya Aaja song plays…..She says I promise, I will never go wrong way. Veeru asks Shiv to make food and tells that he is feeling hungry. Shiv goes to kitchen. Ganga gets teary eyes and smiles.

Amba kaki asks Jaya why is she making faces and tells that we got the money. Jaya says even you are making faces. Amba says she thought Shiv and Ganga will get back, but the lady turned out to be a thug. Jaya says she just wants Alok else she will die. Amba says I promise that Alok will be yours in this birth.

After a week

Alok is checking the papers, while Veeru is playing with the hanging ball. Alok gets angry and asks him to stop it. Veeru says why Shiv Bhaiyya haven’t come till now. Rajat says he might be stuck in some work. Veeru calls Shiv, but his number is not reachable. Alok says if Ganga has done some conspiracy. Veeru says she is acting to be good infront of Bhaiyya since a week. Rajat says Bhaiyya will not get trapped in her conspiracy. Shiv comes there in car and asks someone to come. Jaya sees that and gets shocked. She runs to Amba and collides with her. Amba asks did you see ghost? Jaya says Shiv Bhaiyya is not alone, someone was with him. Veeru tells that he can’t wait and is going to bring bhaiyya back. Alok and Rajat say that they will also come.

Just then door opens and Shiv enters there holding the garland in his hand. They get puzzled. Just then Ganga comes there as his wife shocking the brothers. Even Maa gets shocked. Veeru says you had gone to attend her marriage, then what is she doing here with you. Alok says why there is garland in your hand. Veeru says where is her groom? Rajat gets angry and throws the garland away. He asks him to say. Veeru asks him to tell why is she here? Shiv tells that Ganga is here, as we are husband and wife now. He says I got married to Ganga. Alok, Veeru and Rajat gets shocked. Amba gets happy and says Shiv married Ganga. Jaya says how did this happen? Amba says now the right thing happened and tells that now they have woman in the house. She says Shiv got his Ganga. She says lets go and meet them. Jaya says she don’t think that they shall go now as the brother’s trust is broken for sure. She says don’t know how they are.

Veeru says you got married to her. Alok asks why and how? He says we have promised not to marry all life. Rajat says you had said that no girl will come in our house. Veeru says you have broken the closed thumb and asks how did you marry? Maa says you had done very bad with your brothers and tells that you had taught them not to marry and you had gone and got married. Ganga is about to enter inside, but Veeru, Alok and Rajat stop her. Veeru says we don’t think that Bhaiyya will do this, but you have trapped him. Alok asks her not to think that she will be successful. Rajat says you can’t have any relation with our brother. Alok says this house is our heaven and no woman can enter here. Veeru says our brother has taught us to respect woman, and asks her to leave from there. Shiv asks Veeru and others to stop and says Ganga will not go anywhere, she is my wife and will stay here in this house. He says why you are blaming Ganga without knowing the truth. He says I got married to her with my wish. He says I will tell you everything since whatever happened a week before.

A week before, Shiv’s voiceover tells that Ganga came to Kachori street a week before. The people were looking at her with hatred, but Ganga ji was not affected. Mama ji comes there and tells that he helped Ganga get a shop on rent. Ganga says she thought to start her shop here, and walk on the right path. Shiv says this is lucky street for everyone. The people tells that they will not let this thug work in the kachori street and remind Shiv that she was duping him. Shiv says she has done wrong, but everyone does mistake. He says when she was doing mistakes, you all were standing in queue. He reminds a shoe seller that he had saved him from the people, when he sold cheap slippers. He says everyone shall get a second chance and asks if they are saying this as she is not having gun like Radhe shyam. He asks them to look at her circumstances and asks what is their problem? The neighboring shop guy says if she betrays us again. Shiv says don’t trust her, but trust me. He says I trust her as she is living for others, killing her own happiness for others etc. He says her way was wrong, but not her intention. He says when she wants to get better and mends her way, then we shall give her a chance. A guy says if she does again. Shiv says if she does anything wrong again then I will pay for it. He says Ganga’s responsibility is mine now.

Precap: Amba tries to provoke Veeru against Shiv. Veeru gets angry and pushes her. She gets hurt. Shiv scolds Veeru.

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