Imlie 25th January 2023 Written Update

Imlie 25th January 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 25th January 2023 Written Episode

Atharva tells Chini that a boy sitting nearby was reciting Imlie’s poem printed in Bhaskar Times which Chini tried to take credit of. Chini says she didn’t mean that. Atharva says even he is an artist and knows what those poems mean to Imlie, Imlie expresses her pain and feelings for her mother via poems and Chini tried to snatch her credit. Chini says she loves him and seeing his fondness for Ms Shayara, she lied that she is Ms Shayara to gain his love. Atharva asks if she thinks he wouldn’t have known the truth. She says even he lied and is still hiding his feeling, he should be honest at least now. Imlie goes on her mission and ask people about Blossom Spa. Chini fumes that she came to meet Atharva, but Atharva is lost in Imlie. Atharva calls Imlie. Imlie disconnects call thinking she came to work to divert her attention away from Atharva.

She notices a a few suspicious men and follows them to the spa. Receptionist says today spa is closed. Imlie thinks its closed as they are printing fake notes here, she will get some clue from here at any cost. She checks the place and notices a restricted area board on a door. She walks in further and notices printing press with men printing fake notes. She records their video and slips, making a sound. Goons notice her and follow her. She locks herself in a steam room. Goons increase steam room temperature and lock her from outside. Imlie gets Atharva’s call and picks phone, phone falls down. Atharva feels Imlie is stck in some problem. Chini thinks since when Arto’s taste went so worse, he is behind Imlie when Chini is in front of him. She tells him that she loves him even now and wants to patch up with him. She insists him to accept that he also loves her.

Imlie picks his call. He asks where is she. Imlie says she is stuck in Blossom Spa’s sauna room. Atharva asks her to keep fighting until he reaches there. Imlie asks him not to come there as there is fake currency racket going on and there are many goons there. Athara runs to save Imlie. Chini feels insulted, returns home, and informs Anu what just happened. Abhishek calls her. She picks his call and speaks to him rudely and disconnects call. Anu asks why did she pick Abhishek’s call. Chini says she wants to have a backup if Atharva rejects her. Imlie thinks Atharva called her a fighter and she should keep fighting. Sher records a video for Athharva describing about the fake currency racket and says by the time she arrives there, she would have passed away.

Atharva enters spa, breaks glass, and takes Imlie out out of steam room. He offers her water and asks why did she come here. Imlie says there is fake currency racket going on here. Atharva asks why did she come here alone. Imlie asks him to go from there as its her assignment. Atharva asks why is she so stubborn. Goons walk in. Imlie records them. Goons order her to delete the recording. Imlie delivers heavy dialogue. They threaten to kill her. Atharva shouts at them to dare not thinking of coming even near Imlie. Fight ensues. Atharva beats goons. Imlie joins him. Police reaches there and arrests goons. Imlie informs inspector that she had phoned him and gives him video evidenced against goons. Inspector thanks them and asks if he can do anything for them. Imlie says he should get vigorous punishment or goons, looks at Atharva and says she already has whatever she wants.

Precap: Atharva dances with Imlie, proposes Imlie, and says he loves everything related to her and can’t imagine his life without her. Cheeni stands jealous and shocked hearing that.

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