Badho Bahu 31st January 2018 Written Update

Badho Bahu 31st January 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Badho Bahu 31st January 2018 Written Episode

Kamla ji asks Lucky what he means. They are married and are husband and wife. Why cannot they stay together? Lucky says it means couple has to stay together even when they are not happy. How is this justice? Malti jia sks him if this is what he came to speak to them that day in kitchen. Lucky asks them why it cannot be. Kailash ji asks him if he is in his senses. Raghubir ji explains that we took this decision so they can stay together and resolve all their problems. Lucky says I don’t doubt your intentions but their problems have escalated beyond control now. I have seen it with my eyes and I know Pragya isn’t happy with Vardaan. I know how rudely he behaves with her. I believe no husband can behave this rudely with his wife. Komal says I don’t know what you saw but I saw have seen

Pragya behaving badly with Vardaan. A wife should never behave like this with her husband.
Titli is irked with Lucky. What does he think of himself? He finds me and gets into an argument with me. Babu ji spoke so nicely about them. Nothing should happen wrong with them. I don’t care about that idiot. I will find out the truth of that fake Titli and bring it out in open. I will have to go to Ahlawat House.

Komal says problems happen in every relation but what’s the point of breaking the pious relation of marriage. Lucky speaks of today. Why do we have to push it? This is not the age where people drag relations. Nowadays people break the relation in which they are not happy. Komal says I believe we should try to save every relation till its last breath. If we all go in different directions then how do we become partners? Pragya dint try to save her relation with Vardaan at all. She instead (she stops herself from saying anything about Jatta). Kamla ji glares at Pragya. Komal covers up saying that Pragya only thinks that nothing can happen.

Titli reaches Ahlawat House.

Pragya asks Komal if she knows it more how they stay together. Who are you to tell me what’s right or wrong for me? You want me to be stuck in the relation and not say anything. Komal denies but Pragya insists this is what she wants. Titli thinks I came in this house in the wrong time. Look at Badho! My Bapu thinks so high of her and I feel she is the reason of all the problems here. I wonder why he wants me to become like her. She leaves.

Kailash ji asks Pragya if she has gone mad. This is not some joke where you can marry and part ways as you please. Raghubir ji advises Pragya to think with a cool mind. Komal is your Bhabhi. All of us wish well for you. Rana also tells her it isn’t some game where you stay together or go different ways whenever you want to. Malti ji says I feel we should also listen to Lucky once. He cares a lot for Pragya. He wont take any decision that would hurt her. He would also not want Pragya and Vardaan to separate for no reason. Jamuna ji overhears it and repeats it in shock.

Bhago is outside Jatta’s room. You don’t know who you have messed with. See how I will follow you. I might use you for my good before you take my help. She hears his phone ringing. Teji picks Kapoor’s call. Kapoor tells him to get ready. Bhago goes near the open window of the room. Kapoor asks Teji to give delivery tomorrow itself. Teji tells him this gang isn’t good. I don’t want her to get trapped in such problem. It is very difficult to bring her. How will I hide it from family? Kapoor isn’t interested in anything. The work should be completed tomorrow anyhow. Kapoor disconnects the call. Teji goes out of the room leaving his phone behind. Bhago checks his phone.

Jamuna ji asks Komal what Malti ji was saying. Malti ji says we were speaking of the game we were playing. I was suggesting Vardaan and Pragya to make a separate team. Jamuna ji says you tried well but your faces gave away. We talk of games with happiness. It is not so serious. It is a different matter if the game is of life. Vardaan tells his mother to rest. Jamuna ji tells him not to worry. I am not seeing this for the first time. I have been through a lot in life. God has tested me many times. Why worry now? It is just another test. She walks up to Pragya. Relations are to be cherished. We cannot play with them. We should give it our best when we get into any relation. Our society and we believe in it. If you both think otherwise then you can see it. She tells Vardaan not to worry about her health. Speak your heart. Your happiness is more important than my health.

Vardaan accepts that he and Pragya are not happy in this relation. There is not just one reason behind it but many. Pragya is worried that he might tell everyone about her and Jatta. Vardaan says the biggest reason is that he could not live up to Pragya’s expectations. She is not at fault. I am wrong. I apologize to you and everyone. I have decided to free Pragya from this relation. Lucky smiles in relief whereas Komal is in tears.

Bhago calls Kapoor and confronts him on his entire plan. He asks her who she is but she says you have chosen the wrong man for this plan. Jatta is not capable to do it. I will do it for you. Kapoor asks her to name the price. She asks for double price. I am giving you a gift too. She is also from this family. Kapoor happily accepts the deal.

Raghubir ji disagrees with Vardaan’s decision. I agree that kids have a right to live life their way. Kamla ji interrupts him. What you consider freedom is being stubborn and shamelessness! I know you think well of Pragya but she has gone mad. She thinks it will mean well for her? What will villagers feel and think about her once they find out about it? They will point fingers at her saying that her in-laws left her! She turns to Lucky. Remember when you came in the kitchen? That time I felt atleast you think well of Pragya but you want to break her house! Lucky declines. It isn’t so. She is my sister. You are mistaken. She says I don’t know what’s right or wrong but if her in-laws leave her then I wont let her stay in this house! Why I should let this girl stay in my house when she could not manage her married life? Lucky asks her what if someone comes to ask for Pragya’s hand when she is free from Vardaan. Vardaan looks at him in shock. Pinki wonders if he is speaking about Teji. Lucky tells everyone not to be so shocked. It is the last day of Basant Panchmi tomorrow. I will bring him before you all and you can ask him whatever you wish to. I request you not to let this matter go out of the house as it concerns my sister! He leaves.

Precap: Lucky calls Teji. Meet us outside Mata’s temple tomorrow morning. No one can stop you from uniting with Pragya. Kamla ji cannot understand what secret Lucky is hiding. Lucky asks Komal about the guy. He calls it a sign from Mata that he met him today itself when he needed him. She asks him the name but Lucky tells her to let him handle it.

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