Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 31st January 2018 Written Update

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 31st January 2018 Written Update by Ma

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 31st January 2018 Written Episode

Arpita tells Abhay that Diya made us wait for this day since 12 years. She says Diya will wait for her groom sitting in mandap as bride and groom…They both laughs. Ratan comes inside and says I forgot my car keys here. They smile. He takes the keys and leaves. Diya gets ready in a bridal dress. Her mother takes off bad sight from her and says they were waiting for this day. Sajjan Singh says they have to make arrangement to welcome baraat and they leave. Diya thinks Ratan came and calls him. Yash says I came and asks him to talk to Ratan once. Diya says I will not talk to him. Yash asks didn’t you miss him. Diya says he is my friend, but I can’t forget whatever happened yesterday. We both have talked against each other. He will always remain my friend, and we have to be separated

to change his thinking. She says she is marrying because of Ratan, but that doesn’t mean that she can change. Yash asks her not to spoil her mood and gifts her a cooking book. He picks her fallen eye lash and asks her to ask a wish.

Diya wishes Ratan’s presence there. Ratan comes there. Diya senses his presence and turns to him. Balam ji plays..Ratan looks at her and says you look beautiful. He says even though we had a fight, but I couldn’t go without meeting you. Diya asks where are you going? Ratan says to his adventure trip and says even you wanted me to go, this will be the biggest gift of your marriage. Yash leaves them alone.

Diya gets emotional. Ratan says we will not talk about it. Yash asks CT what they will tell to Sajjan singh and Jyoti, and asks her to stop Ratan. CT says they will forget that he has gone, when Abhay comes. She says she feels he shall go. Ratan says there will no Ratan to interfere in your life, now I am going and live life like a free bird. He says we have no similarity, you are going to get involved in relation and I am going to free. He says this is a final goodbye. Diya says final. Ratan says we both know what we think about each other, what is the use of meeting. Diya nods. Ratan looks at her and turns to go. Rishta likhenge plays…Ratan turns to Diya, hugs her and cries. Diya also cries. His chain get stuck in her jewellery. She tries to free it. Ratan takes out his chain and makes Diya wear it with his hand. Song continues to play. Aye Kabira Maan Ja….

Ratan comes downstairs and takes CT’s blessings. CT blesses him. Ratan looks back for Diya and leaves. Sajjan Singh, Jyoti and Isha hold the red cloth on Diya’s head. Yash comes and holds it too. Diya smiles. They take her downstairs. Diya thinks about Ratan’s words and closes her eyes. Sajjan Singh asks what happened? Diya says nothing.

Ratan is in car and thinks Diya must be taken to mandap now, and Abhay might be reaching there. They take Diya to mandap and make her sit. Sajjan Singh asks Isha to go out and wait for Baraat, just as it comes, inform us. She says yes and leaves. Sajjan Singh asks Yash, where is Ratan? Yash says he went for some important work, and I don’t think that he will attend the wedding. Sajjan says what you are saying, what could be more important that Diya’s marriage, he took all the responsibility and now he went, how careless behavior. He sits with his wife in the mandap while Pandit ji recites the mantra. Yash tells Diya that Ratan will calm down and says I will bring him to your sasural and promise him. Pandit ji asks Sajjan to bring groom to mandap just as he comes. They all wait for the groom. Pandit ji asks them to enquire where are they and says mahurat can end. Sajjan Singh asks Yash to find out.

Ratan thinks marriage must have started by now. Yash tells Sajjan Singh that he went to Abhay’s house, but it was locked and neighbors said that they haven’t done any marriage rituals and no baraat have went from there. Everyone is shocked. Diya gets up from mandap.

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