Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th May 2021 Written Episode

Gehna walks to Anant and asks if he is angry on her, he knows whatever she did is for bhabhis and their family. She says she called him before signing contract, but he didn’t pick her call. He asks she wanted to inform such a big news over phone. She says is nervous as her first photo shoot is tomorrow and requests him to accompany her. He says she should take bhabis instead. She says bhabhis are one side and he is on the other. He says she should have informed him about the contract at least as a friend, but she is Gehna who does whatever she wants and doesn’t need his help. She says she needs his help all the time, if she had not gotten money by signing the contract, bhabhis would have gone to jail. He says she fights and risks her life for others, but when its her turn, she gets afraid and hence is asking him to accompany her; this time, she should help herself. She thinks how will she do it herself.

During dinner, Paresh sees Anant still angry and asks Gehna to serve Anant’s favorite kheer. Anant says he doesn’t want to have sweet. Bapuji says even he and Baa fight and reconcile. Baa says where there is love, there is a fight and there must be some nok jhok between couples. Tia tells Anant that Baa is right or else couple will get bored. Anant says they need to convince their mind and anyways Gehna doesn’t listen to them. Pankaj asks if Gehna is tensed regarding modeling, she need not worry as Kanak who is no 1 model will teach her. He starts praising Kanak’s beauty. Kanak agrees to teach Gehna and asks her to come her room after dinner. Gehna walks to Kanak’s room after dinner and says she is very nervous. Hema asks how did she get a contract and how did agency people agree when had denied earlier. Gehna describes whole story and shows contract to Kanak. Kanak questions her a bit and realizes she had signed contract without regarding it. She teaches a few poses to her and asks her to practice in front of mirror. Hema asks Kanak what is the issue. Kanak informs that put her herself into trouble by singing the contract without reading it, she saved them going to jail but herself will go to jail now.

Next morning, Gehna takes coffee for Kanak and thinks he is angry on her and doesn’t want to talk, so she should write down and apologize him. She searches her note book and books and doesn’t find them. Anant says he kept them in cupboard to give them to scrapman as she doesn’t want to study and is busy modeling. She says its her shoot’s first day and will he not wish her all the best. He doesn’t reply anything. She leaves room and walks to Bapuji and Paresh. Paresh says its her first day of shoot and everything will be good. She takes their and then Baa’s blessings. They cheer her up. Tia also cheer her up. She thinks everyone are happy for her except Anant, a lie which is told for someone’s good is not a lie, she should ask Kanak to accompany her to the shoot.

Hema and Kanak reach modeling office and meet its owner as model coordinators. Owner says he doesn’t need any new model as he already selected Mrs. Surat Gehna Anant Desai for his project. Kanak says they came to alert him against Gehna as she is a habitual trickster and delays shoots with tantrums and excuses of her ill health. He says Gehna looks good though. She shows Gehna’s pics and says she got her many contracts, but she ruined her name with tantrums, so she came here to alert him.

Gehna practices in front of mirror before leaving home. Family laughs seeing that and she walks away shy. She then reaches studio and gets excited seeing its decoration, tells a man sitting that they decorated the place really nice and its her first order. He asks her to go and meet sir. Another asks her to get ready soon. Owner thanks Hema and Gehna for alerting him and asks to give their numbers to contact them if he needs a model. They nervously say that they will meet him regularly. Owner’s assistant informs him that Gehna has come. They both nervously walk away and clash with Gehna dropping her purse down. Gehna doesn’t notice them but feels something is wrong. Owner’s assistant takes Gehna in and asks her to relax. Gehna asks what are they shooting for today. Assistant asks if she didn’t read the contract, they are shooting a shop ad and asks her a to wear a short dress. Gehna says she will not wear such a short dress. Owner threatens her to wear it.

Precap: Gehna wears different dress. Owner insists her to wear the one he gave her and forces her. Assistant asks him to leave Gehna. He says she doesn’t know Gehna is a big dramebaaz and he found out her truth.

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