Imlie 22nd October 2023 Written Update

Imlie 22nd October 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 22nd October 2023 Written Episode

Imlie argues with Agastya that it’s her wish to go wherever she wants to and he can’t restrict her. Agastya says he doesn’t care wherever she goes, it affects his family if a Chaudhry family DIL/bahu gets out of the house at midnight, what if any neighbor had seen her going out, she had to behave like a dignified family daughter and DIL for 6 months. He says he wants to invite her family tomorrow as Daadi wants to meet them; he didn’t meet his family yet, but can imagine how the would be seeing her; she has to follow his orders for the next 6 months for sure. He tries to leave, slips, and falls with her on bed. Their eyes lock. Agastya gets angry and stands up saying what the hell. Imlie yells that she is helping him, but he fell on bed wit her; he should learn to walk properly.

Next morning, neighbors taunt Pallo that Imlie is not seen since a few days, did she also elope with a rich man like her elder sister. Pallo and Bulbul yell at them and says Imlie is no more related to them. Bulbul writes it on a wall and asks them to read it if they can. They notice a luxury car stopping outside their house and excitedly run towards it. Agastya walks out of car. Bulbul stands mesmerized and says he looks like Purvaiya’s Hrithik Roshan. Imlie gets out of the car next. They both are shocked to see her. Imlie says they came to meet them. They both excitedly invite Agastya in and bring a chair for him which breaks down. Agastya says he is here not to sit, his marriage with Imlie is fake and just for 6 months, his grandmother wants to meet Imlie’s family and hence he came to invite them to his house.

Pallo refuses his invitation and says her orders work in this house. Agastya offers her money bundle. They both excitedly grab it and say they will act as fake family only for 2-4 days with this money. Agastya takes back money and says he will hire actors then. Pallo snatches money back and agrees to act. Agastya offers her more money and asks her to buy some good clothes and wear them during the visit. Pallo says she will do anything if he continues to give her money. Agastya tells Imlie that his family is greedy like her, he doesn’t want to stay here even for a second. They walk towards car when Titu maama notices them and gets emotional. He thanks Agastya for marrying Imlie and getting her out of poverty. Agastya asks if he is Imlie’s father. Titu says he is not that lucky to be Imlie’s father, he is her maama/uncle. He describes how Imlie is working since childhood and supporting his family and requests him to keep her happy always. He offers her 51 rs shagun and requests to accept it. Agastya accepts it. Titu tries to touch his feet. Agastya stops him and says he is elder to him and can’t touch his feet. He invites him to his house tonight and asks him to wear some good clothes. Titu happily agrees.

At night, Chaudhry family eagerly waits to meet Imlie’s family. Agastya asks Jugnu if he gave them proper clothes. Jugnu says even their shoe soles will shine. They arrive in Agastya’s car wearing rich clothes and greet Chaudhry family. Titu introduces himself as Titu. Agastya gets tensed seeing his overacting. Titu says his mother used to call him Titu and he imagined Amma as his mother, so he introduced himself as Titu. Imlie introduces Titu as his father, Pallo as mother, and Bulbul as sister. Sonali asks what is his real name. Titu says he is Sait Tulsidas Shareefchand. Pallo says she is Pallavi Shareefchand. Bulul says she is Bulbul Shareefchand, their family is very shareef. Amma invites them in and serves tea. Alka tells Sonali that they look rich with their clothes. Sonali says their true colors will be out soon.

Mama pours tea in a saucer. Agastya asks Imlie to stop him. Titu says he drinks very less tea and hence poured the rest in a saucer. Bulbul gets greedy seeing snacks. Pallo asks her to grab as much as she can. Imlie stops Bulbul, warns her to do as she says, and says she will feed her sister. Daadi asks Imlie to sing a bhajan during pooja. Imlie says Agastya told she hates songs. Daadi says a song sung for god is a pooja and asks her to sing. Sonali notices Imlie not wearing sindhoor and mangalsutra and informs Daadi. Daadi tells Imlie that she broke an important rule of marriage and asks Agastya to fill Imlie’s hairline with sindhoor. Imlie gets tensed.

Precap: Daadi praises Imlie’s beauty during reception. Sonali says she doesn’t think Agastya will attend the function. Imlie says he surely will. Agastya walks in carrying Noyonika in his arms.

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