Imlie 28th May 2021 Written Update

Imlie 28th May 2021 Written Update by MA

Imlie 28th May 2021 Written Episode

Aparna teaches dance to Imlie when Radha calls her. She asks Imlie to continue her practice and leaves. Harish and Pankaj praise Imlie. Sundar jokes that he is enjoying monkey dance. Rupal warns him not to insult Imlie. Harish says Imlie used to make them dance on her tunes before, now they are enjoying her dance. Imlie plays Galti Se Mistake song and drags them and Sundar for dance. They all enjoy their weird dance. Adi asks Nishant to join them. Imlie remember Suhant having blood cancer says let him enjoy watching their dance. Aparna returns and angrily switches off music and asks if they want her to risk her family’s dignity for Imlie; she asked her to practice, but Imlie is doing baffoonery. Pankaj asks her to stop scolding Imlie like a TV serial MIL. Adi comments she is a MIL and will scold like one. Imlie gets nervous and says Adi means Malini’s MIL. Aparna says she is Malini’s MIL, but never scolded Malini as Malini never did anything wrong. She asks Pankaj and Harish if function arrangemnts are done. They walk away. Nishant wishes good luck to Imlie and walks away. Aparna asks Sundar if he called plumbar as there is a water leakage there and whole function’s stuff is stacked there. Sundar says he will. Imlie ask Aparna when will she teach her rest of the dance. Aparna says when Imlie doesn’t want to learn, why should she waste her time.

Imlie washes utensils thinking Aparna denied to teach her dance, how will she learn dance now. Adi walks to her and asks to go and practice dance. Imlie says Aparna denied to teach her. He shows Aparna earlier classical dance videos and asks her to practice seeing them. she thanks him and says she will wash utensils and then go. He says he will wash dishes and forcefully washes them. She insists that she will. He drops water glass and picks broken pieces. She says he will hurt himself. He says same applies to him. She says she saw him sleeping on floor and felt bad. He says he will until she tells truth to family. She insists him to go. He walks away asking to practice well. She practices dance after washing dishes looking at Aparna’s earlier videos. Aparna walks to her. She asks if she has any work. Aparna asks her to inform Sundar to check godown leakage before sleeping. Imlie walks to godown thinking Sundar has already slept, so she has to do something. She sees godown pipe leaking and tries to stop it with her hand, then ties plastic sheet over it, then a cloth and keeps water buck under it. She thinks for now it stopped, but later it may leak again and spoil whole function stuff, so she needs to stay there. She sleeps there whole night in sitting position. Sundar brings plumbar in the morning and finding Imlie there shivering asks if she was here whole night. Imlie says good he brought a plumbar. He asks if she is mad, he will inform family that she was here shivering whole night. He drapes shawl over her and sends her away. Aparna and Radha discuss that Imlie goes missing whenever there is a lot of work pending. Imlie walks in. Aparna asks why she is coming from outside. Imlie says she had gone for a walk. Radha hopes Imlie doesn’t spoil their function and name.

Dev reaches Malini’s college to enquire about her. He sees her colleague and questions her about Malini’s project. Colleague says they are working on the project, but Malini didn’t take it up citing her bad health. Dev thinks why did Malini lie and is suffering, where she must be now. In Pagdandiya, Mithi asks Malini’s name. Malini says her name is Kalpana. Mithi serves her tea and snacks. Dulari walks in and yells at Mithi for serving snacks to unwanted guest while they don’t have 2 square meals to eat and orders her to bring some for her. Mithi goes to kitchen. Dulari gets greedy seeing Malini’s diamond earrings and takes it. Mithi returns and scolding her returns earrings to Malini. Dulari yells that she got Imlie to a big journalist, but Imlie’s in-laws didn’t gift her even a sari yet and instead send Imlie back repeatedly. Mithi gives her snakes and sends her away. Malini says tea is very nice. Mithi says Adi came to Pagdandiya similarly, but villagers got him and Imlie forcefully married. Malini says she knows what happened to them. Mithi says its good that there is someone in city who supports Imlie and feels bad for Aditya’s second wife. Malini asks why so. Mithi says why shouldn’t she as she knows the value of sindhoor, her daughter has taken oath not to start her marital life until she settles down her sautan. Malini says she thinking good about an unknown person, its her good upbringing that Imlie thinks good for others and asks what is Imlie’s father’s name. Mithi gets tensed hearing that.

Preca: Imlie dances on Hulchul Hui Zara Shor Hua.. song. during function and collapses.

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