Happu ki Ultan Paltan 7th February 2020 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 7th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 7th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kat asking Malaika what is she thinking? Malaika says there is something wrong for sure, about that director and his assistant. Kat asks her not to be Haryana Police always. Malaika says you didn’t see them and asks where she was when they come? Kat struggles to think about the answer and says she was studying. Malaika says where? Kat says bathroom. She says she was getting disturbed and went to bathroom and studied. Malaika says you didn’t have book in your hand. Kat says you didn’t see. She asks what is the fraud? Malaika says why bollywood team comes here to search actors in our house and tells that they were looking fake. Kat gets tensed and tells that she will go to bathroom. Malaika asks for studies? Kat says who goes for studies.

Later Rajjo and Amma come to stage. Rajjo as the old lady and Amma as the young lady wearing colorful saree. Makwana compliments Rajjo’s look. Amma asks Rajjo what did she do with her saree which she gave for press? Rajjo says she pressed it and kept. Amma asks did you want to say that I want to ruin your son by wearing costly saree. Rajjo says when did I say bahu? Amma says you are conspiring to kick me out and calls Rinky’s father. Rajjo says she is doing overacting. Amma scolds her. Hritik comes there as Rinky’s father and asks Amma to just chill. He then asks Rajjo why is he after his wife? Amma swears on Rajjo that she asked us her leave and says if she is taking fake promise then his mum will die. hritik tells that he don’t need his mother and asks her to leave. Happu comes there and asks Hritik not to kick his mum out. Amma as Shalini slaps Happu and asks who are you? Happu says I am Servant. Kat and Kamlesh see the play and laugh. Happu as Servant tells that he will not take his salary and asks them to let her stay at home. Amma asks Hritik that they shall let his mother stay at home. Happu and Rajjo act as old lovers and promise each other to go far from there one day.

He says I will win the lottery and will become crorepati. Then they start dancing. Chamchi comes on the stage as Rajjo’s grand daughter. She says if my parents come to know then they will throw you out. Hritik and Amma come to stage and says hero and my mum are in love. Chamchi says she will get them married. Ranbir comes on the stage and tells that hero has won lottery. Rajjo and happu get happy. Ranbir signs the song Zindagi har kadam….

Everyone claps for their acting. Malaika praises them and says Ayushman slept. Kamlesh tells that Hritik has given stage breaking performance and reminded him of Hollywood actors. Happu asks what wrong we have done and asks him to appreciate their acting too. Kamlesh says cheap acting. Kat spits on their acts. Kamlesh says only Hritik will do the acting. Kat says we will come to sign him for our film. Malaika shakes her hand with them and then take out Kamlesh’s wig. Everyone is shocked. Amma slaps kamlesh. Malaika asks Kat to remove her wig and moustache. Kat laughs being caught.

Later Rajjo asks Happu not to scold hritik much and says he has a delicate heart. Happu says let me handle him. He asks Hritik to come to him. He asks him to say if he accepts that he did wrong. Hritik says yes. Happu asks do you accept that you have bunk the class and went to watched the film. Hritik says yes. Happu says you asked Kamlesh and Kat…Rajjo asks him not to be harsh on him. Happu asks him to first study in school. Hritik asks what will happen to my art. Happu asks him to keep his talent safe. He says if you exhibit your talent again and again then will be scolded. Rajjo explains to him. hritik laughs. Happu asks him to concentrate on studies first and do acting in free time. Rajjo says my son is very understanding and hugs him. She sends him to sleep. Rajjo says she is proud of him.

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