Imlie 27th May 2021 Written Update

Imlie 27th May 2021 Written Update by MA

Imlie 27th May 2021 Written Episode

Imlie returns home thinking if she had met Malini, she had a good chance to confront her. Sundar suddenly barges in trying to frighten her. She blabbers in her usual style confusing him and says she does not get afraid of his trick. He says he knows she went out of house silently to meet her boyfriend. She jokes back. He says Harish has organized a charity function at home and they need to make arrangemnts. She excitedly says she will help him. He jokes again and asks her to do her work.

Lawyer meets Anu, Dev, and Daadi and informs that Malini wants divorce from Adi. Daadi asks Dev what is happening. Anu asks if he knew about it. Dev says even he came to know about it just know. Lawyer says Malini and Aditya have filed for divorce on the basis of affair. Anu says she new Adi and servant Imlie are having an affair. Lawyer says Malini is having an affair instead with some Kunal Chauhan. Dev says he is mistaken. Lawyer says Malini herself told Aditya that she is going on a vacation with Kunal.

Tripathi family gets busy in decorating house for charity function. Aparna asks Sundar to give packs to neighbors. Imlie says she will. Aparna says Sundar will go and ignores Imlie. Imlie insists her to let her help. Taiji says they will do it themselves. Function’s organizer Sharmaji informs Harish/Tauji that charity function’s collected money is stolen and even dancers denied to dance without money. Family gets tensed that they have to cancel the function. Imlie suggests that she will dance, Rupali will sing, Pankaj will recite poems, and whole family will entertain. Family agrees. Sharmaji likes the idea and says they can charge ticket for that. Tauji says credit goes to Imlie’s idea. Adi joins them. Aparna says they shouldn’t rely on Imlie seeing her past deeds. Imlie says she considers them as family and will go to any extent to safeguard their dignity. Anu says she considering them as family is the biggest problem, she should not bother them and should just do he work and they will pay her salary for work. Imlie walks away sadly. Adi confronts Aparna says she should calculate Imlie’s salary and fist calculate worth of Malini and his lives as they wouldn’t have been alive without Imlie’s help. Pankaj tells Aparna that he didn’t think she would tell this and he is disappointed.

Malini reaches Pagdandiya and thinks she needs to find out about a lodge which Adi stayed in. She feels nervous and thinks papa and Adi told people don’t like help city people, maybe they will help her once she reaches lodge. She calls Mithi, who is working in a field, and requests her to give her lodge’s location. Mithi agrees.

Daadi asks Dev if she spoke to Malini. Anu says she is sure Malini doesn’t have an affair. Daadi says why would lawyer lie. Anu says they are trusting an outsider than their daughter, and even if its true, she will not blame Malini as she is betrayed by Adi who ignored her and made her wait till she tried to commit suicide; she is happy that her daughter filed for divorce and getting out of a trap and not like her who is stuck and still hoping from an incompetent husband. Dev frustrated shouts at her and she shouts back. Daadi asks them to stop fighting as its about Malini, she is worried for her as she didn’t even call since yesterday; she asks Dev to find out which project she is working on. Anu asks Dev to be careful and not let college people know about Malini’s affair and don’t start chatting with Imlie there as he is responsible for problems in Malini’s life. Dev gets more frustrated.

Malini thanks Mithi for showing her lodge location and asks if she knows Imlie. Mithi happily says she knows Imlie well and asks how is she. Malini says she is fine. Mithi asks who is she. Malini says she is Imlie’s teacher and wants to meet Imlie’s mother. Mithi says she is Imlie’s mother. Malini greets her and gets nervous. Mithi says since she is Malini’s teacher, she has not stay in her house and not in lodge. Malini hesitates, but Mithi insists and introduces her to villagers that Imlie’s teacher has come to meet them. Villagers request to teach them English.

Rupali teaches dances to Imlie. Adi watches them. Imlie asks Rupali to teach again. Adi says she is wasting her time on Imlie who knows everything but is acting as she is stuck in some thought. Rupali asks her not to bother about Adi and teaches her again. Imlie falls down. Aparna extends her hand for help. Imlie stands up holding her hand and says sorry. Aparna says she should be sorry for such a bad dance and herself will teach her. Imlie gets excited hearing that. Rupali says Aparna was a classical dancer in college. Adi says she gave many performances even after college. Imlie says Aparna is a hidden talent like her mother. Aparna teaches her dance. Imlie says she is tired and cannot continue anymore. Aparna says this is the first step and she is teaching her for an important cause and she doesn’t want her family’s name to be spoilt because of her.

Precap: Malini tells Mithi that her good values can be seen in Imlie and asks how could she manage alone and what is Imlie’s father’s name.

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