Haasil 31st January 2018 Written Update

Haasil 31st January 2018 Written Update by MA

Haasil 31st January 2018 Written Episode

Rohan tries to enter home with some women wearing saree. Guards lets them enter. Rupali hugs Aanchal and pacifies her. pandit ji says Chautha Puja is done and asks to present flowers to Jatin’s pic. Kabir promises to kill his murderer and says this is your son’s promise. Ranvir says I love you Dad, please happy wherever you are, I will handle everything here. Aanchal asks Jatin to help her find proofs against Ranvir. Rohan tries to come near Kabir, but he hides seeing Ranvir. Aanchal sees his face and tries to run following him, but falls, and Kabir holds her. Ranvir gets angry. Aanchal goes following Rohan. Kabir and Ranvir follow her. Aanchal is about to tell Kabir about Rohan, but seeing Ranvir she says she saw Dad. Rohan shows something to Aanchal and puts it under the flowers. Ranvir hugs Aanchal.

Aanchal thinks she has to divert everyone mind from Dad’s pic, and go there. Kabir is sitting there. Aanchal thinks they will unite surely and swears on her love.
Ranvir comes and is about to put flowers there. Aanchal holds his hand. Ranvir puts flowers on his pic. Aanchal reads the chit left by Rohan and thinks she will expose Ranvir using Rohan. In the night, Aanchal gets up and goes to bathroom. Ranvir gets up. Aanchal goes to terrace through bathroom window. Ranvir knocks on the bathroom door and comes inside. He couldn’t find her and comes to terrace. Aanchal sees outside and signs him. Ranvir asks what she was doing by eloping from bathroom window. Aanchal says I was running for freedom and says she needs it and asks if you can give it.

Ranvir asks Aanchal to accept him. Aanchal says she can’t accept a murderer. Ranvir says I may have done wrong, but I need a chance and asks her to agree. Aanchal says she needs time to think. Ranvir gets happy and asks her to say yes. Aanchal tells that they can’t spend their life with hatred. Ranvir says I will be here for sometime. Aanchal asks him to come to room, so that he don’t see Rohan. Ranvir kisses on her hand and says you are right. She says she will drink water and takes it. She says I haven’t seen guy like you and you will also not get girl like me. Ranvir says I know. She drops the glass intentionally and gets hurts her foot. While Ranvir takes out glass piece from her foot. Aanchal takes medicine from the bottle and closes the drawer. Ranvir takes her to bed and cleans her injury. Aanchal adds sleeping pills in the water. Ranvir gives her water and drinks it too. After some hours, Aanchal gets up and sees him sleeping. She gets up and goes.

Aanchal falls on Kabir and her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. She says may be everything will get resolved if she breaks it. Ranvir comes and hits on Kabir’s head. Aanchal is shocked.

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