Happu ki Ultan Paltan 29th July 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 29th July 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 29th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajjo bringing tea and gives to Amma. She asks Happu to take his tea. Happu asks if you give me then will you become small. Rajjo taunts at his weight. Happu takes the tea. Hardik catches Ranbir. Ranbir says I am in house now. Happu scolds him for not studying and becoming Milka Singh. Hardik asks for her tea. Rajjo says I haven’t opened hotel here. Hardik takes biscuits. Ranbir says your Pandit ji is coming. Amma asks Rajjo to take the biscuits inside else he will take all. Pandit ji comes and greets Amma. Amma asks him to see her kundali. Rajjo brings tea. Pandit asks for more biscuits. Amma says I will ask her to bring and asks him to see her kundali first. Pandit ji checks her kundali and says you have yog to go to foreign. Rajjo says Amma don’t have the passport.

Amma says she will get it made fast. Pandit ji says yes. Rajjo says how she will go without passport. Amma asks do you have passport? Rajjo says she got it made before the marriage. Amma asks where did you go after getting passport. Rajjo says I would have been in foreign as a good alliance came from there, but she was stupid to marry happu and come here. Amma asks her to go. Rajjo cries and says she has no respect here. Ranbir signs a sad song. Happu scolds him. Pandit ji says I will go and takes the biscuits. Chamchi tells dadi that she will also come to foreign. Happu asks Ranbir to call his sisters. Ranbir tells that they beat him. Happu calls Kat and Malaika. Kat says Malaika is reading history so they will come late.
In the room, Rajjo is upset with Amma and complains to happu about Amma taunting her. Happu says she is old and aged. Rajjo says she wanted to go to foreign in this age. Happu says she don’t have even the passport. Rajjo says I said this and Amma taunted me. She says did you take me to London and says you take my life here. Happu says you are saying as if I went to world tour. Rajjo says my life is ruined, I had got a good alliance from foreign. Happu says you have first class life. Rajjo says you didn’t take me to Nepal. Happu gives her kisses. She asks him to take his lips back else she will pour hot tea on his lips.

Malaika reads history. Kat asks why you wants to read history. Malaika says I want to know what britishers did with our people and asks her not to talk in English. Kat says times has changed. Malaika says I get angry on britishers and on the English. Kat gets afraid and leaves. Malaika is angry at Col. Peterson and says if she was there in that time, then she would have made the britishers go. Kamlesh comes there and asks what she is doing. Malaika imagines Kamlesh as the britisher. She says you left our people in ice, I will leave you in hot oil. She beats him. Kamlesh asks who is peter, I am Kamlesh. Kamlesh calls Kat. Malaika imagines Kamlesh as Peterson and beats him again. Kamlesh holds her hand and says I am Kamlesh and not Peter. She sees him as Peterson and beats him again. He shouts calling Kat. Kat comes there and stops Malaika from beating Kamlesh. She says he is not Peterson, but Kamlesh. Malaika still sees him as Peterson telling her that he will pull out their skin. Kamlesh tells Kat that Malaika’s screw is loose. Kat asks him to go and says Malaika has become dangerous. Kamlesh goes out through window. Kat runs inside the house.

Amma hopes that Pandit’s sayings shall come true and tells God that she will give 25 Rs Prasad. Dada ji comes and asks what happened? Amma says Pandit has said that I have yog to go to foreign. Dada ji says how can this happen? Amma says you comes here with visa and have mirchi as I plan to go to foreign. Rajjo asks Happu to take his tiffin. A guy comes there and says he came to SK Mall and asks for Kathori Devi. Happu says she is here. Amma asks what is the matter? Ramesh tells that she has bought cooker from their shop. Rajjo says happu bought it. Ramesh congratulates Amma for winning the contest and getting 3 nights and 3 days foreign trip. Amma gets happy and asks really. She calls him near her and kisses on his forehead. Happu says Amma has done a limit. Amma asks him to show the papers. Ramesh shows the papers. Happu takes the papers and says this is a wonder, she is going to foreign. Rajjo scolds him for not writing her name and writing Amma’s name instead. Amma thanks Ramesh. Ramesh goes.

Happu asks Amma to take pita ji also. Rajjo asks him to go. Beni asks Happu what happened? Happu says my father gifted me scooter, but today there is no petrol so going by walk. Beni asks him to get the scooter kept inside the house. He tells that I asked your father to get you a scooter. They talk about their neighbors. Happu asks are you in touch of the friends. Beni says few friends. Happu asks where are other friends. Beni says they are in touch with other friend. Happu says we shall meet one day. He says there is a good news, my amma is going to London after winning a contest and will have English wine. Beni says now she will crush lemon in London. Happu laughs.

Precap: Rajjo asks Happu to bring the foreign tickets for her else she will take his respect. Amma dances on a song.

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