Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th February 2020 Written Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th February 2020 Written Update by MA

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th February 2020 Written Episode

Pari with her mother and Srivastav family visits Sujoy’s house. Mona asks if Vivek and Rani didn’t come. Kusum says they had some work. Pari’s mother asks if its their own house or rent. Sujoy says its their own house, his papa bought 2 flats for 2 of them, after parents’ death, they made it one. Khushi sees painting and asks Mona if she can see it. Mona agrees. Khushi and Pari check painting and ask about painter. Mona says she and Sujoy painted it. Sujoy says after parent’s death, their loneliness made them learn all sort of things. Pari drops vase by mistake and trying to pick glass injures her finger. Yogi rushes to her and scolds her. Sujoy asks if he should call doc. Pari says Yogi will do first-aid. Yogi does her first-aid. Nisha says Yogi learnt first-aid from Pari. Sujoy keenly notices them. Pari speaks to Yogi in sign language and says she learnt sign language for Pari.

Pari’s mother asks Mona where is her husband. Mona says she is a divorcee and has a handsome son. Everyone surprised asks who is he. Mona shows Sujoy and says after parent’s death they both are each other’s children. Prakash says let us have dinner now as Pari’s mother must be eager to check their cooking taste. Pari’s mother opens mouth, Kusum stuffs cupcake in her mouth. Everyone laugh.

At home, Rani continues panicking. Vivek feeds her food and asks her to forget about Chacha’s misdeeds, he would have sent him to jail if he was not her chacha. Dadaji hears their conversation and walking in suggests Rani to hit chacha with anything she finds next time, he will handle rest. Rani breaks down hugging him.

Mona describes Pari how she got divorce and her ordeal. After finishing dinner, Prakash praises dishes. Pari’s mother ask reason for Mona’s divorce. Pari says she doesn’t want to know and others shouldn’t bother. Sujoy says if they have problem with his sister’s divorce, they should end this alliance right here. Kusum says they don’t have any issues and should take the alliance forward. Mona gifts dress to Pari from Sujoy’s side. Sujoy says she can consider it from Mona’s side if she doesn’t like his gift. Yogi signals Pari it is very beautiful and she will look pretty. Sujoy notices their expressions.

Precap: Yogi congratulates Sujoy that Pari accepted his alliance. Sujoy asks Yogi if he loves Pari so much. Pradeep Chauhan kills Rani’s chacha and thinks of blaming Srivastav family.

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