Happu ki Ultan Paltan 22nd August 2023 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 22nd August 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 22nd August 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone planning to get the photos clicked standing infront of Eiffel tower etc. Ranbir says he will sing song there. Hritik jokes. Ranbir grabs his neck. Amma asks him to leave him and asks who will click my photo. Malaika says I will. Rajjo says I will buy 1 dozen banarasi saree first. Amma says you will get small clothes there, whose handkerchief can’t be made. Rajjo asks what you will do there? Amma says she will drink wine of a year. Happu comes there and asks who is taking you to Paris. Rajjo tells about music company contest. Happu says I am….Rajjo says you will get cold, but I will keep handkerchief and warm water for you, after making the reel. Happu thinks he can’t tell about his fear to Rajjo and the kids, and she might feel wrong hearing about Renuka.

Happu tells Beni about the company’s offer and says if he is Inspector or dancer. Beni asks him to make video for the family. Happu tells him about his fear and asks if you saw me dancing in rain. Beni says you are not delicate and I am not habitual to see you in rain. Happu tells him about Renuka. Beni asks what you will do now. happu says I will not dance in rain. He gets afraid and keeps his head on Beni’s lap hearing the storm.

Amma drinks wine and tells that she will not miss it, as she will drink Champaagni. Dada ji says it is Champagne. He says he will be lonely if she goes to Paris. Amma says my son is an Inspector. He asks who will take care of Tulsi. Amma says Kamlesh. She asks him to enjoy, and tells that she is Indian wife and unfortunately she has seven births relation with him. dada ji goes.

Happu comes out and tells Dada ji that he wants to ask him something. Dada ji flicker the scooter’s lights and Happu writes the sign language in the book. Dada ji says even he don’t them to go. Happu says even he don’t want to go. He tells Dada ji about the kids’ wish, and tells him that he is afraid to get drenched in rain. He says I will not tell you, as if I tell you, then you will tell Amma and Amma will tell everyone. He says he don’t want to make video. Dada ji says he don’t want to know the reason, just don’t want them to go to Paris, as he has to go to heaven else the doors will be closed. Happu greets him. Dada ji says goodnight.

Later in the morning, Happu gets up. Rajjo asks him to go and freshen up. Happu says ok. Rajjo applies make up. Happu gets afraid hearing the thunder storm and pretends to be sleeping. Rajjo wakes him up. Happu goes to the bathroom, and don’t come out. Kat says she is ready to make reel. Happu says he wants rain to stop. Ranbir cries and says Shanaya will not become my friend. Rajjo says voice is not coming, shall we break the door. Happu says door is costly. Kat says we shall break the door and bring him out, and make him dance. Happu says he is in pressure. Ranbir and hritik tell that they will break the door. Rajjo says she will get the door made, and asks Ranbir to break the door. Happu comes out and asks what do you want? The kids say they want to make reel. Rajjo takes him out. The rain stops. Happu says he was in mood to dance. The kids get upset with him. Rajjo also gets upset. Happu asks her to understand how to dance in pressure. Rajjo taunts him.

Episode ends.

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